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Take a 360-Degree View from Mt. Gower Ridge Trail

Hi. I’m Supervising Park Ranger Dave
Moniz. Today, we’re out at Mount Gower Ridge Trail looking at these amazing
views. We just completed a strenuous hike. We’re about five miles in and we’re
sitting about 2,600 feet in elevation. This is a hike that’s not for
the novice. This is a difficult, strenuous, hike, one gallon of water per person and
please watch the weather. This is a difficult hike, but we’re taking in these
beautiful views. To the North, is Palomar Mountain. We’re looking to the
West here, we’re seeing, uh, Mount Woodson and Iron Mountain. To the South, is gonna
be El Cajon Mountain, and behind me to my right, we have the San Diego River
Watershed. And then we also have Cuyamaca Peak, Middle Peak. Just beyond that is the Laguna Mountains. On a clear day you might be a gifted with a view of the
Pacific Ocean. If you want to learn more about this preserve or other parks in
our department, visit us at

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