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Tajikistan Pamir Highway: Day 4 Pshart Valley Hike from Murghab

So we just left Murghab about an hour
ago it’s now what 10:30 in the morning on the Pamir highway we have a group of
four five people preparing for the trek from Pshart it’s the village the town of
Pshart! We’re starting at about 4,000 meters or 12,000 feet and we’re gonna go over
this pass all the way down to another Valley where the guys are gonna pick us
up. See you later! This is the pass, 4,751m! It’s freezing cold and really hard to get up! Going over there Should be alright!

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2 thoughts on “Tajikistan Pamir Highway: Day 4 Pshart Valley Hike from Murghab

  1. I'm completely fascinated by your journeys. I was wondering how you mostly do it. I can see this time you're with a small group so i guess you booked some kind of guide? But usually do you self drive and make it up as you go along, book tours, a both of both? It seems that you get to some pretty remote places and I'm interested in how you do it! 🙂

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