Tacocat’s journey starts here.

we’re supposed to do that last night
weren’t we forgot all about it yeah I brought this no it’s kind of
useless and pointless no it was in my tent I slept in the hammock no me
and my son I took him to that Great Wolf in LaGrange yeah I won that out of a
claw machine and you will know how much money I spent trying to win that stupid
thing no I see we made a good pillow so I was thinking maybe we could take this
thing and keep giving it to different people to throw in their video because
it’s useless in a pack waster so we can give it to IceBear or sweeps or and
just give them to pass it along and throw it in their video yeah okay you
you for me with a geocache and travel bomb yeah so they could maybe do so what
else am I gonna do it’ll float I had to have the camera go for that first
reaction cause this thing is weird do you know what it is right what is it
what does that look like that face that’s a cat okay and it’s what green
taco it even has a tail I didn’t I posed to taco with a face
taco has a taco taco cat and it smells like chocolate or something I don’t know
so but taco cat is the same spelled backwards and
forwards Oh so it’s kind of a you know what I’m
saying it’s tacocat think about it if you ride it out tacocat and then take it
backwards and go back the other way it’s the same it’s the same either way so
that my son figured that out of course you have to have a younger mind to know
that so I want to pass this on I’ll pass it you or we didn’t know no you
don’t want this this is my this is my fifty subscriber giveaway and we want to
see it in future videos take it swimming take it camping take it boating well
I’ll try to get somebody to take it how about that I bet you somebody I want it
where else are you gonna find this it’s just the American Way useless and
completely debating whether to take it and try to pass it on but it’s just
usually me and Mike and Mike and never taking it I can you sure you can’t get
Tom from follow walkers world decision this is tacocat
and it spells backwards tacocat also but anyway this has been gifted to me by
Kevin what a great guy what a wonderful person you know you want to haul that
out of here yeah so a typical hiker that’s his channel but this is gifted to
me to pass it on to pass on to other hikers to see to put in their videos to
put in their video just to see how far tacocat can go now fortunately this is
not a thru-hike so thing weighs about a pound I guess but
I’m a haul it out of here it is nice and soft though yeah it is it is nice and
soft but we’re gonna see how far this is going how many videos this taco cats
going to appear in with a wonderful guy Kevin from Aypical Hiker somebody’s get you cut it off oh yeah
there’s somebody gonna get this that’s all I’m saying I’m not hauling it many
times but it’s in this video okay okay I just wanted you to see I’m
hauling out tacocat but another youtuber is gonna get it and
I think you know who you are it’s coming your way yes it’s you thanks
for watching

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