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Surviving The World’s Most Dangerous Trail

SUBJECT 1: If I told you the
path that these people are walking on is referred to
as “the most dangerous trail in the world,” I don’t think
you’d be too surprised. They all hugging
a side a mountain, about 5,000 feet in the air,
hiking on a two-way path. And believe it or not,
some are doing this just to go and get a cup of tea. VIVIAN LEE: Hi, my
name is Vivian Lee. I’m a keen scuba diver
and amateur photographer, who works in the
finance industry. This photo was
taken at Hua Shan, in the Shaanxi province in
China, in the autumn of 2012. SUBJECT 1: That’s Mount Hua
Shan, one of China’s five sacred mountains. It’s home to ancient
legends and structures, and of course many
traditions, both new and old. It is a place where people
once came to worship and seek immortality, and where
others were taken to be sacrificed to the gods. But today, it is a place
for tourists and locals to enjoy a reflective hike,
with some even leaving a prayer in the form of a gold lock. It is a place to express
both your spiritual and adventurous side,
albeit a dangerous one. VIVIAN LEE: The most unique
part of this mountain hike was the cliff side plank walk. For [INAUDIBLE], we were given
a chest harness, two carabiners, and with minimal
instructions, off we went. The most daunting part
of the initial descent was down a narrow
ladder of iron rods. With two-way traffic,
there were times when two people could be
standing on the same rod, at the same time. At the bottom of this
makeshift ladder is a two foot wide plank, to traverse across. And a metal chain,
on the wall for you to clip your carabiners
in an alcove, as you make your way across. SUBJECT 1: An
estimated 100 people die every year on
Mount Hua Shan. But for some, the
risk is worth it. And their award, one of the
best cups of tea in China. But for others,
it’s a satisfaction of conquering the most
dangerous path in the world. VIVIAN LEE: I wanted
to capture the emotions of these daring hikers. And at the same time, find
out for myself, what compels them to take such risks. What was at the end
of this plank walk? When we reached the
end, all we found was a small Taoist shrine. But I thought it was the
sheer adrenaline of being in the clouds , that attract
people like myself here. The tea houses dotted
around the mountain used to be Taoist temples,
which has now been converted to allow hikers to
take tea breaks or camp overnight during their visit. We also enjoyed a pot of freshly
brewed Chinese tea when we finally reached the south peak. This is not for the faint
hearted, or those with vertigo, but it’s definitely
worth a challenge. SUBJECT 1: Want to see even more
amazing destinations in China, watch this episode
next to find out where you can see views like this. SUBJECT 2: This image
is about the rice fields in Tuangtang, the
biggest one in China. I was very lucky, because the
mood of the sky was perfect. SUBJECT 1: And as always,
don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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50 thoughts on “Surviving The World’s Most Dangerous Trail

  1. so if i ever want to take on the challenge of drinking all the tea in china i would have to climb that mountain….. interesting

  2. I actually went to that "trail" back in June and there is no delicious tea at the end of that path with the plank, there is just a little carved out temple from the side of the mountain. The narrator said there was tea, but its not true, because the end of this path is a dead end and you have to turn around and go back, hence the two way traffic. The story teller as you will notice did not say that the end of this trail had such a thing and I'm not sure where this whole tea thing is coming from. Anyways I still love this channel and keep up the good work and I highly recommend people to visit this mountain and this path, its much safer than what is portrayed in this video and the whole area is beautiful

  3. I done the plank walk on Mount Huashan when I was in China, It truly is an amazing place. It feels so liberating sitting on the planks dangling your legs over the edge 2km up. Also the Sunrise from the top is truly breathtaking. I have a video on my channel if you want to check it all out in Video.

  4. … it has a shop. Worlds most Dangerous Trail my butt. Is there some shortcut that the shop keep knows about that bypasses the tourist attraction?

  5. I am gripping my armchair👊, feeling vertigo 😥 just visualising myself there😨. Great! free from the Health and Safety shackles🔗🆓

  6. ive been there a few months ago! while i didnt walk on the plank, i did stand on the highest point of the mountain. besides the plank, everywhere else is gated and safe, unless youd jump off the edge.

  7. Thanks I rather get my tea at Starbucks, whenever I am close to high places I feel the need to jump off. If I am at a mountain, I feel the need to jump off, not because I want to die but because I want to feel the blood rushing. I have heard is called "dare devil symptom". Anyone else feel like this or am I the only one?

  8. I went climbing there with my uncle when I was a kid. I had no real grasp of the danger or anything. I just remember it being the most fun and exhilarating thing I've ever experienced.
    I guess that was the start of my mountain climbing hobby lol

  9. "The knifes edge" – Colorado. .
    there are no chains or ropes, no carabiners, no tea, and no vertical cliff to fall to an instant painless death. Instead, you tumble and would probably break every bone in your body before you die. that is the most dangerous non technical trail. just my opinion 🙂

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