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Surviving The Bike Ride Across Oahu

If this turns into a horrible accident…
at least it will be a well documented accident We’re starting here at Kapolei Transit Center with the buses. Seems like a good point to start since it’s a hub and you can bring your bike here and try and traverse basically from
from Ewa kind of cut across and see how far you can get to like Waipahu/ Central
Oahu and see what we can do Suddenly… I’ve lost my bike path. No more bike path. I made it to UH West Oahu for class. In one piece. Thank the gods. Hawaii Bicycling League’s Bike Map describes this stretch quote-on-quote as “moderate stress”. I would respectfully disagree however. It feels a little more than moderate stress. This is Robbie Knievel for Civil Beat. For my latest feat, I will try and survive Farmington Highway. I’ve got a line of cars behind me. It’s really Farrington going to Aloun Farms and heading into Waipahu… It’s just really just kind of crossing
your fingers. Maybe get some chili.. This really is the beginning of the path. And you just kind of have to know where to go, kind of cut down through there down through Waipahu Depot St. and now we are on Pearl Harbor Bike Path. It’s kind of under used, underutilized because of the
connectivity. There’s just kind of
a random point where it starts in Waipahu and a random part where it just exits you onto the sidewalk I believe it’s Kamehameha underneath Aloha Stadium. Where do you pick it up on this end?
Where does it drop you off? Right here on the sidewalk of Kamehameha. If this is considered having a bike lane, I’m not so sure… And then you got to cut over if you want to stay on the bike route you got to cut across the lanes at Kamehameha to stay on the bike route. No problem! (sarcasm) I made it, more or less, all the way through from Kapolei to Nimitz Viaduct All right,
that last part isn’t very enjoyable. Feels like a freeway. That’s never good
pretty sure it’s still technically listed as a bike path or bike route. Once you get passed that part, you’re in town! That was Kapolei to town right there.

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4 thoughts on “Surviving The Bike Ride Across Oahu

  1. One of the big things I see with this rider is he is too far to the right of the lane. Riding in that location on the lane is asking to be knocked off the road by a passing motor vehicle. Where there is no bike lane/shoulder he needs to take the lane and be part of traffic so he can be seen by drivers.

  2. Appears that he is wearing ear bugs – how can he hear the traffic or sound of hazards – or warnings of danger like traffic horns around him?

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