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Surah Fatiha | Stories from the Quran Ep. 01 | Quran For Kids | Tafsir For Kids

Surah Al-Fatihah
Long long ago it was the time around the year of 610, when people of Mecca did not follow
Allah (swt)’s law. The house of Kaba was filled with 360 different
idols. From different countries people came to the
Kabah to worship those idols. So Allah (swt) chose Muhammed (pbuh) as the
last and final prophet to guide the whole world. Surah Fatihah was the first complete Surah
Allah (swt) gave to his final messenger. The meaning of Fatihah is the opening. So this is the opening of the Quran. Surah Fatihah also the summarized the whole
Quran. So it also called the mother of the Quran. This surah also has many other names. Surah Fatiha is a very beautiful Dua or prayer. If we want to understand the Quran or get
benefit from the Quran we should read this Dua or prayer to Allah (swt). In this surah we are asking something to Allah
(swt) and Allah (swt) gave the answer in the whole Quran. For example, in this surah we are asking Allah
(swt) to show us the right path. So Allah (swt) gave us the Quran so we can
be on the right path. Allah (swt) divided this surah into two parts. The first part is for Allah (swt). In this part we are admiring the power of
Allah (swt). And the last part is for us, where we are
begging help from the one and only God Allah (swt). This is the best Surah than any other book
Allah (swt) send for us from Adam (pbuh) to Muhammed ( Pbuh) combined. Even in the Quran, Surah Fatiha is the most
powerful Surah. One day Angel Jibril (pbuh) was with prophet
Muhammed (pbuh). They heard a loud noise from the sky and saw
that one of the doors of the heaven was opened, which was never opened before. An angel came from that door to prophet Muhammed
(pbuh) and gave him good news about two special lights. Allah (swt) gave those lights to Muhammed
(pbuh) as a gift which no other prophet got before. One of those lights was surah Fatiha and other
light was the last three sentences of Surah Al Baqarah. Once, a group of Sahaba were in a journey. A female servant came to them and said that
the leader of that area became very sick because he was poisoned. She was asking help from the sahabas. One sahaba went to the leader and recited
surah Fatihah. With Allah (swt)’s blessing the leader’s health
improved. The chief was so happy that he gave 30 sheeps
and lots of milk to the sahabas. That’s why, in every prayer we have to read
surah Fatiha. Without this surah no prayer is accepted by
Allah (swt). In prayer when we read each sentence of surah
Fatiha, Allah (swt) replies to us for each sentence that we recite. That’s why in prayer we should read this surah
very slowly. Fun Fact:
1. Surah Fatiha was the first complete surah
of the Quran 2. Surah Fatiha is the best Dua
3. This is the Best surah from Adam (as) to Muhammad
(as) combined 4. This Surah is Special Light from heaven. 5. Without this Surah, prayer is not accepted
6. Allah (swt) replies for every sentence of
this surah that we recite

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100 thoughts on “Surah Fatiha | Stories from the Quran Ep. 01 | Quran For Kids | Tafsir For Kids

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