Sunrise Hike and Sunset Hike in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (#14/419)

Hey and welcome back! So this is day two
of our visit to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.
We’re here this morning. It’s a quarter past six in the morning and we’re here at the
Twin Peaks Campground and this morning we’re gonna do a nice early sunrise walk
to the Victoria Mine. The trail there and back is about five miles and the great
thing is it goes right past the campground so we’re just gonna have a
little walk down here and jump on that trail. [birds singing] We’re out on the trail now. It’s
6:45am and the sun is just rising behind us. Whenever you need a reason to get out of
bed early and go out hiking just check out that sunrise! It is absolutely
beautiful! We love these morning hikes. You can hear all the birds and the
animals and things and it’s just a really nice way to start the day! [Music] We’ve just arrived at the Victoria Mine.
It’s two and a half miles and in the early morning light it’s not too warm
yet although it’s it’s getting pretty warm pretty fast. Just behind that rock
there basking in the sun! Ruined stone buildings and closed mine-shafts are all that remain of sporadic gold and silver mining in the area starting in 1880 and
eventually ending in 1976. Although the total output from the Victorian mine
represents a tiny fraction of Arizona’s overall output, it was listed on the
National Register of Historic Places to reflect its importance as one of the
oldest prospecting sites in southwestern Arizona. Now that we have seen the Victoria Mine,
now we are heading back the same way we came – back at the campground. [music] This is an Ocotillo. Some people think it’s a cactus but actually it’s not, it’s a
shrub. [Music] We’re about a half-mile away from the
campground now. The hike has been about two and a half hours so far. It’s just
gone 8 in the morning and it’s been a lovely way to start the day.
Overall this hike is about five miles long. The trail is kind of like just a
hardpack gravel trail, there’s not really any difficult rock scrambling or
anything, but it’s not paved or anything like that.
It’s pretty flat throughout the trail. The views
around.. There’s no kind of like big Organ Pipe Cacti that we’ve seen
along the way but there’s plenty of Saguaro, Ocotillo. We’ve seen some Palo
Verde and some other things as well. And just hearing the birds this morning at
dawn was also really cool. What’s great now is we’ve got the rest of the day to
enjoy and we’ve already we had breakfast before we came out. So yeah just a good
fun way to start the day. And we are done! And we’re back! I was a good fun hike and it’s not even
9 o’clock in the morning yet. We started the day with a hike at sunrise so it’s only fitting to finish the day with a sunset hike. So we will do Desert View hike. Desert view trail is a 1.2 mile trail that
climbs up the hills overlooking the campground. Try not to burn this plant.
It will burn your eyes. Information signs along the way provide information about
the plants and animals of the Sonoran Desert and particularly how many of the
plants would have been used by the ancient people who lived in the area. [Music] We learned that the cactus we have been calling Barrel Cactus is actually Compass Barrel Cactus. [packrats making squeaking and chattering noises] [noise of camera falling] [noise of camera falling] We just got back from our evening stroll
and it was super cool! I think we’ll have to do more of these
evening hikes because at dusk animals come out! We saw these desert pack rats and
their nest was just right on the trail under a rock. So they were crisscrossing
the trail and going into the rocks and out and and they’re making noise and
they were.. It looked like they were playing ! So it was really cool to see. And it’s also
really nice to stay in the campground and being able to do the walks from the
campground because now we’re back. We’re back in our RV. We don’t need to drive in, we can make dinner and we’re all set! So it was a really cool hike. 1.2 miles for the Desert View Trail itself but by the time we got there across the camera is almost
two miles and I took us just over 1 hour 15 minutes. Subscribe to see more National Park videos!

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