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okay and this is the camp just for lunch i carded to go by which was a bit weird since I did have a tense pitch in the middle of a cross session but uh there you go it’s worth it most likely yeah I’m not just saying I have lunch I’m gonna lie down a bit have a little bit of rest as the view from inside reading I’m not too shabby although it is shaking a bit from the window right lunch is served it’s this thing which is bean with sausages and eat it up on that thing it’s kind of like a it’s a camping stove yeah just feels nice doesn’t it [Music] I’ve got food shelter food music the wind is blowing the sun is shining what else can a man ask for maybe some company but uh it isn’t is it’s good it’s very very cool it’s almost 2:00 in the afternoon just backed up everything I’m ready to continue on my way remember pick up the garbage don’t leave it here okay and let’s go once again it’s a paved road however to surroundings you know don’t really care if it’s paved road because basically in the middle of nature which is very very nice [Music] we got crudely going across town we’ve gone through quicker route but it’s just it’s drill it doesn’t have a need any space for me to look on I think this is a bit slower but less dangerous and at least I get to see a town instead of just walking on pavement for an hour for an hour’s walking through this law which is a village I think we finally is the village the village behind and now it’s there thrilled all along is what we came for even all right this makes me happy as keep going look at those beautiful mountains in the distance I don’t know if you can see that but I sure can tell the cards just went by I’ll let trail with us very nice just singing would stay beyond to do a please [Music] West Virginia definitely is controlled is it just listen this not the beat [Music] it’s gorgeous absolutely gorgeous look at this [Music] but look at that look at that not ranch in that beautiful Yellin see this is not even a trail okay this whole thing that I’ve done is on an official trail just backcountry roads and it’s amazing why isn’t this an official trail I don’t know I don’t know but it’s a good trail got them flies good place to walk isn’t this you hear this it’s gorgeous [Music] all right so at this point all you have is forest everywhere fourth one way for us the other way if I had to give up now I’ll probably either go forward because going back I probably quicker but still no know what I mean there’s no way out here no way out you go forward where you go where he came from and that’s never an option is it wow that is scorching and I’m starting to run Troodon water apparently should have filled my bottle Valley and I could it’s no problem though I still have about uh a litter and a half left which is good should be plenty [Music] okay so been walking for quite a while now I do have a new plan which I didn’t expect once I get to haven’t see my destination because that was not my initial destination initial destination would be like 10 kilometres after but I’ve decided that I want to go and go to the town pool in a town ten meters before my destination so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna get there at like all five maybe a little bit maybe a bit later and I’ll have my two hours of pool time I’m willing to pay for it and willing to go for a nice dip get my gnats cooled off you know it’s tiring man [Music] getting quite high announced nice if you see any of that but uh was nice very nice and it’s scorching my water running out help it’s cool it’s cool the side of the pool is making me give me power extreme power can tell you how much you wanted it might not something [Music] Wow look at that left over there oh it must be a village there it’s a great path man great trail non-official great nonetheless [Music] so I’m just casually strolling and which adds a great it’s gorgeous not a no if it still fits the heat getting to my head or what but I just did a Boston accent didn’t I it’s not good not good please call the doctor why not make it [Music] you know the copter Oh plane right above us and really my arm can cope and do that right now but uh I’ll show you in a minute oh my god kind of [Music] absolutely gorgeous sorry my best nation right there should be right now offer so I should be there I can feel it my mouth what is it water maybe beer and ice cream who knows really point is that I want some liquids and some food that’s how it goes

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