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#Summer2014 Travel vlogs: day 9 & 10 (Visiting Nice, rainbows and hiking on the hills)

>>Goodmorning plan of the day: Nice, which for me means mainly shopping but we will also visit the old city… let’s say we’ll visit Nice…let’s go! We’re in the old Nice in the flowers market to be more precise and I think it might be closed already Anyway it’s full of restaurants and it’s a lovely place. Pissaladiere! Et voilà, the Nice tour is over we’re ready to drive back home In the parking…dans le parking… Here below there’s Montecarlo right below the area where we stopped the rainbow on the sea! We’re back home, it’s raining and we are getting ready to eat dinner on the balcony under the rain. and this day is over too it has been a lovely day, we went to Nice… we shopped… we saw the rainbow so it’s time to say goodbye and I’ll see you tomorrow. Today is a relax day for me while Dani is going hiking, so cut to Dani’s hike! My relax day goes on, Dani is back from his hike, it’s 4 p.m. and now we go to the beach It’s time to go, back up Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppppppppppppppppp! This evening we’re having a pizza in Sanremo but before we go wouldn’t it be nice to admire another amazing sunset on the sea? We’re in the delightful Sanremo city of the italian song festival and this is what I’m going to show you about Sanremo This is Via Roma, the main street, where people stroll, infact is full of strolling people… and in front of us, on the left, the Ariston theater full of food, rolling around the Sanremo movida Look at that! Shall I speak about the glam in Holliywood Boulevard style? On the ground there are plates with the names of the festival winning songs, such as… in 1985… Et voilà, we’re back home that’s it for today I’ll see you tomorrow, we only have 2 more days before we leave, two and a half … See you tomorrow

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