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Summer Morning Routine + Day in My Life | Michelle Kanemitsu

Good morning my sweet potatoes. It is Michelle and today I’m back with my
summer morning routine slash a day in my life. I’ll be walking you through a typical summer
day with me, and we’re gonna be keeping things very real. So, let’s dive in. I’ll be honest, waking up in the morning
is the hardest part for me, and I am very guilty of snoozing my alarm like 15 times
before actually getting out of bed. Anyone else? Gotta take my morning pee. If you saw my last morning routine, you know
that one of my pet peeves is when my hair gets wet when I wash my face. I don’t get how some girls wash their face
with their hair down. Is that just me? My favorite thing to make for breakfast lately
has been peanut butter oatmeal with chopped apples. Super tasty and super good for you. I love catching up on some YouTube videos
while I eat. I also love fruits and veggies! I’ve got blackberries, cherries, and edamame. Weird combo, but that’s all we had today. I usually edit for a few hours and then run
some errands, so I’m quickly getting ready and putting on some makeup by spot concealing,
doing my brows, and curling my lashes. Super natural and very quick. It was also extremely humid this day, so I
could not forget the deodorant and body spray. I am back home now and it is time for me to
get ready for the beach so I’m packing my bag and changing my outfit. I also posted a video recently about my summer
beach essentials, so go check that out. I’m wearing my sunrise shell necklace, this
white top that is dirty–I don’t know how or why but I’m going to wear it anyway. I’m also wearing these shorts from Brandy
Melville, and underneath all of this, I’m wearing my water set from Midori Bikinis. And I’m off. My friends and I took a trip to North Shore,
snorkeled a bit, swam with a turtle, watched the sunset, and got some bomb burgers for
dinner. So that is all. Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope
you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe, stay confident, and I will see you in my next
video. Bye.

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21 thoughts on “Summer Morning Routine + Day in My Life | Michelle Kanemitsu

  1. I know summer is coming to an end soon, but I really wanted to make this video anyway because it was super fun! Enjoy and I love you all so much! πŸ’–


  3. I love your channel, your acne treatment video really helped me with my annoying and stubborn acne!. hopefully your youtube channel grows more and more!!

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