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Style Local: Oahu photographer gives back

From Hawai’i to Tinseltown to Europe and beyond. An internationally acclaimed fashion photographer from O’ahu is giving back to local photographers and models here in the islands. Our Moanike’ala Nabarro introduces us to editorial genius Mark Arbeit. 38-42 103-107 152-156 second time They’re some of Hollywood’s who’s who. Peneolpe Cruz… Pierce Brosnan, Robert Duvall.. And Photographer Mark Arbeit has photographed them all … Every curve, every angle, from Hollywood to Hawaii.. You also see his work in fashion magazine powerhouse’s Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. We caught up with the Mckinley High School grad at a photography workshop in Kaka’ako…. 21:03 NAT SOT WHEN YOU SHOOT THINK ABOUT THE DISTANCE IN THE BACKGROUND 16;18-16:32MARK ARBEIT I LIKE IT, I LIKE GIVING BACK A LITTLE BIT, I TEACH A COUPLE CLASSES UP AT UH TOO, ITS FUN! I DON’T KNOW IF IM THAT GOOD AT IT, I JUST LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY, SO ANYTHING THAT’S CONNECTED TO IT. Mark’s humble nature is something you can feel right away. Local photographer Kaveh Kardan came excited to soak in Mark’s expertise and was delighted with his simplicity. 8:40-8:50KAVEH HE SET UP HIS BACKDROP RIGTH NEAR THE GARAGE DOOR AND YOU GOT SOME SOFT SIDE LIGHT OCMING IN SO ITS NICE TO SEE THAT EVEN AT THOSE LEVELS YOU CAN SORT OF SIMPLIFY THINGS AND WORK IN A VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD MANNER. Today’s workshop also a BONUS for local model Kasie Clark. NATS 2:31-2:33 LOOK UP A LITTLE HIGHTER WITH YOUR EYES..YES, YES! 13:42-13:51Kasie I FEEL; REALLY LUCKY TO BE SHOT BY HIM, THE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING, HE HAS A REALLY GOOD VISION LIKE RELLY GOOD AT DIRECTING WHICH IS REALLY NICE AS A MODEL BUTT TOGETHER 14:21- 14:14:25GOOD BYTE…HOW HIS DIRECTION HELPS IT JUST MAKES IT EASIER, IT JUST COMES NATURALLY, INSTEAD OF I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT MYSELF NOW, IT JUST FLOWS When Kasie isn’t modeling she’s a 7th grade math teacher by day….we asked her how it felt wearing a dress local designer Marques Marzan fashioned from PIG INTESTINES. 15:10-15:15 IT WAS INTERESTING, I JUST FORGET ABOUT IT, ITS BEAUTIFUL… ITS AMAZING! Photo shoots can last for hours—hair, make up, everything perfect…and then shooting, reviewing and shooting again. But Mark’s passion for creating is still pulsing even after more than 30 years in the business. 18:02-18:10 ALWAYS KIND OF PULLING AND PUSHING TRYING TO GET SOMETHING NEW OUT OF SOMEBODY THAT NO ONE HAS EVEN SEEN BEFORE, I LOVE THAT CHALLENGE OF SOMETHING NEW EVERYTIME. His advice for aspiring shutterbugs?? 16:43-16:51 mark end byte I JUST THINK , IF YOU LOVE IT GO FOR IT, ITS A REALLY HARD BUSINESS, ITS REALLY TOUGH, BUT IF YOU LOVE IT, IT DOESNT MATTER. Mark moved back home to Hawai’i about 10 years ago after working abroad for decades. He says he wanted his kids to grow up in the islands. He just has this GREAT EYE, and someone that’s accomplished so much is still so humble. KITV is the official tv partner

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