18 thoughts on “Stroke Victim Raises Questions About Chicago’s 911 System | NBC Nightly News

  1. Thankfully he is in recovery and not in the morgue.
    Chicago need to improve that 911 system quickly.
    The next person might not be so fortunate.

  2. Its hard to keep comments respectful when 911 responses are not only beyond disrespectful but inadequate, antiquated and poor! Surely the City of Chicago has enough money to fund a system thats sophisticated enough to track incoming phone calls! Hello!?!?! Satellites?
    I mean, if my little, inexpensive android can figure out where I am to give me driving directions then surely the 3rd largest city in the US should be able to have an incoming emergency
    system that can locate the origin of a phone call!
    Oh wait, let me guess, its a privacy thing, right??
    While a person possibly dies looking up an address !

  3. Miserable. I can just about garentee these dispatchers are on thier phones half the time there not on calls. Not difficult to pull it out and look it up the adress. There to comfortable with there positions. I hope there's a line of people trying for there job in the following days so they know how replaceable are.

  4. Those dispatchers should be publicly named, shamed at the least, and fired. That was negligence and incompetence at its finest.

  5. They can purchase a cheap phone with internet service to only be used in 911 bldg and have people sign it in and out during shift change.

  6. That's unacceptable!!! I just tried to enter that hotel name and address comes up instantly. What kind of emergency they have if they are unable to do simple tasks ? Really in Chicago ?

  7. But if Chicago has an enhanced 911 system, shouldn't the address have come up on the screen if he was calling from a fixed phone? Why didn't they tell him to call back on his room phone?

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