Steve Perlman: Perl of the Pacific

story must be told of an ancient tree and imagined years old on a ridge by
the sea but once it was part of a forest trees all its own same kind the leaves rustling in the breeze while the others died off one-by-one till only it was left alone in the sun then weeds overgrew it’s once unique place and goats ate its children right at its base and sad is the tale of this wondrous palm the saddest part is yet to come for one day soon by herself she will die no one to witness no one to cry and here I will end my tail is no lie of the lone ‘olulu of Molokai. I’ve seen it happen to about 12 species already where I see the last one die out and these Hawaiian species that we’re
talking about they have evolved over millions and millions of years these are really ancient things and we’re seeing their last stand you see them die out, you realize that … you know, you really can make a
difference just by cultivating these, just by doing these restoration projects to hold on to something that took so
many million years to evolve that we’ll never get back I know he takes it really hard when one dies. it’s a very emotional job when your working with really rare plants, when there is only three (3) or four (4) left in the wild. I’ve only been in the job for almost three years and these plants I’ve been checking for three
years, and then all of a sudden one of them dies. it’s very emotional for me you know, and he’s been checking them for much longer that everything’s statement for stevie
really communities franklin vccs very rapidly i have seen about twelve cc fill out and i have in the wild
myself and some of the ones that i’ve worked with particularly first had this
to the office while alliances on the big island i remember getting a call from john gibson the
district source here and are able to come on over to the big
island i think that the last three inside and i remember he and i’d go on to the
three approval of a dad and they’re still fruit seeds on it and we had a moment of silence there wichita perhaps and and thought about it
and i remember distinctly people really had done nothing
distinctions with the out you go on last march street caltrans school eleven
cents died in nineteen ninety two fortunately seats were collected and
propagated and twelve cultivated treat were planted in the profile of a a plant
sanctuary made elevation partner she’s on her
lately mawi full oval in kuwaiti property in
colt city many of her body east mostar attends an endangered plant species these division of forestry and wildlife
facilities ido heart abrir plant restoration
efforts in her flaky in order to grow these endangered
species plants and a receipt need to be
collected heroin corn at the division of forestry and wildlife
wanted someone to start throwing all these endangered species he he was two hundred ninety two that
indicates bcs one week began and caroline basically wanted us to grow every single one of those if we
could find them grow them that really through its into high gear at least in
hawaii where we had funding we had helicopter budget the main thing was that we were it got
us in the field and i’ve got a sixth-floor in all through the hawaiian
islands re finding things tough finding new
species and really growing a lot of these things for the
very first time anti baji had some growing but now the state division of forestry
while with non-it we really have the expertise in the islands we have the technology to growth every one of our endangered
species beso y lose them in the meantime why not put a lot of effort quickly into getting
their seeds police killings some seed storage place is going getting tissue culture lab going and
then grow them and do restoration out planting putting them back in areas
where they evolved maybe it’ll look like an arboretum for awhile maybe it’ll be
arboretum style where you have rosenwald plants and natural but at least we won’t lose defeat
because we know if we do nothing steve cummings passionate stewardship of the natural environment they shaped by his childhood experiences growing up intent is to find that active seven-year lived in this house uh… i just never been by the idea of having the five he became violent all the snakes on the by the violence
really wild evened out there for fit enough to know why there even alligators in members that uh… raise all this way that’ll get loose sometimes in the house
and another my dad’s i was also in this holy cow lot of stuff outdoor my first job in high school and that’s it for me landscaping and like that and i was in high school i
would be patient and wise at antibody molly that with the surfing because of this
error since the fall of uh… california got married had already been before that was her favorite i’ll reliable that really attracted the tabernacle very first job i got here just starting out that the panic button one of the things that one with innovative upfront dixon botanical garden but i was just getting started and so i wanted potential garden and um… hired by hand more about him being goofy at times at the end of our the fact that hired me as the nurse
intern and i told him they want to be a field box like carol it’s really uh… being up early in the fact that there
are over i would bring in my home you identify them darrow or doing flips work into that kinda
became my said he would send me up to three
tickets blot on the flip for him to get
something that is so out there survivor efficiency pretty much dad three primary than a month but the truth is i mean i’m
fine individuals but still compartments huntington’s who really faster jungle part-time and cambria well i got conducted on dealing with
that uh… kidney along with the latest minuteman
unit you did a lot of really kinda marykay really fit in with
the too formalizing collections needed for media
in the long run members which experiment number one too twenty two thousand five hundred separately from c_e_o_ interesting the
national tropical botanical garden fondly recalls about nineteen expedition
with steve d upbringing of many valley on forward i
remember one day when stephen i had been uh… in collecting in the world and
once the season usually we for uh… for by the year and a half wasn’t needed for charted wheeler sirkin
remotely had to have uh… for turning up a little more
valley um… has really been denuded of of
uh… of response partly because of rats and and uh…
broke out over bomb one day as we were up about fifteen hundred people on the
side of the of people of the proxy in response uh… collection by climbing up you know a six-inch diameter on this
thirty feet up hanging over three hundred set off the doctor siegler relief for me as as exciting is that he
was uh… what would be the more memorable
words getting the letter my recollection was it was something to
the fact of another memorable fine uh… treasure
from the modeling uh… pretoria remotely assistant
species steve worked mostly made by minced onion
content malcontent by nineteen eighty five miles hiking a
lot of john obama we’ve had together to three times a week ago it on a wall
uh… i really think a lot of my collecting stop was influenced by the
monologue you’ve been doing his collecting prominent mid-nineteen
forties gets going cross country and through the bush job in that period
wrote uh… we would not be stopped by and
justice d hill or amount in the night really use tune into steve was introduced to a new hiking pregnant jim wooten shared an office with the is
definite other huge influence on the uh… tonight did not start writing together till
around nineteen ninety for the next fifty years or so we we did hundreds of collections together
hundreds of hiking days together is down with me was that we were just not
limited by almost anything there’s no one else that i knew it might
be i respect as much as ten for that style
where we would each have ropes in a pack we would have climbing belts with us we would not be stopped by waterfalls
our anything working together as a team you know there was some places that the
other brothers had never been to before like them the colorado on the public course to
pull a lot of them in fact i think between the two of them
they must collected dot twelve or thirteen new species from an
apology there steamship support you in nineteen ninety
five when informed about the death of his
friend bosnians me transparently gone are the
ones who held the light on high to show the way beacons of wisdom age-old delight nanoscience here buddy heroes are available are comming world for a clearance cleared the way taking pleasure in nature’s pearls putting names on the mainland dot the play echoed names resound in chambers once answer to their call vase burdick nur harold saint john always spirited leaders all where if they’re like this here today explorers of mystery in a changing time enthusiasm bubbling over they broke the mold of into play turner and our white pride dot and i was with chipper and we got to the
very well-prepared coverage was absolutely
mike and mike when we get out you know without a lot
of knife and carol are quite a and i kind of
straddle the fence as well we just make like boats like this means
bath bad eyesight a longer if it was traveling and calling
and he was laughing about it we got ourselves into the background a lap over that the that into the stream and then when we
got an errant absolutely pristine i could never keep up with steven field
this is such a radical hikers markets is uh… the key
of c_ preliminary nickname to you about the quality of their ’cause he’s kind of
like a mom go to go up to three sequences well any other memorable experiences with the in included dvd keenan company of uh… because they’ve been it’s a barber streaming at work but
ropes and he asked me a if i would help involved in the polly and propelled down
and pollinate the cabinet insignias and uh… so we divide stuff a makeshift
dealt literally from a piece of chain and and some role we’re making our own harnesses mia and
the harnesses media not groups and with not
very specifically worked with steve many years some very good friend of mine would dare say there’s nobody living in parts of our own levels of that but he’s not smile and we’ve got people out there health at
that dana practical jokes on prompt most unexpected places well highland you
know this with and that includes many for young people conceding a permanent conservation there’s a reason to do all this your help become one of the stewards of the land of try
to work in this profession their there are more job burn
conservation like this is really exploratory baat nhi kind of still at
its best and it’s still going on in a while so many young people that are
looking at uh… this film that we’re putting together here permeates of exploration is not over
i’ve made a career of doing this myself have become a exploratory bob i definitely will not be that’s worth forever because i can’t now have already sixty three years old i have worked with people who worked in
a very eighties and nineties but i can see police and the footwork someplace in the field with very young
teenagers right now i don’t think you might like
to do this at work i would encourage them to try i think
there are jobs intoxication affair would love to have young people wanting to do this or feel
that what you’re doing is important that you’re not doing we really strongly about these places
and really strongly want to work to help preserve them the plants that are there are just a
part of it we need to preserve the places and the whole ecosystem as well so that that feeling in the loop beautiful natural places will be there
for people in the future didn’t image and if we don’t do it in and let
these things go extinct on our watch marla one review of backward

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