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Sprinkle of Glitter & Jamie Oliver | Veg Stir Fried Rice

what’s up Food Tuber’s! Mr Oliver here. I hope you all really, really well. Guys we’re gonna cook a beautiful dish today.
We’re gonna do a really nice vegetable stir fry rice. It’s comfort food, it’s delicious, super, super diverse and dynamic, and I love it. And also you can save money by not going to the take out. Now the inspiration for this dish, apart from it being Food Revolution day very, very soon, is a lovely lady called Louise. And then
I come in and say hi. Hello Food Tuber’s. This is the lovely Louise and she has a fantastic vlog called sprinkle of glitter. Channel
called sprinkle of glitter, yep. Yep, that’s fine. And also sprinkle of chatter. So I do a lot of videos about lifestyle, like
sometimes they’re just a bit light and fluffy about makeup and stuff, and sometimes they’re about like feeling good in yourself. Sounds really tweed, but it’s not, it’s like a warm hug. Well my kids love you, and all her mates at school love you. Oh good. So you set the tone for the stir fried rice. yeah, what I said was I cannot cook anything. My child likes
rice. That’s a good start. So over here we have the rice. Yes. It has to be cold. A, because it works better and B, it’s supposed to be a convenient dish. So whenever you cook rice for the family just cook a bit more save it. Pop it in the fridge. It’s always
good for a couple days, at least. I’m gonna do my sprinkles first. Okay.
So a few peanuts. Okay. A few sesame seeds. So while that’s happening let’s do some chopping. So garlic, chilli, spring onions, finely sliced. That’s impressive with
the chopping. If you’re wondering what the lovely Louise is doing, she is vloging for her channel. You like spice? Moderate. Moderate. Yeah. I’m going to give you half a red chilli. So now lets just toast it up a little bit, and
we just gonna make use of that pan while it’s heating up. So we’ll put that to one side. Okay. Some ginger. A nice simple way to peal ginger is just rub it with a little teaspoon. If you can do
that. Yeah. For our lovely Food Tuber’s. Yep. Nice. That’ll do. Thank you very much. So I’m just gonna finely slice a little bit of ginger. And this kinda makes it taste always delicious. Yeah. I think we’re going to get you cooking now. Alright then. High heat. Okay. So we’re gonna put a tablespoon in there, tiger. Toasted sesame oil. Perfect. Is that the professional way? Don’t be scared. I’m not. Go with the flow. And this is enough about two people. If we don’t want to use knife skills we can put them in whole. Okay. If you want to, you can cut them in
half. I’ll cut them in half, but don’t cut your. Just. Oh. You can do them that way. Oh. Or you can do them that way. I felt so confident with that, like yeah! Nailed it! So if you angle the pan down, then gravity pushes it down, and then you flip it back okay. So Louise
is about to show you her tossing action. Yeah. Never thought I’d put that on the Internet. Yay! Yay! Well done. Thanks Jamie Oliver. Now you take your thing. Alrighty. Adding some little bok choy in. This is
sprouting broccoli. This is mangetout or sugar snap peas. Whether it’s more conventional carrots, or
bean sprouts. Look, I knew a thing. Back to you. Yeah, yeah. Got this one. Oh! Got some height on that bad boy. You’ve got it! Ooo, give it up for a sprinkle of glitter! But now it’s time for the the rice. Brown, white, a black rice. Anything you want. Keep moving around. If you listen to
that, it’s a nice sound, cos it’s actually sort of it’s always crackling the rice. Snap, snap,
crackle, pop. Yes. So eggs. We’re gonna get some beautiful protein
from this and in with the eggs. You can toss that for me. Okay. And then we want some more fragrant things going in here.
This is what we gonna kinda kiss all of this with. It’s gonna make it tastes really delicious.
Okay, just under a tablespoon of soya sauce. I put a little sweet chilli sauce in
there. The juice of a lime goes in. We swirl that around a
little bit and then we gonna pour that into here. Well that just got really exciting. Just make a little well to one side, and in with the eggs. Egg well. Essentially we’re just scrambling the eggs. You don’t have to move around too much and now we just gonna shake it around. Plate it up. Super healthy. I’m gonna finish it was some coriander, parsley. And the sprinkly bits! Yes please. So there you go lovely people. That is our beautiful stir fried rice. The whole point of this is hopefully you and you based on the
principles can make this your own. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Do you think you can do this? Yeah I do. Would you like to try some? Yes I would. A lot. Imagine if I was like errr. I really liked it. If you wanna get a little
bit more Louise and Sprinkle of Glitter, then you can click some boxes down there and subscribe to my channel. Yes, and if you want to see the blog of the stuff I’ve been filming today you can click on Sprinkle of Chatter which is my second channel. A second channel.Of course if you have
not subscribed to Food Tube, what do they do? Subscribe! Yes, because it’s great and
it’s free. And you can learn to cook things. Or if you’re like sort of like gawp at Jamie Oliver a bit. So guys if you enjoyed this recipe and you want more than please go to and there’s loads of good stuff.

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100 thoughts on “Sprinkle of Glitter & Jamie Oliver | Veg Stir Fried Rice

  1. OMG Jamie and Louise!!!!!!!! Enjoyed this immensely.. not only do I love fried rice, but I also really really love both of you!!!!

  2. oh the magic of editing 🙂 first whole garlic and chili on the chopping board, then Jamie chops it. When he removes the peanuts and sesame seeds from the pan the garlic and chill is suddenly whole again!

  3. Louise is so cute and funny.  Also great to watch her cook.  My favorite was the baby corn bit though lol.

  4. Yeeey Louise, finally! This looks delicious! I need to try it asap.
    Btw, uhm, auntie Judith is not the only who comes on Food Tube to "gawp" at you 😉

    There. I said it. I love you. My mum loves you. My sister loves you. I'm pretty sure my dad loves you too! You teach us stuff like peeling a ginger and squeezing limes. And your hair looks nice.
    Ok, bye.x

  5. Looks yummy! I don't eat animal products so I'll just omit the egg, maybe sprinkle some sesame seeds over. Yum, might do this tonight =)

  6. I feel like Louise is one of those weird funny people you don't see much often and Jaimie is that funny person who just finds things a bit odd but agrees with it anyways  and personally I love it

  7. Louise is so uncomfortable in her own skin, using her arms to cover her! Hate the way she tries to act awkward and funny, it's the complete opposite and embarrasing

  8. Как же я оада вашим рецептам, вашим подходам к готовки) Год назад вы меня вдохновили и я начала готовить вкусную и полезную пищу! Спасибо вам)

  9. This looks really bad. I am usually positive, but many of the Korean channels have better options, or just regular Chinese fried rice (no sesame oil).  I usually love Jaime Oliver stuff, but this one fell flat (probably the first).

  10. That's a lot of veggies in there, more like a ''rice salad'' to me. We don't usually put that much veggies into the dish but Jamie's rendition still looks mighty delish!

  11. I tried doing that spin with a cast iron Le Creuset pan once and almost dropped the thing on the tiled floor potentially shattering the enamel and breaking the tiles. Although, your pan seems very lightweight and efficient, I wonder what make it could be…

  12. Who's here because of Louise's new video. And because they want to know who "The threesome guy" is. LOL

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