SPOT X Review 2019 – Pros and Cons

send and receive text messages anywhere in the world with a spot X but is it as good as it seems?
Here are the spot X pros and cons. My name is Steven Smith and I have been
backpacking and teaching people to backpack for over ten years.
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video. So now without wasting any more of your time here are the things that I
like and some of the things I don’t like about the spot X. And if you want to
jump ahead to all the things I don’t like then fast-forward to the timestamp
at the bottom of your screen. But first here’s what I like about the spot X. Pro
number one. You can send and receive text messages anywhere in the world. Now
normally I wouldn’t like this… most of the time when I’m headed into the
backcountry its to get away and I don’t like the idea of someone being able to
contact me or even the temptation sitting messages back home when I came
out here to be in the wilderness but this year is a little different for me
my wife is currently seven months pregnant and I’m committed to a
backpacking trip just days before the due date so the idea of my wife being
able to contact me while I’m in the backcountry to let me know that it’s
time to pack up and hike out gives me some peace of mind and let’s face it
there are numerous situations where this can come in handy and if you’re buying a
spot X then chances are that you have a situation in mind so if you need to
communicate with the outside world then a spot X is one of your only options
just don’t expect it to work as well as text messages on your cell phone but
I’ll talk more about that in a minute Pro number two you can check in with
friends and family this is different than the text message I mean obviously
you could check in with the text also but long before spot ever offered
two-way messaging they had the okay button it’s a very simple feature that
allows you to send a predetermined message like I’m okay or we are okay to
a predetermined set of contacts I’ve been using this feature for years I
purchased my first spot satellite messenger back in 2009 specifically for
this feature I was looking for a way to give peace of mind to me and my family
was in the backcountry since then I’ve had a spot device on me every time that
I go out my wife knows that I’ll send an I’m okay message every breakfast lunch
and dinner this helps my wife to worry less and know that I’m alive and well
the spa tech still has this feature but it has added multiple predetermined
messages so in addition to the I’m okay message you can have up to 14
predetermined messages and you may wonder what’s the point if you can just
send a text message of whatever you want to whoever you want but you see spot has
a variety of service plans somewhat which have a limited number of text
messages but you can send an unlimited number of predetermined messages no
matter which service plan you choose so sometimes predetermined messages can be
beneficial in the matter or what service plan you have Pro number three in an
emergency you can send two-way communication with search-and-rescue
teams which the SOS feature is another reason why I purchased my first spot
back in 2009 spot X takes the SOS feature a step further by allowing you
to text back and forth with search-and-rescue coordinators after
you’ve activated the SOS button Pro number four tracking capabilities so
this is a feature that once again Spotnitz had available on several of
their devices for many years basically what the tracking feature does is it
allows you to drop digital GPS breadcrumbs that allow friends and
family members to follow your progress back home in the past I’ve been slightly
disappointed with the interval of breadcrumbs I believe that on my spot
generation two it dropped a breadcrumb about every 20 minutes or so but with a
spot X you can actually change the interval to anything between 30 minutes
to 2.5 minutes in addition to this if you don’t want to use the tracking
feature but you do want to let a friend know where you are you can choose to
send GPS and elevation data and a text message to anyone that you choose so those are the things that I like
about the spa tax but here’s everything that I don’t like Kahn number one the
antenna has to be pointed straight up my number-one complaint is the constant
little error message telling you to point the antenna straight up maybe this
is okay if you send a message and then you clip the spot X onto your backpack
but any other time that you are sending a message including when the spot X is
in your hands this is impractical if you want to set
the spot X down while it takes five minutes or more to send or receive a
message then you got to prop it up with something to keep the antenna pointed
straight up which just isn’t practical Kahn number two it takes a long time to
send or receive a message and tested I’ve around it took an average of five
minutes to send a message and another five minutes to receive a message back
if for some reason you want to have a conversation even a short one with
friends or family this is gonna get old fast which might
encourage you to set the device down and spend some time outdoors like you came
out here to do to begin with and I guess you could argue that if you want to have
a conversation with someone back home well then stay home Kahn number three
there’s no confirmation on sent a message –is one of the things that I
really like about my spy generation two is the little confirmation light letting
me know that my message was sent successfully
since owning a spot X I can’t seem to find any sort of confirmation that the
text was sent successfully which brings me to Kahn number four
not all messages go through over the last couple weeks I have used the spot X
extensively and I’ve noticed that my friends and family didn’t always seem to
get every message I sent nor did I seem to get every message that was sent to me
Kahn number five you can’t change the battery something that I’ve always
appreciated about my spot generation two is that you can change the batteries but
the spot X requires a charger the good news is is that one charge does seem to
last several days even when I was intentionally trying to drain the
battery quickly I still managed to get about three to four days of life out of
a one charge I’m sure that you could get more with a regular use but it’d be nice
to be able to change the battery Kahn number six navigation is extremely
limited now I haven’t spent a whole lot of time playing with the navigation on
the spot X mainly because it seems like an afterthought but honestly it isn’t a
navigation device and frankly I wouldn’t want to be wasting battery life on a
device that is intended to save my life in an emergency in my opinion if you
want navigation then get a dedicated GPS device and save your spot for something
that it’s good at messaging so even though that’s more cons than pros in all
honesty I’m just being nitpicky I mean we’re talking about devices that is
designed to and can save your life in an emergency even with the cons it’s an
amazing piece of technology with a bunch of additional extra features that just a
few years ago were completely unheard of so should you buy a spot X well that’s
completely up to you but I know at least for me I’m gonna be hanging on a mine
for a little while longer so there you have it the spot X pros and
cons did I miss something did you like this video drop me a comment below I do
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