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Solo hike in Tasmania, 19 days in the Tarkine

The day before, when I was Hitchhiking. I was offered hospitality by nice persons. I really enjoyed my time whith Rob and Prue. Also, Rob kindly gave me a ride to my starting point. I often stopped to explore the Tarkine rainforest. One of the few Grade 3. On my way to the incredible McGowans Falls. The only peoples I met during my 6 days on the river. Good news, my packraft was still there! Two loud Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo. Probably a sea eagle. Beautiful towering limestone cliffs. I tried to avoid drinking the water from the Arthur River. I had still 30 kg to carry, with 10 days of food. On my way to the sea. One of the inhabitants of the coast: the wombat. I feel ashamed to have disturb this nice seal I hope it didn’t get eaten by a shark! For fresh water, I had to get higher than the sea level. I was against courant, but I had the wind on my back. It took me 5 hours to get to Corinna. Leaving Corinna. I hate the ants, I was bitten two times, it hurts a lot. The Water was cold, but it was still nice. Sometimes it’s better to give up and find an easier path. The summit of the Mount Heemskirk. After Zeehan (food supplies). I followed an abandoned train track. The Montezuma Falls. On my way to Rosebery. Thanks for the rope! The summit of the Mt Murchison. Last objective of my adventure. Last moments at the Lake Herbert, before leaving.

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