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Social Media Hike with U.S. Consulate General Mr Jim Herman — #usconsffm_smcffm

A big cruise for the Social Media Club Frankfurt… Upon invitation of the outgoing US-Consulate General to Germany, Mr Jim Herman, the group is proceding to the Black Forest National
Park. Why and for which reason… stay tuned. [guitar music] About 135 miles south of Frankfurt the Black Forest National Park is located. It is Germany’s twelfth largest national park with an area of about 25.000 acres. At the National Park Centre at Mount Ruhestein in the municipality of Seebach, all participants get together. Consulate General Mr Herman at the official welcoming explains why he feels particularly connected to the Black Forest. Not only because hiking of is one of his favorite spare time
activities but also because the Black Forest nature is unique. But not only the countryside:
the specialties prepared from herbs and ingredients from the national park are incredible! Let’s bring it on! A chairlift carries the group up to the elevated plain of Mount Ruhestein. From there the tour starts through the protected forest towards Lake „Wilder See“. Considering the fact, that according to statistics the Black Forest counts about 180 foggy and 200 rainy days a year, it seems to be an extraordinary weather for CG Herman’s farewell hike. The tour is led by national park ranger Mr Charly Ebel who not only is able to answer every single question on the Black Forest’s wildlife, but also tries to raise awareness
for the nature itself, its exceptionally soundscapes and its calming impact. Especially for townsfolk it is not too easy to be able to savor the silence of the forest. [guitar music] Besides nature’s recreational value there
is so much more what does people good. The group receives an exclusive tasting in the middle of the place offering ingredients for the human well-being: in the middle of the forest. Strengthened again it is only a stone’s
throw to lake „Wilder See“. It is a kettle lake and a reclict from the old ice ages. Lake „Wilder See“ is about 40 ft deep, but uninhabitated as of its acid pH value. There is no lovelier place for a group photograph. It is time to interview Consulate General
Herman about his time in Germany. [Daniel R. Schmidt:] US Consulate General
to Germany, Mr Jim Herman. You are on your „goodbye tour“ through Germany. What are
the things you will be missing the most? [CG Jim Herman:] The most important thing
I’ll be missing is the people. My wife and I have been all through our consular district
here in southern Germany. We met so many wonderful people and had so many terrific experiences.
We will miss that every day. [Daniel R. Schmidt:] You picked the Black
Forest as one of your goals, one of your targets during your „goodbye tour“. Why is that?
Why the Black Forest? [CG Jim Herman:] We had a long relationship
with the Black Forest. I grew up walking through national parks in the United States. The Black
Forest is one of the first places we visited when we arrived and I brought my mother here
to show her. So it’s been a very strong connection throughout the three years we have
been here. [Daniel R. Schmidt:] You spent three years
in Germany. What is the thing you remember the most when leaving Germany? Is there a
specific event? Is there a specific custom? [CG Jim Herman:] So it goes back to the people.
I tell you that we have seen a little bit of everything here whether it is walking in
the woods, whether it is sitting down and having a beer. My favorite past-time with
beer and wurst with people. You learn a lot about them. I miss those opportunities. [Daniel R. Schmidt:] Thanks very much and
thank you for being with us in Germany! [CG Jim Herman:] Great! And thank you guys
for coming out and share this day with us! We arranged beautiful weather and the park
rangers here had been fantastic and giving us a great tour. Thank you so much for taking
the time. That kind of wonderful day goes by way too fast. With the last impressions of the Black Forest tour the thought rises that the trip
finally has to come to an end. [guitar music] Goodbye, Mr Consulate General Herman! For Mr Herman new tasks will be coming up in the United States. For the Social Media Club Frankfurt
members there will be more exciting events to come. Goodbye from the Black Forest! [cheering sounds]

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