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Skye, Scotland: Trotternish Peninsula – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

The highlight of our
Isle of Skye visit is driving around the scenic
Trotternish Peninsula. The coast is lined
with jaw-dropping cliffs plunging into the sea. This one’s nicknamed Kilt Rock because its volcanic
lava columns look like pleats
in a Scottish kilt. A steep climb inland leads
to a trailhead at the summit of the
Trotternish Ridge. ♪♪ Man, we’re lucky to have
a place to park. -Right. -Skye is well-discovered,
these days, but you can still get
away from the crowds. Make a point to get out
of the car and take a hike. [ Poignant tune sweeps ] ♪♪ From here,
we enjoy the easy walk across a dramatic escarpment
called the Quiraing. ♪♪ Hikers are richly rewarded,
enjoying unforgettable views of the Isle of Skye
and the distant mainland. ♪♪ ♪♪

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