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Skogfar og Start Verden på Damtjern

Hi, I am Thor, this is Skogfar. To day we are by Damtjern to record an episode of Start Verden podcast. This is the first time with three hammocks here. Two beginners and one seasoned. I have been out before. Here is Stian. You whittle? I forgot my pegs in the car so I am making new ones. Bushcraft pegs to get my tarp up that I have never used before. I haven’t used any of this equipment before. It hangs… Torbjørn? Hi! I have never hung a tarp before so I try my best. It will be ok! I like to learn a lot and experiment on hikes. I have hiked with Kjetil and he is very good at making the camp look like a palace. He is rather good at it. We try a simpler camp here. As long as you can sleep we are ok. That we will manage. I have hung my hammock here. It is an Eno House Fly I have closed off one of the ends. I hope the water drips off before coming into my hammock. On the other side I have hung my backpack and it is nice under here I have an Eno Vulcan underquilt and a Loco Libre Ghost Pepper topquilt. Nice! The pegs are difficult to spot but they are bling from Dutch Ware Made from titanium Sometimes I go bananas while shopping new equipent. We are making a crisscross fire today. You just put the logs in crisscross like a house made from logs and you light it on the top and it will burn slow and nice last for a long time and are easy to build I have given the boys their sag in the hammocks The hammocks are looking good. Here is the ridge line Torbjørn have gotten his sag too. Wow! There are mending tools here. Europris for the win! I have forgotten my lighter, so I am glad you have got yours. No problem lighting things will be. Here is my water purifier Katadyn Basecam 10 Liter. Same place as last time. Here we got some luxury! Cutlery and cutting board and… plate and wet napkins so the arse will shine like a star! And here a flask with moonshine. I think… There has to be moonshine for boys! We are in Norway after all! Here we got some methylated spirit that we can pour through your bread. Yes, use homemade bread to get the gagging fluid out. Here we have a good old camping stove I love the Trangia oven. I have used it many years but do not use a dish washer because the color will be ruined. The taste is good, but it does not look pretty. Are you into looks you do not use a dish washer. I love Damtjern. There are a lot of water here now. You can see the grass under the water. The reason for the camera with a microphone is that we are going to record a episode of a podcast It will be a short episode of the podcast Where can you listen to it? Yes, search for Start Verden in your favourite podcast program Search for “Start Verden” You will find their podcast. Torbjørn and Stian! It is even on Spotify! I have been a guest there before and it is very nice. No bad vibes at all. First time I was so nervous because they were so pro and suddenly I had to talk and I am not used to that. Now it is mashed potatoes! I haven’t brought a measure flask so I have no idea how much water I should use. I have… Brilliant! Where is my spoon! A there is no spoon! Mashed potatoes are carbohydrate on steroids. Fantastic! You have to look on the bags to find one that only need water and not milk. Smart to look at the bags before going on a hike. So you don’t have to bring milk. You cannot smell it but it smells awesome! Funny how food tastes better in the woods. Everything is better, I don’t know why, but it just is like that. Do you feed the ants, Torbjørn?
Yes, I put some on the side. I have to take care of the infrastructure.
Leave some for Santa! We have light our fire, eaten and had a music quiz. We have tried to fish, but we only get grass. We cannot throw far enough. We are just getting tangeled. Nothing is happening now, and that is the point. We have eaten a lot of food. My tummy hurts from all the fish, hot dogs, mashed potatoes chicken wings And I have taken my medicine I got a inflamed toe so I am on penicillin This penicillin is awesome. I am very dizzy when I walk I don’t have to drink som much. Here the boys are having a good time! Enjoy the silence! Sound of fire is the best sound in the world. As long as it is controlled and not in your curtains at home. Perhaps drop the fire in the middle of the summer when everything is bone dry. Today there have been rain in the air and we thought of overing the wood I almost got the fire in my lap. Not good! The fire walked almost up into my lap. Should we push the fire some? Not this way! More fire in my lap. Almost total falling! I have smoke in my face! It is the way you have it. You can take it! A camp fire is 90% with the smoke in your eyes. We will make an episode of Start Verden, so after this video you can listen to it. Good morning, it is 08:42 and… the others are starting to wake up the night has been good with rain and a big lighting bolt! it went over us and down in the walley. Awesome! Now I hear raindrops on my tarp. breakfast time I have some army rations here I will eat some Nut Walker Peanuts… Honey roasted…. And some beverages here My wife has saved the best for me, the chocholate. That was kind. Perhaps she didn’t know it was chocholate? I will enjoy it and get up. Nice to have a chair for my clothes. Torbjørn brought some homemade bread with bacon. I look forward to eat it. I think it is awesome! Home made bread is luxury! How has the night been? Suprisingly comfortable! I hung a tarp I have never hung before and I woke up dry as a cat. Very comfortably after Thor gave my hammock its sagg. A dream night I didn’t want to wake up from. This was my first night in a hammock It will not be the last. I got a little wet because of a small tarp or a big hammock some water got inside but it was ok I have been toasty, that is the most important thing. And the lay was great! and I lay in very many different ways and that was easier in a hammock than in a tent. I can recommend it. It is packing time and in a hammock you can let the tarp hang and pack your bag under it Torbjørn is a genius since it is not raining anymore, you just flip the tarp over so you can stand tall Yes, if I have to stand like an inverted L my back gives out. There will not be any rain. In a tent you have to do everything on your knees if it rains. In a hammock you can stand and pack or sit in a chair and rest. The boys have been using “Ticket to the Moon” hammoks They look nice, do they work? They are solid and nice and I got this for my birthday, best birtday present ever I don’t know, but I stole this Queen-size hammock from my wife It sais single even if I am not single. It sais hammock and that is correct. It is a hammock. This is a bigger hammock and I have danced around in it all the night. Easy and simple to operate, so hammock if fun! And even if it is smaller than Stians I got my diagonally lay. The trick is to get a big hammock but never sleep two in one hammock No, some space is needed You only wind up on top of eachother. Somebody likes it i guess… Same for tents. A two man tent is perhaps not enough for two men if they don’t love eachother. The tent is smaller than my bed and that is small for me. I have a six man tent and it are very tight with six men. Three is ok, but six is too cosy. Well, what about the dice for this trip? Two! Correct. the dice has spoken Never argue with the dice. We will try to be better the next time around. If you want to see more of Skogfar you can watch this video here and click the link for Start Verden to listen to the podcast! Bye bye!

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