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Simon Olney Personal Trainer Chelmsford

Hi I’m Simon, owner of team bodyfit bootcamp
and personal training services based here in Chelmsford And I primarily help ladies between the ages of 30 & 50 to lose weight, look great and feel more confident in themselves. So Why trust me with your weight loss journey? Having worked with 100s of ladies, I’d like
to think I understand the pressures you’re under. Time is of the essence. You want to get in
shape, but you need to be realistic. Your free time is valuable. Finding hours in the week for “food prep”
plus trudging away in a gym isn’t just a laughable idea for you, It’s impossible! I get it: you’re fed up with being bombarded
by conflicting weight loss information. (And there seems to be more of it every day!) My mission Is to give you no-nonsense advice,
education, and the tools you need, so you can cut through it all. The Result:
A solution that really works. And which will keep working, as fads come and go. My programmes give you everything you need
to make long-term changes to your body shape and weight. And I promise you’ll still have time to
work, socialise, and live your life. My approach even fits with family life. You’ll be happier, healthier, and more body-confident.

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