SIGIRIYA LION ROCK, SRI LANKA (pidurangala hike- sri lanka travel guide)

(Music) (traffic sound) (music) J: Hey! A: Hello everyone. J: We made it, we made it without getting run over by elephants. Yes! J: That was close, eh see how close he was to us? A: So close. J: yes we just made it to Roy’s hostel J: It was 9.9 on hostel world. We’ve just quickly had a little look J: around, mate, it’s amazing! I’ll quickly
show you our rooms, but we’re here to do J: the Sigiriya rock … lions rock viewpoint
tomorrow morning, J: sunrise, and also we’re here now just to see an under gra … underground … A: (laughing) under grave? J: Underground cave … A: Temple. J: which we just, (answering Alice) Yeah, underground temple cave yeah which J: about to leave now … A: Which is so cool … J: with two other people we’ve met here, two girls from the J: Netherlands, oh they’re both doctors, they’re very very brainy so, I feel a bit, you know, but yeah… J: The tuk-tuk here, tuk tuk rentals again
yeah, made it because this place is J: proper off the beaten track right, it
goes from road to narrow road to very J: narrow road, this tuk tuk, no problems, but yeah, J: we’ll quickly show you … A: We’ll show you our room. J: Go, look J: Look at this – there’s a ladder that goes up to two beds, J: And then here, look, you get your own bed J: And over there, there’s a locker, and that opens up J: And then here, there’s a shower room J: Yeah, free use of a hair dryer,
there’s a toilet J: and look, Shower room. Honestly, 9.9. J: this place has only got eight beds so
far, but he’s planning on putting double room, private room J: and also have massive swimming
pool over in the corner, but yeah, right now, J: we’re going … A: to the temple. J: To the temple, see you later. A: See you later, in a jifty. (sounds of people talking) (Music) J: (breathless) so many steps (long sigh) (Music) (Alice chuckles) J: Now we’re inside of one of the
temples, there’s loads of Budhas here A: It’s so cool … A: it’s all made out of stone, and painted. J: And there’s paintings on J: the ceiling, look, like under the rock, there’s this big rock and they’ve built it J: in the cave, in the rock. So cool, look, I’ll show you around real quick yeah? (people talking in background) J: I don’t know why there’s a random pot
full of water in there but it looks very old. (people talking in background) J: The whole room is just full of Buddhas,
Buddha room. J: I’m gonna give you two fun J: facts about these temples. Fact number one, Girl: They are 153 Buddhist Girl: statues. J: One hundred and fifty three! Girl: 153 yeah. J: Wow, see oh that is a
lot, a lot temple Buddha’s. Fun fact J: number two coming up in one minute. (people talking in the background) J: Alice has made some new friends. Fun fact two coming up from er, can’t say her name J: properly, but she’ll say it from the other girl in a minute, but look that’s the J: where all the caves are in the big
big rock. Hope you’re all diggin’ my headband. J: This is to cover up the haircut that
Alice gave me, cuz you can’t wear hats in J: here so, I’m now using this. I hope you all like it. J: And my outfit, look, cover my knees, okay, see you in a minute. Millou: Hi everyone, my name is Millou. fun fact number two is that the paintings inside Millou: are more than 2,000 years old. J: Cool. Millou: Cut. J: So guys, look, so as you come out of the cave temple you have to walk down about J: a hundred meters worth of steps, round the corners, down, down even more and then J: you come to this big bad boy look at him … I mean he is huge! Apparently he is thirty J: meters tall. But anyways, we’re gonna walk back to the tuk tuk, parked it bloody J: half an hour away, haven’t we?
So we’re gonna have to walk all the way back, J: then a 20-minute ride back to hostel. So we’ll see you when we are back at the hostel. (Music) Man: (off camera) no pressure. J: Just got back to the hostel here, J: and then Roy over there, that’s Roy, Roy is the owner – so literally he is going to teach us J: how to cook, cook a nice curry so
everyone watch this and, you know J: hopefully learn some something. Roy: We use a kind of a knife like this, we need this Roy: strong, not like you cut for using
that Roy: Taste it A: Yeah! (child talking to Roy) (Sound of grating coconut) Roy: Add the leaves. Roy: just it. And the first time, like the
first part, we cooking by water Roy: When is boil, then you add the fresh coconut milk, later on heat. Roy: It’s done. So, in meantime you’ve got to cook the fried potatoes (sizzling) Roy: Fried onion (sizzling, sound of stirring) Roy: And this turn to a brown colour – like a golden brown. Voice (off camera): Does it have a name? (Indistinct conversation)(sizzling) (Indistinct conversation) Roy: … cooked, and we have pumpkin, ? flowers Man: Here also please. Roy: ? flowers and caramelized onion Roy: … some very spicey … J: Ok everyone, this is Roy he just helped us cook dinner, so now we’re just gonna J: go and enjoy dinner and eat the buffet – say Bye Roy. Roy: Yeah, thank you very much coming for here Roy: and enjoy our food come anytime. J: Yeah, bye. (footsteps) J: Alice, how you feeling? A: Uhh, J: Turn round, let’s have a look, how you feeling? A: Terrible! J: Terrible? A: But you just gotta keep pushing on. J: Don’t know if you can see me that well, but hopefully you can J: hear me. but we just had to trek up 20 minutes of stairs. A: Alice hates stairs! J: Alice hates stairs, you J: know from previous vlogs this is her nemesis. I’m sweet, I’m fine, but I’ll see you at the top, when J: Alice will be fully recovered,
so chat, Bye. A: Hey. J: after an easy 15-minute J: climb we made it to the top. (To Alice) it was pretty easy eh? okay? How easy was that on a scale of 1 to 10? A: So, the rocky part was easier than the actual stairs. So … J: And how happy are you right now? A: So happy, even though I don’t look it J: There’s the lion rock J: There’s the Chinese J: We’re gonna quickly stop you here,
add in the sunrise clip and then we’ll J: show you around when it’s a bit more
lighter – see you in a bit. (Music) J: Good morning everyone, A: Good morning. J: so I think Alice has recovered from her little hike up the rock J: but I think the views worth it and we’ve got a pretty sick sunrise J: I’ll show you, see if you can see it, 2 seconds … J: if you can’t see it, Alice is doing a
time-lapse now so we’ll add that in … A: which I hope does show it going up. J: Yeah we’ll add it now … (Music) A: … and catch us in the next one. J: Yeah guys, we’re gonna finish the vlog here J: and carry on watching the sunrise so,
hopefully you liked this episode. So yeah, J: definitely come out check Roy’s hostel
out – it’s quality proper nice sleep. A: quality. J: Quality. A: So please like, J: Please like and subscribe and turn on the bell … A: Press the bell J: So you know when we J: upload a new one. A: So we’ll see you in a jifty. J: See you in a bit, bye. J: (coughs) Ha, so yeah, we can’t end yet because I J: forgot the whole reason that we were
supposed to be up here was to actually J: show you Lion Rock in Sigiriya.
Yeah, we just didn’t do this morning hike J: for the fun of it, believe it or not. (to Alice) You did it for fun didn’t ya? (Laughs) J: No, but the reason we … A: No way I would do this, unless it was down to A: him. J: the reason we do this hike because of this rock over there you can actually J: see you now … J: So, that rock over there is called
Sigiriya rock. That’s 30 US dollars to climb J: up to the top. It’s got some grounds and stuff, but this here rock is just three J: dollars and you get exactly the same
view so, you know we’re on a budget so … J: we’re gonna do this one, aren’t we? That has some history behind it, some J: like ancient history. Something about a king and a queen fall in love, Ancient ruins, moved her J: up there, wanted to protect her and all that. But yeah, this is actually gonna be J: the end now . 10 second clip of
that, and then the outro will cut in, so J: actually bye. A: Bye. J: Bye bye (Music)

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