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Shug Dawdles on the Superior Hiking Trail

Oh having a Café Bustelo been toting
that around in my pack for a while and I’ve walked out here to a spot I’ve been
to before I knew it was an easy walk to just just because I’m recovering from
this you know that thing walking with the poles weren’t too bad I was bearing
down more on the left than the right just kind of using this touching down
didn’t bother me at all 47 degrees Bluebird sky Sun is out wind is blowing
pretty hard getting ready to have some bold sriracha tuna I just wanted to say
sriracha and do not worry Bustelo will never take over for my Medallia daughter
just today I have a bunch of the little packs and I think it’s been floating
around in my lunch kit variety I think it’s a very pretty pack it’s yellow and
red it’s it’s like a circus clown color but I had a viewer from
Filippis from Scotland send me some Kendal mint cake it kind of looks like
an esbit tab but it’s just like man it’s the most powerful bold strong jump up
and talk to you a little bite of mint that you could ever bite hmm Kendall’s
mint cake because it’s more of a cake than a panty perfect day to be nibbling
on it right up here on a spear hiking trail up on the Cascade River and
hanging down in the Cedars down there place I’ve hung before there’s two or
three years ago I was up here all the leaves are down it’s past peak fall here
that’s happening down in the Twin Cities still pretty but the woods are that
silvery gray now no color up here at all so I thought I’d come up and bring the
color to it you know what I mean I did get up mighty early early to get
up here 4:00 a.m. I got up dragged out of bed Meg whoa couple men making so
much noise what’s going on I said honey I’m going to the woods and she said good
tired of hearing about your shoulder I’m just gonna enjoy the wind a while I
like the wind Brian siracha
it’s mighty orange in it a hint of tuna a lot of sriracha all right I done hung
me bed up now Connor Wendy and I’m looking at the river is down there
that’s pretty steep so my setup for tonight is my war bonnet Eldorado
hammock I’ve got my hammock gear custom-made 20 degree probably plus
though special sug full-length underquilt
of course with just about every hammock I bring now I put my black Bishop bag on
there and that black Bishop bag is part of good old green bean so green bean
usually travels with me in some shape or form or another and having the black
Bishop bag to just put my hand back in to along with my tree straps at the end
of a trip well it just makes me feel connected to my wonderful first hammock
and then I got my top quilt hang it over here and that is my my shook special –
thanks – Stormcrow and Jenny and those guys there at
hammock gear a few years ago slitting that fluff up and the good old El Dorado
and let me just tell you why just for a second why why I like the El Dorado and
the XL see when I’m just gonna be hanging out it’s got the bug net which I
can take off it’ll zip off it’s got zippers on both sides but I just have it
tied back with the tie right here behind my back and with this hammock it’s just
a great backrest I can just sit here look at those two trees out there I’m
glad I’m not hanging under cuz they’re leaning like that and a couple people
asked me about this right here this is a big ridgeline organizer bag that I got
from dream hammock I think it’s called the gear sling I kind of liked it
because you know the eldorado does not have a
shelf and sometimes when I’m camping at colder weather I need a little bit more
stuff in my Ridgeline organizer it says things nice and long
zip the top up if that’s something you need to do and it opens up on this end
I’ve got it drawn closed but it’ll open up really wide and on this one I don’t
open it up all the way so things don’t fall out inside the hammock this way
there’s a little well sort of a lip right there to hold things you can slide
it back and forth on the line here with both press X to bring it a little bit
closer to you if you want or remove it further away so I really like having
that backrest on the war bonnet hammocks with that bug net tied back and my tarp
choice for this trip is my war bonnet which one did I bring I brought my mini
fly that’s my war bonnet mini fly okay I
ride it on there each one of my stuff sacks tonight cook dinner on the old
never-before-used shiny brand-new well I’ve had it for
like six years J Falk compact wood-burning stove got my
blow tube with some wood in there got me a little pile right here standing down here at the cascade river
in the mellow part of it as the water source right here and some cool water
I’ll be cooking dinner on the Jay Fault compact with burning stove tonight’s
dinner will be packet gourmet Gatti’s chicken and dumplings and for dessert oh
I’m excited I have a small penguin bar pick up a penguin and it’s a from the UK
and it always has a little riddle on it why was the penguin popular cos he was a
nice guy and my other candy bar because I knew it’d be kind of hungry I have a
Leo bar leo is from Belgium their version of the KitKat and might I say it
is delectable leo I knew a guy named leo watch used to
work with him a mama Leone’s a he played the bass drum in the tarantella band and
it’s only about a quarter to five and I’m kind of sitting out here and it’s
gotten cloudy and it’s windy got cold man had to put on the wind jacket did
they go get my balaclava on the neck you know you said a few hours out in this
cold cuz I’m doing everything I can to stay out of that hammock because I will
be asleep and feel really good now I just needed like a wind jacket so put on
my Outdoor Research rain jacket and that definitely cut the wind fine warming me up too cuz the the heat is
blown my way cuz the wind is coming from that direction hmm birthday boy oil yes sir
pretty fun after you ball just keep adding some bigger sticks in there and
just have yourself a little toe popper heat fire they’re about two and a half
cups of water and probably six or seven minutes now I’m just sitting here just
feeding sticks in just for the fun of it and I am warm but chicken and dumplings
oh man what makes it the peas the peas that’s just a good one especially if you
give that chicken just the right amount of time to rehydrate it’s not chewy
thank you back at gourmet that is a right goodie and I enjoy it out here in
the chilly woods with me runny nose in me smoky eyes that might be my new trail
name hi everybody I’m smokey eyes man started to sprinkle a little bit little light cold misty rain maybe soon
to be snowy sleety sneak snow sleep it hurt so there’s a leo bar it’s a
little different than a KitKat tastes a little different than a KitKat there’s a
very delicate it’s like you went to somebody’s house and they had a
grandmother visiting from another country who brought candy and offered
you some in a 10 and you tasted it with a thin layer of chocolate and a cookie
flavor you know you’ve never tasted before and
now you will dream about for the rest of your life I guess it’s time to get up I guess when
the fella gets 12 hours sleep I mean why go for 13 I’m gonna tell you
what man I gotta get up run out go get my food
bag get myself my Medallia daughter espresso going have a little breakfast
from the hammock I’m ever so warm in here don’t want to get up and go do it
the wind whipping through here all night long it’s still still breezy out there
and start pitched in tight and one thing I’m really glad I brought there’s my
underquilt protector to go around my under quilt at my hat pulled down low
like that do that a lot just to keep the light out pretty nice bright moon let me
go over it get my food gonna have myself what I got for breakfast I know I got
some peanut butter popped at it and I’d like to thank the 3275 people that have
informed me that they’re back thank you thank you thank you I won’t say thank
you to all of you but to all of you I thank you but the most important thing
is my dear Medallia daughter instant espresso and then have a little break or
some of the hammock 12 hours sleep the Lord of lollygag breakfast this morning
Medallia daughter instant espresso peanut butter pear tart or savory
Italian polenta with pork sausage from pecky gourmet and there is nothing like it the
chocolate peanut butter PAP – Oh glory that’s what it’s all about right here it’s the ultimate in laziness that is my
view from my left side down the hill you tell how happy I am just sitting here
swinging in my hammock – driving up here in the car I was listening to the old
hang your own hanging podcast and it was the one with the eMeter more guys from
mo chemic and then I listened to the one where Gresh and spaghetti no ver for
Jonathan and Mark who were the usual hosts of that I thought they did a
really good job and one subject they brought up was downtime at camp like
what do you do you know when you get to camp a little early early like I did
yesterday and how do you feel your time and do you get bored I don’t know
sometimes I just like it it’s it’s almost like a meditation or a Zen moment
of just kind of letting myself do nothing because in the real world
I just live inside my head so much always thinking about my show always
just thinking about everything analyzing beating myself up patting myself on the
back I want to get out in the woods a lot of times and just let all that go
and just remind myself to sit there and just kind of enjoy the cold wind blowing
on me and looking at the lack of leaves in the trees and enjoying the silvery
branches and the cold wind and the clouds coming in and the bluebird sky
and the little bit of snowy sneak that happened for a while and of course I
filmed stuff and I I really just took my time setting up my hammock yesterday and
enjoying it taking pictures of it filming a little bit gathering sticks
for the wood-burning stove playing with that that was fun I was just interesting
to think about it’s a good good thing you know there’s
people that car camp and there’s people that campground camp and people that
walk in camp and backpackers and everybody deals at that time differently
so if you have a listen to it it’s a podcast called hang your own hang you
can find it on iTunes just just google it in somewhere I’ll put a link below
this video in the box down there for it it’s great it’s all about hammock
hanging and I was their first interview I don’t know if you’d be interested in
hearing that Jonathan and Mark are great guys and they don’t profess to be
professional so they talk about child’s and tribulations of hammocks check it
out and while you think about that I’m just gonna swing to and fro in my war
bonnet Eldorado don’t you know I need a little bit more coffee so I can wake up
even mo out here in the woods with no snow I don’t know it feel like
heaven a second brew now my water started to ball so I’m
gonna get distracted again those of you that voted for that short film that I
had a couple of videos back and I asked you to go to this audience Awards which
that one was about getting your social media people and I guess YouTube’s a
social media cuz that’s all I got to go to that site to vote for your film
anyway I appreciate you doing it we got eight to place and that was out of 400
and something films so that’s pretty good and I just get a little sense of
pride out of it but the writer Patricia Fox you know she got some
accolades and got to go to a little awards thing for it and and that was
really cool so when you’re part of these you know it’s just fun to watch it keep
going so thank you for doing that eights place I mean that’s top ten so we
did real good and appreciate you know those of you that went and did that I
don’t like to ask you for stuff but thank you for that man I am so snug here
I do not want to get out in this cold wind just stay here fall day hmm the
Italian polenta to Japan oh gee the savory pork sausage yeah a Prescott I
don’t know what that means there’s nothing to do a sausage but this
is a good breakfast and now kids I’d like to announce it’s time for the
morning constitutional I know that I am institutional but I’ll walk a short walk
today back to the car and switch out my gear and then I’ll have one more day
there is the constitutional spot right here by a couple of lovely Cedars I love
having these fiberglass poopers out here on the superior hiking trail because it
wrangles the turds in one spot they’re not just spread out hither and yon where
everybody finds a place to go out and do their little business they’re all down
in that hole thank you to the volunteers that come
and clean this out and move it from time to time one day I’m gonna be one of you
now I just come out here and poop in it and walk on it I mean not walk on the
poop I walk on the trail and then I poop now bringing my old foster spot with me
I had to use the skinnier little cozy that I made out of a it’s a windshield
you know it’s one of those things you put in your windshield to keep the Sun
out its stinner then reflectix and here’s why they have to put the cook kit
together a little differently since I brought this wood stove so what I got to
do is it’s kind of hard to fit down in this way what I do is just take the can
out the the top can alright and I slip my mug and my fancy feast and all my
usual bits are in that and then I slide that right back down to the bottom right
in there and then slide that whole bit down in this way get that to fit in put
that in a little stuffy sack just so I don’t get to ash and everything and that
probably doesn’t matter too much but my mother would approve and then we’ll take
my windscreen and they’re just kind of snug it around this a little bit a
little bit tighter and then that whole thing will slip into the hillbilly pot
and that whole bit goes into my green bag right there so that’s the Cooke kid
and the way I carry it for this trip it was fun having that wood stove last
night so I just want to show you right quick how this dream hammock gear sling
hooks up so right here you have this kind of a little buckle that goes to the
end little hook I guess you’d call it okay there’s what that looks like that
goes to the shock cord it’s just a hook and it’s easy to just pop the shock cord
off and then tie a prusik right out there just tie your press a like that’ll
just pull right off all right pull that right off
tie your prusik on there I’ll take the loop and I’m just gonna loop it through
four times I’m just looping through the middle like that about four times maybe
even five pull it tight now that’s tight on the line and hook that right on the
shot cord and that’s on my ridge line and it’s ready to go looking for some
Pop Tart pieces are you your feller chipmunk and you found a little bit of
peanut butter pop-tart didn’t ya yes sure I always get these little uh nobody zip
the red squirrel was shy but the old chipmunk he’s not too shy buddy so I
just stop for the first time at this Lockport market got myself a pasty a
finished pasty kid dose so I’m gonna eat it at the trailhead I’ll let you know
how it is good cup of coffee there went a really good piece of apple pie not too
cinnamony the crust was good I liked it there is he pasty right there can’t wait
to eat it won’t be long there’s the sign you’ll look for also
right there right near lützen I drove down south parked here at Oberg
and I’m gonna head north to one of the Rollins Creek sites and switched out
some food here and grab the different hammock I have my aim a little more well
here we go get away from humanity well it stopped
and put on my orange a little light vest here just a little hunter’s vest because
I keep seeing us some shotgun shells on the trail and it is small game season
it’s not deer hunting season yet that’s in November and they closed a lot of the
trail I heard a couple of shots last night but that’s why I brought the
orange pack and now just because I’m seeing these shells I’d rather not be
shotgun oh I hear the jets from the airbase tonight I’m sleeping in the a muck jar
more Excel and I’ll have my pad which is the fuel Excel supposed to be good to
twenty four point eight degrees Fahrenheit and the Yerger tarp that feels pretty darn flat back my
comfort would be to bring my head up just a little bit that feels perfect for
me you know there’s definitely a little
learning curve on this hammock hang wise on that thing I am a belt as
wide as it will go that’s pretty much the limit without augmenting it at all
3/4 inches there to spare and really none on the other buckle I would say
that’s probably about a Oh 18 possibly 20 foot wide span right there what’s
really fun a little bit I’m putting it in a chair mode and I’m just gonna hang
out have myself a cocoa maybe a coffee and sit there and just stare at these
Cedars right here got her in the hi porch mode now tonight I’ll lower this
pole down because the wind is coming from this direction and blowing in at me
so then that will be get rid of that pole and that will come down like that
but for now I want to sit and stare out so when I was laying in that thing
testing the flat lay you know whenever I’m doing this on Cameron you know I’m
getting in and there’s a little bit of sway you see me swinging now I’d love
for it to swing all the time but that actually stops pretty quickly several
people have asked me that so uh there you go you know there are times when I’m out in
the woods by myself standing in a pretty spot like this cedar trees all around me
Sun peeking through the trees Rawlins Creek going by and a question
why I like to go camping backpacking just into the woods by myself and some
of its just an introverted quality of just you enjoy or I should say I get
re-energized and enjoy the don’t think I just saw a Bigfoot up there peeking at
me hey big ain’t no Squatch you know just enjoy the the nature and just the
time out alone can’t hold the camera with that arm it’s been good it’s just
uh you know it’s colder today but I’m out of that wind a man Pacific all the
difference in the world does that wind just blowing through you for hours it
catches up with you man I was bone cold last night when I crawled in the hammock
beautiful whoo buddy whoo buddy I’ll swear they seek me out because oh it is time for the tiny Mozart candy now
that is your nougat and marzipan German chocolate I love them I am a big fan of
the marzipan yes I am next will be the glory of the coffee
crisp cocoa I like just sitting here cooking off to the side on this thing
and kind of have a little shelf right here just kind of put some things sit
here and work nothing too heavy nothing you want to mess with but just naturally
keep popping stuff on there it’ll catch all feeder on the ground it’s quite
comfortable I like it Sun is beating on me it’s cold but I feel good
real good around like that I think I’m good like I knew I feel like I do got
you dude use Coco tan so coat and Tocco common woods Coco turn hit Rollins Creek
it’s the doing oh shoot some good I’m feeling pretty happy god that’s hot day okay not slaying here
all all puffed up and my down cup a little light down jacket with sleeves on
and then this down jacket which is sort more of a down sweater and I got my top
quilt kind of laying over my knees look it out that way like that squadron of
cedar standing over there watching the Sun go down behind oberg mountain out
that way sipping this coffee crisp cocoa which is
ever so nice pretty content the wind is quit blowing very thankful
for that really looking forward to see if this pad keeps me you know keeps my
back warm I think it should and my buttocks
if not I got that little piece of reflectix I can always slip under my
buttocks you know the Samak is it’s you know it’s
a hammock that’s on the heavier side you know carrying this thing today with my
circuit I don’t know what did I walk in maybe two and a half miles no big deal
for a one night trip you carrying one night of you know dinners and one
breakfast one dinner a little bit of something to snack on I brought the rest
of that pasty I had today which is quite good very plain wasn’t spicy you know to
use a little more pepper on it but quite satisfying really with all the carrots
and potatoes in it I didn’t have to carry much water in because I knew there
was a creek running here and there’s lots of water on this walk north of
oberg so that was good and I’m just shining you now get that Shepherd’s cottage pie going
there’s the peas and the meat and the stuff the vegetables and here’s
your potatoes right here that you add three ounces of water to your cheesy
potatoes and then I’ll add 2 more ounces of hot water from there and knead them
and then put the rest of the water in here and then it comes with a lovely
savory clean and healthy reduced sodium beef flavor broth and then I brought my
own because I love it on there some HP sauce
it’s sort of the British Heinz 57 lovely yeah we’ve got a pretty Bowl mmm stamen
acept Simon 8 and uh you know it’s still kind
of early early it’s going on 6 o’clock I am looking forward to sleeping in the
amok and waking up we got a real pretty red sky happening out there tonight red
sky at night shug’s delight that Shepherd’s cottage pie hmm
little blob of HP sauce right there on my potatoes and that look good hmm now
it is time for the pickup penguin from McVitie’s there’s what it looks like
before I get a hold of it oh so good that moons making me in my bed nervous
mmm-hmm full moon out here the werewolves and the haints and whatnot wanna banana
Oh cold this morning my waters got a little ice in it
slushy yeah well I’ve got the medallion door oh he’s
boiling man it feels like it’s about 26 degrees or something like that I haven’t
really checked but definitely my water over here I shook it when I first got up
I couldn’t open the cap and it’s got ice in it and I slept pretty good I mean
very comfortable in this thing this morning though I got up to pee about
5:30 and I put on some 2nd pair of socks my what are they the Smartwool
expedition socks kind of grey in red and put this jacket on I think this pad was
just about at its limit hanging in the air it was really only my really only my
feet were cold and I put a little piece of reflectix down in foot box of my top
quilt there as I’m sitting here and that definitely made a difference all in all
a very comfortable night in this there was a little light wind coming through
here and I think just hanging up and maybe this pad you know you’re about
about thirty degrees or so you’re gonna start start feeling something and also I
was it you know crawled in here sleeping by 8:30 so it was a long night of laying
around eating nothing but I’m waiting for that hot drink so ready looking like
a beautiful morning though oh this is the lap of luxury right here the sip in
the Medallia door Oh instant espresso right right there are some peanut butter
and jelly pimped-out that’s right the old PB&J popped out that warms me up after a chilly night ah
I just got that pika son Rory me oi a little update those were not peanut
butter and jelly pap tablets they were you straight up peanut butter Pop Tarts
I don’t know why when I was sorting through my food I knew I had up an old
pack of peanut butter and jelly I thought I threw those in there to eat
him before they were tainted but I guess I didn’t I gotta say comfort wise
sleeping in this thing last night was amazing you need a little something like
you know a couple times here my elbows were just off the pad and I want to rig
up two little pieces of foam to bring just to kind of put a clamp on the side
and real cold weather you know there was just a couple times felt myself just
sort of tucking my elbows in to get them on the pad last night and you know it is
about 27 26 degrees right now so getting into the cold weather with these you
know it’s like anything you got to come up with your style and make some
modifications but comfort wise man I it was a very comfortable lay last night in
this thing and a very comfortable sit right now it’s a day to lunch sug out on
the woods all alone I’m super excited that the sun is shining and you could
probably hear that from the joyfulness in my voice it’s been kind of a cold and
windy a couple of days all along nobody to talk to but my growling stomach and
of course you people out there in the world really having fun I shook yes why do you not like the
canister stove does it defend you no I I have a canister stove it’s a Snow Peak
I’ve had it for 15 years I haven’t used it in about the last eight or nine or
ten years I’m confused sook why do you not like it well I like it it’s a fast
boiler and and it’s the one the Snow Peak it’s not really that loud but what
I like right now is just I can hear my stove water starting to hiss I can hear
that red squirrel running around going buddy
oh so cute in Sector seven hey I always appreciate you watching open it and take
up too much of your time Acho Burke Mountain right there

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    A friend up in maine Shane a

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