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Shoulder Boulder | Lateral Raises Done The Proper Way | Charles R. Poliquin

Hi! Today we’re at enterprise fitness in Melbourne
Australia and I’m going to teach you how to do lateral raises correctly. Now at most gyms people do them like this. So what it ends up being is actually a good
way to get a pump in the lower back but as far as your shoulders are concerned nothing
much gonna happen. So this is a proper way to do them. First of all you stand up really tall, so
you lift the bottom of your sternum, and I’ll show you a way to re-educate your medial deltoid. So you bend the elbows at 90 degrees like
this and what you do is your abduct the shoulders until the elbow is about two centimeters above
parallel. In this case she’s using the medial deltoid
and what she does is that she extends the arms untill about 95% extended and then she
lowers down under control ok. And then she shortens the arms again lifts
to the side, goes to the outside, brings them down. In this manner you isolate the medial delt
far better and you can actually strengthen the shoulders without involving the lower
back. So it’s a way to maximize the recruitment
in your medial deltoid. Thank you for watching

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