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Should Women Lift Weights? (Women Lifting Heavy Weights – Good or Bad?)

You see it all the time on the cover of women
fitness magazine with a fit female holding dumbbells and a “LOSE WEIGHT FAST” headline
draped underneath her abs. But what’s with the dumbbells? Aren’t women supposed to
do cardio in order to get the ultimate figure they dream about? Or should women actually
lift weights? The short answer is, “Yes, women should
lift weights.” There are so many benefits to lifting weights that gym goers can utilize
to get in the best shape of their lives. The most understood benefits are strength gains
via progressive overload and muscle gains via hypertrophy. However, there are other
benefits that might interest women more. One of those benefits is that lifting weights
promotes weight loss. By adding muscle through weight lifting, metabolic rate goes up to
feed the newly added muscle, burning more calories throughout the day. Lifting weights
also helps shape the body. If your body is a shape of a plum and all you do is cardio,
you’ll just end up becoming a smaller plum. Adding muscle to the right places will help
shape out the body with a more fit appearance. Other benefits of lifting weights include
increased mobility, preventing muscle loss, fixing posture, and alleviating back pain.
The only catch is that, ladies, you need to lift heavy. Lifting those 3 pound dumbbells
isn’t going to cut it. You need to lift strong to look strong. And don’t worry about
getting too bulky. Women naturally have difficulty putting on muscle mass because of the lack
of the muscle building hormone, testosterone, when compared to men. So go out and don’t
be afraid to pick up those barbells once in a while!

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66 thoughts on “Should Women Lift Weights? (Women Lifting Heavy Weights – Good or Bad?)

  1. you obviously have no clue what youre talking about 
    real women attain their perfect looks by consuming a 6000 calorie starbucks+mcdonalds blend diet, daily
    weight lifting is literally female opression
      #curvy #effyourbeutystandards #effstandards #type2diabetes #genetiks

  2. What is a good amount of weight to start with? You said three is too little, so should you start with like 10? More? Less?

  3. Hello PictureFit. I really enjoy your videos. I learned a lot about misconceptions and good information to lifting weights. Even though I am learning a lot from you, is it possible to see how your physical physique looks like, as a credibility check?

  4. I like your channel but sometimes is to fast. please slow down and the music a little bit down. Thank you ; )

  5. idk why girls don't build muscle. it's just stupid to only workout the legs and buts everyday and not eating enough

  6. I was surprised you focused on weight loss and didn't mention anything about potential impacts to bone growth with regards osteoporosis.

  7. arnold schwarzenegger was already saying this since 79.. I am saying this since 2000, a lot of trainer are saying this since a lot..
    women are still dumb.. they want to look pretty, but they prefer to listen dumb people from cosmopolitan or from the model industry.
    They not only choice the wrong exercises.. they also choose the wrong diets too!
    Then they said.. uhh no!! is impossible to have boobs and be skinny at the same time.. bullshit.. that is because your diet and exercise sucks! All supermodels (those who has curves and millions of followers in instagram) does this stuff without exceptions.. so why they still have thoughts?

  8. "Should Women Lift Weight" is like "Should Blonde People eat Carrots".
    There is no general reason for any woman to either do or do not lift weights.
    If any woman wants to improve strength, muscle grow or keep her current level, then lifting weights is a good idea.
    Same goes for men.

    Your video suggests that women want a certain physique, thereby communicating that women should have a certain physique, thereby adding to the fact that a lot of women think they should have said physique.

    While it seems your video wants to encourage women to lift weights, this assumption plus your claim women barely grow muscle, will very likely demotivate a lot of women.
    Your video should have simply said: If they do not have any health issues and they want to lift weights, then why the hell not?

    A more interesting video would have asked the question: If i do not want huge muscles, should i still lift weights?

    For anyone interested: See Lauren Fisher, Alicia Irene or google "female natural body building" to prove wrong that claim about women and muscle growth.

  9. I offered a woman a spot at the gym and I ended up getting screamed at for being a "misogynist, sexist privileged male." After she had her little hissy-fit, I kindly said, "Lady, I have a BOYFRIEND. Please get over yourself." I tried to help a fellow human and she had been so corrupted by the "men are shit" mentality that she had lost the ability to connect with me at all. Then she tried to file charges that I was "sexually abusing her" but the 10 people in the gym were like "uhhh….that bitch be crazy." She was asked to leave the gym and come back when she had caught her head.

  10. Thank you for saying "women" instead of "females"! I hate when people are referred to by and addressed as their gender. It sounds so uneducated (and it really irks me :-).

  11. What do "light dumbells" (or other kinds of light resistance like ankle weights and bands) do for you?
    I have a hard time believing they do NOTHING AT ALL

  12. women have a low testosterone levels, what if the woman has a higher testosterone level then usual. idk if it's possible but if it is would the woman bulk up or would she build muscle faster instead of bulking up??

  13. Ofcourse they should lift weights! How else are they supposed to lift my cast iron frying pan so can cook for me??

  14. They’re so many different ways to create a response and get stronger with resistance training. My favorites are free weights, machines, bands, medicine balls and my own body weight. There is just no getting around it. If you want to have strong bones, good muscle mass, flexibility, strength, a high metabolism and a firm shapely body you have to lift something reasonable heavy on a regular basis.

  15. Thank you. Been worried about muscle gain while weight lifting and sabotaging my own game. This helps a lot now I can put 100% into my training. Xx

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