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Shoe Review: Adidas Men’s Terrex Swift R2 GTX Hiker

hey guys this is josh with terradrift today
I’m talking about my latest hiking shoe purchase this is the adidas Terrex Swift r2 GTX that’s
a mouthful now when I first saw these I was very skeptical Adidas is making a hiking shoe
I took them out on the trail then later we went and did the Grand Canyon rim to rim after
that we went to Canyonlands and a day hike and yeah I just really liked them really loved
them these are fully synthetic so they’re vegan and that’s one of the reasons why we
chose this boot and normally I would buy a boot something a little higher with ankle
support but because we use trekking poles so often and that’s not as much of a concern
so the GTX and the name stands for gore-tex and what that basically means is it’s waterproof
some people don’t like that they think it holds in too much heat I haven’t really had
a problem with that but it keeps your foot dry especially if you’re hiking through mountain
streams or something like that you don’t have to worry too much about you know getting on
those rocks to cross balancing yourself another thing I really like about this boot is it
has continental rubber as in the tire company and hiking in Canyonlands especially on those
slick rocks those really steep rocks this gripped really well and I felt really confident
while I was there and a couple different tread patterns on the bottom which helps with the
grip on top here you see we have a rip stop material and this is a quick adjust cinch
laces and after wearing these I don’t know if I would go back to laces it’s just so quick
and easy to adjust your shoes the one thing I will say about this is that when these laces
do get dirty when they get really dusty it can be challenging to adjust this but if you
just kind of wiggle it around a little bit you can free it and it’s not such a big deal
here you can actually open this up and trim the laces if your foots a little bit smaller
get to send him down a little bit more so you don’t have so much slack now for my foot
specifically I decided to get a half of a size up and the reason I did that is because
I usually wear two hiking socks one is a liner sock and the other is a synthetic wool sock
and that’s just to help protect my feet from heat blisters and that sort of thing and also
it gives my toe a little bit more room in the box here now the shoe is true to size
but it’s just a tiny bit wide if you have narrow feet I overpronate so that was a little
bit of a problem after three days of hiking I did notice my foot was rolling ever so slightly
and on the ball of my left foot and I was feeling a little bit of pressure there so
maybe if I go the half-size down to my true size that might have helped alleviate that
or perhaps I just need to get an insole for this overall I’m really happy with this shoe
the last thing I’ll say is that on the toe cap here don’t expect this to look brand new
at all after your first hike especially if you’re running into a lot of rocks there are
a lot of scratches here and on the back you see but it’s a great shoe I’ve really enjoyed
hiking in it and I would highly recommend it and I’m going to put a link in the description
where you can find it online see you later hey guys thanks for watching the video if
you liked it be sure to like share and subscribe also check out these other cool videos and
if you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below

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8 thoughts on “Shoe Review: Adidas Men’s Terrex Swift R2 GTX Hiker

  1. Been wearing a pair of these for five years. Really good shoe, great for biking, my second pair I have had for three years and decided on the shoe boot version and half a size too small is better. The waterproofness is great until you rip a hole in them but maybe I can patch the hole??

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