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Shenandoah Loop Hike – Day 2 – Old Rag Mountain

all right here on day two trip campsite
it’s about 7:30 in the morning my internal bones are telling me it’s
about 48 degrees outside we said we’re gonna have us a clear day today see the
moon up top there so I was anticipating a bunch of fog like we had yesterday
let-7 couldn’t see already squat in the morning for first probably till 11th or
so the fog was so bad looks like it might be clear so uh got me some hot
chocolate in my do it yourself cook stove here gonna warm up my innards and
pack up camp and then we’re gonna hit the trail and try to head up the whole
drag which is gonna be a rocky ascent a lot of boulders and stuff like that but
supposedly she was cooling you up there and I fear was that we’re gonna get up
there and be real fog you can’t see anything but looks like everything is
clear this morning hearing crisp so seconds gonna be good morning so if
these old bones can make it up the rocks and now we’ll be in good shape
all right we got the can’t just about all packed up here and got my pack
loaded I got my wet socks hung out on my pack to dry and you can see it’s gonna
be a nice day if you look behind me there you can see the Sun just lighting
up in trees with the yellow leaves on it it’s gonna be a beautiful day and I’m
about to leave this campsite in the next five minutes and head up the old rag
there’s a bunch of waterfalls we’re gonna see after that today so hopefully
get some photography in but all my gear that’s what’s killing me along the way
you know I got my hole system tripod everything but we’re gonna
do it alright heading out Kent now we’re gonna
start taking the trail to go up the old rag beautiful morning here it’s
beautiful Suns coming through lighting up those trees fill it up for water
bottles in the creek here this morning I’m just making our way over to the
trail now it looks like we might be on something
here folks that’s where we crossed yesterday right
down there hit up the trail very thick pretty cool here huh you don’t even seem
to be too bothered with us here browsing along alright just can’t route
66 Q if the car top Road did private property not the trailhead for old drag
trailhead so we’re gonna hit the alright read ahead and see how that goes so
foggy fog came in actually steady and fair date was before so we’ll see we got
going on is the route at the old rat here it’s just slow and steady all the
way up the mountain just go so swing just take it slow all your set in a lot
of hikers on this trail popular place still on the trail for old net here got
a cool rock escarpment coming behind us there
rock outcropping so picking up trail all right we’re getting pretty tall you
can see the mountain peak over there didn’t trees maybe but we’ve come about
1400 feet and ascension a pole drag trail we’re just about to summit we’re
getting closer to our weight a lot of people here the next step is a steep
incline of stairs going up here so hopefully the needs a hold out we’ll be
able to do it right you’re doing well over here yeah I’m not looking forward
to this it’s pretty steep ascent in here so uh we’re gonna do we can do alright
guys we’re just about to topple neck see the view behind me back there which
I learn how to use watch it so I’m not sure on a time probably around noon I
guess what’s that well 55 so Roger Staubach still down below pretty amazing
pretty amazing view right there amazing see all right if you see these trees we were
up there on top of them rocks up there we just did this rock scramble coming
down through your head to lower yourself down through some curse isn’t one not
trying to slip I wasn’t too bad but uh we still got a head up we’re out on a
ridge right in half you look out here is just Rhonda’s Ridge run between these
two rock formations and now we’re fixing to head up there it’s over okay working it up behind me back here
see what all’s back there fall it’s pretty amazing alright guys this is the fall speak they
say bro rags head so I guess we got one more one more rock climb to do and then
hopefully we’ll be there and then spins that so many people here today that just
crowds of people you know it’s a bit a good day people hoping with color change
normally have the car change out here as we’re hoping for but that’s how it goes
we plan a trip but anyway we’re gonna head down different route and getting a
white oak canyon can’t there sometime tonight probably end up hiking the dark
that Suns going down to a song to get up the mountain here well we’re just about
there so what it looks like all right we’re up here folks it’s been
around here peeks out yonder yep just about there if you can make out the
people in a little bit of rock right up there but uh all the way around we still
got the clouds down there below us it’s pretty cool 3200 foot is the elevation on the top
here so we’re not far from it another 50 foot maybe I’ll be there summit fingers
all day to get here killing me right now already hit some old rag heading on down
now we got a ways to go probably gonna coming out of dark later as we try to
find the campsite we got to get down the bottle get some watering
find a camp spot and then see what can happen after that so there’s been a lot
of the scents pretty Rocky going down as well so one step at a time
and time make it down so we get some more water still working our way down
old rag probably gonna get dark on us here
Suns dropping down kind of see that fog rolling in here that’s a little bit
sunlight coming through the valley there so moving on

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1 thought on “Shenandoah Loop Hike – Day 2 – Old Rag Mountain

  1. Looks like an awesome trip, we drove through there on the 22nd on our way to the Smokies. I watched your video on the
    Zomei z818c is it still holding well and do you think it would handle a heavy 400 mm lens?

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