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Sharks in Waimea Bay?

MARISA: OCEAN SAFETY EXPERTS SAY IT’S PRETTY RARE– MULTIPLE SHARK SIGHTINGS OVER THE SARA: LIFEGUARDS TELL ME THEY BELIEVE THERE ARE THE OF THE DEAD TALAPIA THAT FLUSHED IN Beach goers dotted the shore line but many kept a safe distance out of the water. we saw a person and we thought oh my gosh he is coming close to the sharks and everyone started to We asked lifeguard officials how many sharks they Believe are in the bay and they tell me they think about actively they’ve been seeing When he sharks are thrashing about normally if Type behavior. We learned it’s uncommon to see a shark at waimea from 6 to 8 feet…some up to 10 feet in size. we are speculating it is due to the river letting out a large school of tilapia into the salt water and the tilapia are dieing giving off distress signals. attracting the sharks Protocol for shark sightings involve posting warning signs spotted…patrols have increased. we are performing atv shoreline protols and in top of that we have our rescue craft in the water actively patrolling Lifeguards have no enforcement power…and despite their efforts to warn the public…some took a dip anyway. despite the warning signs why did you jump in the water? Just because it’s close to the shore it’s it too far and they have a lot of lifeguards out here we don’t recommend it we are doing our best to warn SARA: THE SHARKS HAVE ONLY BEEN SPOTTED HERE AT SITUATIONS LAST UP TO 10 DAYS. NO INJURIES OR RESCUES HAVE BEEN REPORTED.

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