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Shades State Park | Indiana DNR

We’re at Prospect Point on the upper section of Trail 1 in Shades State Park. It’s one of the most scenic views of Sugar Creek – the most canoed creek in all of Indiana. There’s excellent opportunities for birding and other wildlife observation here. I myself personally have seen, from this very spot, at almost eye-level, an eagle fishing up and down the rapids above and below Canoe Island. It’s one of the more pristine and natural areas you’re liable to encounter in Indiana, and we encourage everybody in Indiana to come out and check it out for themselves. We’re a lot less developed than what Turkey Run is. By road its approximately 14-15 miles, it’s a nice 20 minute drive or so. Here at Shades we do typically have a little bit higher, or more elevated, observation points along Sugar Creek and it doesn’t have the development that Turkey Run does. But, if you are looking for that nice quiet solitude, the back to nature that was the original vision of the state parks, this is where you will find it. Shades offers an excellent campground. It was built in 1989 and incorporated some of the improvements that camp design incorporated at that time: angled park off slots, one way loops, things like that; larger campsites, but it is non-electric. So if you’re looking for a little bit more primitive camping at Shades, you’ll have your opportunity. If you are looking for electricity and some more of the modern amenities, Turkey Run would be your spot. A hiker can hope to find a lot of different things. Shades is well known for its ravines and creek-ways. A lot of the trails incorporate portions of the stream bed as the trail. It’s very similar to Turkey Run in that way, but what they will probably find is a lot more of the peace and quiet. They won’t find quite as many people but they’ll find every bit of the beauty.

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