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Severed Head In The Hood Prank!

Hey, everybody. Jack Vale here, and
today I’m hitting the streets of Long
Beach, California, with a human head
in an ice chest. [MUSIC PLAYING] Are you interested in a
Coke or beer or something? You want to see what I got? I got ice cream in there. Yeah. Dude, if you want. Yeah. Yeah, whatever you want. Yeah, absolutely, go ahead. Whatever you want, man. [GASPS] Oh– what the– [LAUGHS] Wait. Wait. Hold on. Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, whoa. How are you doing? What’s that? Oh, nothing. I see a face. Huh? I see a face right there. Yeah, I know. I’m human, so– What do you mean you’re human? I have a relative
that lives there. So I’m just going to run in
there and use the bathroom, and then– just if
you keep an eye on it. I’m just nervous. It’s too heavy to–
you know what I mean? Yeah, I got you, man. Thanks, man, thanks. There’s cold beer in there. [BOTH SCREAMING] The [BLEEP] is this,
bro? [INAUDIBLE], bro? Oh, [BLEEP]! Oh! What the [BLEEP]! My [INAUDIBLE],
what the [BLEEP]? [LAUGHTER] Oh my God! There’s a head chopped off! Open it up. Open it. Oh! [INAUDIBLE] scariest
[INAUDIBLE] on the planet. What the [BLEEP]?
[INAUDIBLE] scary dude. That’s a [BLEEP] prank. [CHUCKLING] Oh, there’s a [BLEEP] mic
right here and everything. Somebody’s recording this. [INTERPOSING VOICES AND
LAUGHTER] [MAN GROWLS] Ah! You guys have a channel? Yeah, a YouTube channel, yeah. That supposed to be
a prank or something? Yeah. Yeah. I had a guy in Hollywood
make this for me. So it’s all just a joke. You’re that one
guy from YouTube. It’s not real. You don’t got to call the cops. I remember you. Hey, how are you doing, man? Good to meet you, man. Good to meet you. Sure, sure, sure, no problem. I do a number of pranks. Perfect. So let me know in the comments
below if you have ever been walking around and
opened up an ice chest and there’s a human
head there, because I want to hear that story. And also, subscribe
to my YouTube channel, and check out this random
guy we pranked on the way to Long Beach. See you later! Walmart in downtown
Long Beach, right? Boo! [LAUGHTER] Dang, man! Come here, bro. [LAUGHTER] It’s OK, man. It’s all right.

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99 thoughts on “Severed Head In The Hood Prank!

  1. Do more pranks in the hood!! I enjoyed watching this hood prank for my first time and I think you should keep doing more in the hood!

  2. It would be funnier if you came out wearing a hazmat suit covered in blood and holding an axe and shouted "YOUVE SEEN TOO MUCH!" and started chasing them laughing manically

  3. Why does it matter what race they are? If there were just white people being pranked, race wouldn't be brought up in the comments

  4. Back in the day, I lived in the city of Milwaukee, WI. and we had this neighbor named Jeff Dahmer. Jeff had all kinds of body parts in his coolers and refrigerator.

  5. wow love this one jack although I have not had this experience with finding something like this I know what my reaction would be lol but please do more of these body parts videos love them

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