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Set up your Garmin inReach Satellite Communicator

Hi everybody, my name is Chance with Double U Hunting Supply. I’m going to walk you through setting up your Garmin inReach.
You’ll need to set up an account at Next you will need
to power the device on to find the IMEI and authorization code. Next is your
personal information that might be needed by global 24/7 dispatch. Pay
special attention to the emergency notes at the bottom and list any allergies
you might have, for example. For the email address you choose make sure it’s
something unique as it will be your in reach contact much like a phone number.
Next is your primary and secondary contact that will be contacted by global
24/7 dispatch if you activate SOS. I’d recommend someone who knows you well in your abilities they might be able to work with global 24/7 dispatch to locate
you or distinguish whether it could be a false alarm. Now to decide on a plan, a
contract plan is cheaper by the month with a lower annual fees but you’re
locked in for a 12-month period unless you pay a penalty fee for cancelling or
downgrading. Freedom plans have a higher monthly fee and annual fee but you can
activate for 30-day periods when you will need the device for example a just
during an upcoming hunt or planned backcountry trip. Under each plan there
are multiple tiers for more free messages tracking points and weather
updates. Hitting the SOS button will alert global 24/7 dispatch. They’ll begin
texting you for your condition and alert your emergency contacts and
search-and-rescue as needed Garmin also offers additional subscriptions that can
partially cover some of the costs of rescue and hospital fees. Make sure to
review all your critical information some information can be changed later at Most importantly, consider the plan you choose whether
it’s annual or freedom that you have the features that you’re most likely to need.
Outside your presets and free text it’s 50 cents a message or a dollar for
weather updates. Lastly, it’s critical you take your in reach outside where it has
a clear view of the sky and finish activation. Keep in mind it has a
directional GPS antenna so keeping it pointed upward is critical. If you have
any questions are like to order a Garmin inReach call Double U Hunting
Supply at 855-384-8687

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