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Sedona & Grand Canyon Family Vacation ~ Enchantment Resort & Touch The Earth Adventures

[Music] Welcome to the Dress Up Mom. In this video, I want to share an incredible
family vacation we recently took to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. But first, thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. If you are a regular viewer and subscriber,
I absolutely love you. Thank you. If you are new to the channel and like what
you’re seeing, please subscribe. It’s the button. It’s here. It means everything to me. We are also on all the social media outlets. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. @thedressupmom, #thedressupmom. And I post other pictures there. Like I said, we just got back from Sedona
and the Grand Canyon, and it was my husband, my son Dane and daughter Tiana and I, and
it was really a special trip that I wanted to share with you. So, I’m just going to take you along and tell
you and show you what we did. We flew into Phoenix and had breakfast with
dear friends before making the drive to Sedona. As we started driving into the Sedona area,
this is what we were greeted with. Just beautiful color. We knew we were somewhere special, looking
out at this red rock that just appears. This is the drive into our incredible hotel/resort
we were staying in called Enchantment, and it truly was quite enchanted. The grounds were just beautiful. There were these deer that were kind of all
around. And we were just in the middle of a picturesque
scenic view like this the whole time. We felt like we were just sort of ensconced
in that. The grounds, like I said, this is just sort
of leading up to the restaurant area. It all kind of fit in with the topography,
too, which was kind of nice. We immediately knew we were somewhere pretty
darn special. It just had a feel to it. This is a little teepee that was near the
casita that we were in. We had this really cool casita that was a
suite that went from sort of one bedroom that the kids were in with two beds, and this gorgeous
sort of living space that Doug and I got to share for the time that we were there. [Music] Hello, Doug. He felt right at home. We had a lot of fun just posing for pictures
a lot of this time, too. Here’s the deer I was telling you about. This family lived around, and they were just
amazing. We shared a lot of fun drinks and food, and
again, look at the scenery of where we were and what was behind us and around us the whole
time. It was like being in the middle of a painting. I had a lot of fun getting to wear all of
my caftans and kimonos and paglamas [sic] and all the fun stuff that I just love to
wear. Just sort of fit in right in this scenic area. I also enjoyed the spa, which was amazing. It was in the middle of all of the rock, as
well. And we really treated ourselves to an incredible
day at the spa where we got these treatments from absolutely lovely people that really
cared and were really fantastic at what they did. This is all in the spa area. They had a local artist that was there. There were indoor and outdoor pools. And the treatments were just amazing. I don’t know how else to put it. They made us feel very, very relaxed and really
ready for a special time. It was also monsoon season there, which I
had never heard of and didn’t know happened in Arizona. So, every afternoon, it would thunder and
rain and just cool things down. Here is right when it was before the rain
was hitting. And we just really enjoyed that. We seemed to hit it really well and be inside
whenever that was happening and enjoy sort of the show. This is Doug pretty relaxed after our day
at the spa, and we just, I can’t say how much I enjoyed that. So did the kids. More incredible food and drink. Everything was fantastic there, and we just
enjoyed so much fun together at mealtime. [Music] Pretty hammy, as you can see. So, we got quite a few fun shots. Look at my Jennifer Grace kimono against this
background. And Dane also was having a whole lot of fun
posing. He and I together had a lot of fun, as well
as the four of us. [Music] The next morning, we had booked this trip
to the Grand Canyon with this incredible guide, Rick Lee. He was so fantastic. I’m going to put all the information on the
company and him in the description below. But he picked us up at 2:30 in the morning,
so that we could get a sunrise at the Grand Canyon, which was absolutely breathtaking. Here, you can see it. He took us to a part of the Grand Canyon where
literally we were the only people. There were no crowds. We got to experience this just the four of
us and him, and he added just a ton. And I will really never forget the feeling
of that sun against my face, opening up into this incredible canyon. It was the first time that we had seen it,
and I would, I’m so happy I got to see it at sunrise like this and have it just fill
up around us. I had a lot of fun wearing my cowboy hat and
my coat and all sorts of fun stuff on this trip. But look at this just magnificent scenery
and what we got to look out to that morning. [Music] [Singing] It was definitely song-worthy. [Music] The area where we were, we also could see
down into the canyon and see the Colorado River, which was just this beautiful teal
color. And you can’t really see that from the other
entrance at the rim. So, that was really fun to see that Colorado
River. You can kind of see it here a little bit down
there. We also got to hike a little bit into the
canyon. This is what that looked like. It was a little bit scary for me, I have to
say. Like, I’ve, I found a little scary moments
when we were taking these pictures. The kids went down further. Uh, I had to rest, and it was quite challenging. I can’t even imagine the people that go all
the way down into it, but I’m glad I got a chance to go in and see a little bit of the
canyon, because it gives you a whole other perspective of how enormous this is, this
nature’s wonder. [Music] The kids were much more adventurous than us,
and part of this, I just couldn’t even look. Like, I couldn’t even look when Tiana was
doing this. I had to be somewhere else. [Music] This is a view of sort of hiking back up into
the other part of the canyon. So, this is just at the beginning. I can’t even imagine when it gets a lot steeper
as you’re trying to make your way up. We then headed out to El Tovar, where we had
a lovely breakfast and some coffee. We hadn’t had coffee this whole time. Mind you, by now it’s maybe 7:00. We had already done all of this by 7:00 in
the morning, but El Tovar is a really cool place right there. The Grand Canyon old. They had a nice menu and we got to get refreshed
and get some sustenance in us. The Hopi House is a place where you can buy
authentic Indian souvenirs and goods, which was kind of fun to look through. And then this is the view from another part,
I think at the rim, the place where I think most people enter and go and see the Grand
Canyon. You get a better sense of really how steep
it is here. But it was much more crowded at this point. We still had a lot of fun kind of walking
and seeing this different view from this area. So, what do you think? Male Speaker:
It’s great. It’s great. It’s great. It’s fantastic. We’re having a great time. [Music] It was definitely an experience that we will
remember and take with us. Another great thing about having Rick, our
tour guide, is that he also knew everything about Sedona. So, he gave us so many great tips for what
to do the rest of the time that we were in Sedona. And we’re so grateful to him. He was such a wonderful addition. I would highly recommend him and the tour
company that we used. [Music] The next morning, we took a hike to the Vortex. You can get it right from our hotel. It’s called the Boynton Trail, I believe,
the Vortex Trail. And it’s supposed to be an energy field. So, we decided to hike over there, and it
was interesting because we were told, and it was true, when you get close, the trees
grow in a twisted manner. Look at the branches. The trees are all twisted up, and as you get
closer to the Vortex, that’s what happens. The, the different types of cactus were just
so beautiful as well. All around. The different colors and the scenery. This is the prickly pear that is indigenous
to this area that they do everything with. They eat. We used it on treatments. It was really kind of yummy. And there’s the Vortex. We’re getting close to it. [Music] Male Speaker:
The Vortex. Rajka Hayden:
We did some meditation. We did a little bit of chanting, and you could
definitely feel the energy. Each of us had a slightly different energy
experience at this Vortex, but it was quite powerful. [Music] It was also very beautiful. [Music] Next, we headed out to Crystal Magic, a place
where you could get crystals. This was also recommended to us by Rick, and
it was a really cool experience. We were told to just walk through this huge
store with all sorts of crystals and see what resonated. And here’s the ones that resonated for me. It was so weird. I just went, and my hand went and grabbed
that big blue one in the middle without me even knowing. And the people in the place said, whatever
resonates for you, that means that you need that, and you should get it. So, of course, I did. Here’s what my crystals represent and what
they’re supposed to bring to me. This was Tiana’s little crystal display,
and Dane had a whole other experience. I don’t have his. Our guide Rick highly encouraged us to take
a small trip which was just a couple minutes away to the Buddhist stupa and this peace
park. And boy, again, so glad we did this. It was really a lovely place. People hard decorated throughout the years
and again, just right in the middle of everything there. So peaceful. So beautiful. This was the stupa, which is filled with all
sorts of prayers. And you walk around it three times and say
your own prayer and your chanting, and it really was a very beautiful experience. We walked around it, holding hands, and it
was really also super special. These are filled with prayers as well, and
you’re supposed to turn them and walk around three times as well. But just the peace, the quiet, the stillness
up there, there was something really magical. The energy was beautiful. It had a really gorgeous statue of a Buddha
that we spent some time around as well. This was a great place to do some meditations,
some introspection. I can imagine that if you lived in Sedona,
you would want to spend a good amount of time here. It was really beautiful. [Music] We went back to the hotel and that night did
this incredible sound meditation in what they called the Crystal Grotto. This is the Crystal Grotto, this gorgeous
room with natural light that comes into it. And it has these four large crystals all around
it that you sort of sit in front of, and this sound meditation again was very powerful and
lovely. Our final thing that we did is, we went to
a restaurant that was also recommended by Rick. This is called Mariposa. Here’s the view from that. And it we had an absolutely delicious lunch
at this really lovely place. The art in it is just beautiful. I know there’s a bunch of stories to the art
and to the door. But the food was also incredible and the view,
you couldn’t beat. Here’s what we were looking at the whole time. [Music] It was the perfect end to our trip before
we headed back over to the airport. A place I definitely want to go to back. Male Speaker:
… the Enchantment Resort in Sedona. What was your favorite find of the whole trip? Tiana:
I really loved everything about the trip. It was amazing. I think my two favorites would be the day
at the Grand Canyon. It was perfect. We got there early. There was no one there. It was breathtaking. And then number two I think would just be
Enchantment Resort as a whole because it really was magical and enchanting. Rajka Hayden:
And like Tiana said, I cannot pick one thing. I can’t even pick a couple things. The whole thing was really magical, enchanted. But I guess if anything, it was really sharing
this experience with the three of you. It was just something that I will remember
for the whole year until we take another vacation together. Dane:
I would agree. Just the family bonding was amazing. I really, really enjoyed our spa day because
we always talked about being a spa family, and this time around we actually had a full
spa experience. And it was just really, really lovely. And then second would have to be, um, the
sunrise at the Grand Canyon, uh, because I just feel like that’s an unforgettable moment. It was so awesome. Doug:
I really think when you guys come back from the Buddhist temple, it was just a special,
special moment. And then I also think that this showed that
Mom needs this type of thing, and, and should come at least once a year to something like
this. The stress went out of her when she had all
that day at the spa. I think that was incredible. I think the, uh, four of us being together
was just so special as a family. And I think that’s, I always get emotional
on the video, but I think that’s one of the things that was just so great about the trip. Rajka Hayden:
So, I think you can see it really was special for me, and I loved sharing this with you. I hope that you enjoyed it. I would love to hear your Sedona and Grand
Canyon stories. And also, if you’re planning on going, tell
me about that as well. Please check out Rick and the tour company. They were incredible. Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. Until next time, have fun and dress it up
a little. [Music]

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  1. Hi Rajka, this is my most favorite video and thank you so much for sharing your amazing trip with us! I love every part of it, your family, the vortex, the energy and all. Please make more travel videos as well as all the amazing beautiful San Diego attractions. Blessings and love!

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