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Seasonal Work in Alaska

– I’m fairly certain
this is where I developed my fear for bears, so there’s that. Because my coworkers would be like, “We went on a hike and got
false charged by a grizzly!” What? Hi guys, my name is Shayla
and I make these videos every Wednesday. I started this channel in 2015 cause I was traveling full time. Now I’m home, clearly. Creating my life here. I traveled full time for four years, so I want to tell you the
things that I learned, things that you should avoid. This video I’m talking about
working in Alaska for a season. This is kind of a random video that I just wanted to make
because I want to tell you that these opportunities are out there and they’re available and they’re amazing. So many people go to
Alaska in the summertime that they need people to go up and work. And in the winter, the
season’s just kind of dead. I knew somebody who had
already worked up there so I got connected just via her. But there’s a website that
you can use if you don’t have a connection called cool works and it works all over the place. Seasonal work is rafting guides, fishing guides,
waitressing, all the things. Cool works is where you
can go to check them out. But I want to tell you a little bit about my Alaskan adventuring. Before I had left, we
determined a start date and a stop date and I
actually moved my end date. I was dating someone at
the time who was like, “You’re going to be
gone for three months?” Yeah! And then I was like, you know what, I’m going to make him feel really good and I’m going to come home a month early. I called him and I was like, something came up, I need
to leave a month early. And they were like, “Okay.” And I was like, okay, hey boyfriend. Whatever. I worked the Kenai, there was fishing, there was white water rafting. A lot of times when you do seasonal work, other activities in the area,
you get to go do for free, or like super discounted. The very first night that
I was there, they’re like, “Those are the rafting guys, those are the guys you should
get to know and talk to.” So I started chatting with them and they’re like, “Well we’re
leaving, you can go tomorrow if you come with us.” Okay! So I like ran back to my room
where I haven’t even unpacked my stuff, repacked it
into a new, like daybag and left and I’m getting
in the van with them and they’re like “Who are you?” And I’m like, I’m going to come rafting. And then we went down to the water at Turnagain Arm and they had a guitar and they’re playing music. Someone came down and
they had just been chased by a moose and it was just,
it’s such a magical place. (yelling) (cheering) – [Man] That was awesome! (water roaring and talking) You all right? – [Passenger] Yeah. – You good? – [Shayla] Yeah. Let go of the oar? – [Man] You ready? – [Shayla] Yeah. – [Man] One, two. (groaning) (laughing) (unintelligible talking) – What’d you think? – That was cool. Homer spit where you
can go halibut fishing. Tons of hikes around the area. The Kenai river is like
this blue, turquoise river that’s glacier water. I’m fairly certain this
is where I developed my fear for bears, so, there’s that. Because my coworkers would be like, “We went on a hike and got
false charged by a grizzly!” I’m like, what? Yeah, it came like running
towards them and just stopped. Oh my god, I, nope, nope, nope, nope. Nope, nope, nope. Next to us was a fishing outfitters. Those guides would go
take people out fishing and then they would come back and be like, “You guys want to go fishing?” And we’d like put our big boots on and go fishing. Thank you. (soft music) I made a friend out there
who was there traveling for work, he calls me like a month later and he’s like, “Hey I
picked up a hitchhiker who’s a paragliding instructor, do you want to go paragliding?” (bright music) The other people that you
meet while you’re out there are the coolest. A lot of them are teachers, teachers do a lot of like seasonal work. Because obviously they
have the summer off. It’s true what they say about Alaska, it’s bright in the summer time. It gets like dusky until like 11. I was there for the
solstice and on the solstice at 11 it was like, still really bright. We were at a bonfire. I don’t know how it works for all places but like we had to pay for our own cabin. So you get to choose
between a tent or a cabin. I think it was like 100
dollars more for a cabin but I was like, I need to do a cabin because a bear can get in a tent. A bear will have a lot harder time getting into a cabin. And my family was like,
“Yeah, great idea.” Somebody that came in,
they owned a camp ground, they were like, “Oh you should
come to our camp ground.” I was like, that’s weird. And then he came in with his wife and his wife was like,
“Yeah you should come.” I was like, okay! We left the restaurant. We went shooting and he had a sauna. A sauna. And so I learn that you
go in a cold shower, then you go in the sauna for however long and then
you in the cold shower and then sauna and then back and forth and back and forth and it’s supposed to be really good for you. And then my dad came to visit. It was always his goal to get to Alaska so I was like, if I go work
there then he’s going to have to visit me and he did. (water flowing) I wanted my dad to rent a van so badly and he’s like, “No I’m renting a car.” And then he got to Anchorage
and I went to pick him up and there were no cars available, the people were like, “All of our cars are sold
out but we can give you this mini van.” And I was like.
(singing) Dad this is the great thing ever! So we got an air mattress and we, he’s like, “We’re not
going to sleep in the van.” And we slept in the van
like two or three nights. We went out and we went to Homer spit and we went to the Salty
Dog and had too many beers and we had to sleep in the van. And then we went up to Denali and we didn’t book a hotel anywhere and so we had to sleep in the van. Like it was amazing. We went up and saw glaciers, we saw Denali National Park and we saw a bear eating another bear. Like some crazy stuff. I met an archeologist, I was like, wow, you’re in Alaska for archeology? He’s like, “Yeah.” They have to hire an
archeologist when they’re digging up the road in case anything like pops out and they find something. So the archeologist can be there to like, do something about it. I went to green… I went to Girdwood
forest fair and it’s like just a hippie fest, it was so much fun. There was like music. The live music in Alaska is amaze– I just, I love everything. Alaska’s my favorite place. The very end, I was like about to go home and my boyfriend was finally glad that I was coming home after two months and I was like apparently there’s a ferry that you can take from
Whittier all the way down to Bellingham, Washington,
I’m going to do that. And it’s a five day ferry. And you can either get a
room, pull your car onto or you can just pitch a tent on the deck and go down to Bellingham, Washington and so that’s what I did. I had someone drive me out to Whittier, got on the ferry, sounds glamorous. The views were honestly amazing and the sunsets were beautiful. But there’s not a lot to
do on that ferry at all. I remember stopping in Juno, I can’t remember the other spots. But I met families on there who were like, “Oh yeah, we’re on this ferry to go out to this cabin that we have
to kayak to in Alaska.” It’s just so freaking rad. So I took this ferry down
and my friend picked me up in Bellingham, we went to
Seattle for a little bit, we went in Oregon,
camping and hiking around and then I flew home from there. So what I’m trying to tell you is that if you have the
opportunity to go to Alaska, I would highly recommend, I recommend the Kenai peninsula. When I went to Denali, I was
super glad I didn’t work there. Because there were just so many tourists and Kenai is more like fisherman. And it just felt, I don’t know, better. The tourists are like, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. I just wanted to tell you about that trip, encourage you to try it. If you want to share
this with somebody who you think would love to go to Alaska for the summer. If you guys have any questions about it, put it below and I will
do my best to answer them and I will talk to you on next Wednesday. Bye, thank you.

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  2. My wife and I are going to Alaska in our converted ambulance. Thanks for confirming that we can find jobs through coolworks. We are traveling throughout North America.

  3. I don't recommend commercially going salmon for set netters. Did that last summer, and while the views and nature surrounding Kodiak were AMAZING, crew aren't treated very well. Alaska is an amazing place. Get out there and go hike πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome video. Even if it's totally random I'm so glad you made it! So inspiring, you're the YES girl and I love it.

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  6. Hey! My name is Tory and James Vincente is building out my van and lead me to your channel. Which I am currently obsessed with!! So fun being able to watch your videos from a few years to now

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