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Searching for Austin Oldfield (Chapter 5) Hitchhiker & Witness

Over the next couple days, I’m going to
go back up to Indian heaven to look for Austin Oldfield, the camper who went
missing their last year. I’m going to search the East side of Sawtooth
Mountain. Last week i searched the cliffs on the West side of Sawtooth
Mountain and my plan is to go hiking… backpack in to the bottom of the cliffs
there, and do a search in the evening on the first day, camp overnight, get up, search for a while the second day, and
then go on over to the Rainbow Gathering to talk with some of the people there to
see if he did show up, if anybody recognizes him. That was his goal last
year was to attend the Rainbow Gathering. One of my concerns with my plan is that
the two trails that lead up from the bottom of the mountain on the East side
there lead to a rock scree that could be really difficult. Could be boulder fields.
They also could be not the bottom of the right cliffs it looks like
there’s maybe layers of cliffs or levels that stair step up and searching the
bottom of all of those just may not be worth it at all. There are some cliffs on the northern
and northeastern end of the mountain that I know are accessible and in fact
the trail comes right out of you . that I stopped by last week and so I want to
definitely want to check under there it was really helpful to talk with Sheriff
Brown last week is well about some of the reports and what areas have actually been
searched I found out that none of the areas in Indian Heaqven had been
searched there was a missing mushroom picker that was found a couple shortly
after she was lost but that was two weeks before Austin went missing and in
fact that the clothes with the forestry red ribbon that I came to was definitely
found by source team on that search are most likely on that search so it’s not
related to this case at all so that’s good news i’m not doubling
over other people’s efforts or you know it’s not wasted effort on my part in
fact the only areas that they searched were near his camp with the hunters saw
him over by lone butte I’ve lived here for 16 years now when i
moved Skamania County at that time in New York City they had
the call pirros one burrow had 67,181 people per square
mile well at that time Skamania County at six
people per square mile well so I felt much better moving here the same person much flatlander like the
country and look at the country who this is beautiful yeah Um what you were telling me earlier a sasquatch
story about ra scopus local story reads commander called sconce ask for local
Native American term is school for the big hairy guide and gals family so tell me that story word about the guy who ok I got it secondhand the guy that used to own the tavern here
old man retired he told me a story about the owner of Bigfoot trailer park here in
carson Washington and that old band my friend Tim give him a ride up here
into the woods by the lava bits out here drop the ball the old man with jelly
come back and pick me up to the week to whatever and sure enough week later it be out on
the road here and undergrowth get a ride back to civilization but he would come out here this old man
would come out here he’s the founder of Bigfoot trailer park I Sasquatch lane Bigfoot avenue that old man would be dropped off up
here then tell stories about how he came out and he sent in the cave with Bigfoot
and the two of them would sit there communicate my understanding was English it was Bor cooperative communication that they
would share with each other this old man out of the woods after
spending a week at a time and he did this more than once didn’t do this
several times throughout the summer he never brought back any pictures of course back then they didn’t
have gps campus by constant we got Florida tags if you know where we’re headed this way
to the the gallery we think it’s down this way actually garden up with way yeah we went to for Lord lakes and
wasn’t there and it looks like it’s down south route 66 heading there right now yeah sure go ahead alright I’ve heard several stories throughout
the years about people chase down off the mountain something big follow them not running
after him but tracking them scaring the daylights out of them could
sense something there you know well headed straight bat away Skookum stores if you just second let me
guess 66 660 lat some folks up by a future sound spend some time with one fellow tells me about the bounds of
their it was wintertime person wintertime it’s really easy to
see the white the dark he spotted 41 ridge to the next what he thought was a key and it had trails leading up to it this cave
silent experts over and he suspected he taught us the scoop i wish i had a story to tell you that
myself having contact with him I’ve seen many odd things in the woods big logs broken up into pieces yeah there we rip it apart with its calls you
find something in you know smacked over another log and broke it open whatever its that see I don’t tell you ok yeah yeah yeah yeah I talk to you a little bit earlier about
austin and I’ve been looking looking for him and you said you recognized
recognize austin from last year’s Rainbow Gathering austin and i’ll only
first Matt I’ve never austin kingdom my band and he was very hungry and thirsty
and confused where he was yeah

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15 thoughts on “Searching for Austin Oldfield (Chapter 5) Hitchhiker & Witness

  1. do you ever think of packing some heat and a transponder while your out in the wilderness? I've heard the big foots around hoopa ca like mushrooms hehe

  2. some sort of drone with camera capabilities would be an excellent addition to your search especially searching those cliff bottoms of saw tooth mountain.just a thought.good luck in your search i think it is an admirable thing that you are doing for this poor man.good luck and be safe all the way from south wales united kingdom.

  3. A few years back, a woman named Marie Hanson went missing from a Rainbow Gathering from the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Her body was found 3 months later near a waterfall near I think "Bear Creek". Her autopsy was inconclusive. I find this strangely coincidental.

  4. He could have been on some serious psychedelics, just from old days of squatting London warehouses and travelling to illegal raves for 7 years there is always the infamous 'doser' usually holding the best liquid acid and distributing it freely, what if Austin had his own agenda of doing so? maybe sourced from the darknet but ended up taking most of it himself? ive done that back in the day where everything was a blur and id wake up in some wierd place miles away from camp/festival – funtimes but it can happen wouldnt be surprised.

  5. this guy was in trouble years ago for impersonating Santa clause. however due to his glorious military background ,and his already know heroics in the battle of balaclava. he was pardoned by pope innocent the tenth. but only on the condition that him and the aforementioned pope should get tattoos, to commemorate the occasion.

  6. It's so nice that you are giving of your time to try to find a missing man who you don't even have a personal connection to you. Thank God for decent men in this day and age. God bless and protect you.

  7. Mate, you could have warned me you had a black lab dog in ya car, I was listening to your passenger and over his left shoulder I glimpse a load of teeth and eyes!!!!!

  8. Have you ever thought that maybe he didn't want to be found I'm a combat veteran I served in the United States Army from 2000 to 2009 a lot of times I feel like disappearing off the face of the planet have you ever thought that maybe some people do that because they don't want to be found your check maybe you're chasing a ghost cuz like me if I want to disappear I'll disappear like a ghost and no one will ever see me again have you ever thought that maybe he might not want to be found left alone

  9. Little late for a search huh.
    I bet you would appreciate it if YOU got lost and people started looking for you 1 year later and not after faking BF feet. πŸ€ͺ

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