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Search continues for missing Haiku stairs hiker

teenager apparently lost on a forbidden trail. Good evening, I’m Paula Akana. And I’m Yunji de Nies. Let’s get right to KITV4’s Catherine Cruz .. She’s just back from the Haiku stairs where they were searching.. The weather didnt allow for HFD to send a helicopter up in the air early this morning and so most of their efforts were initially on the ground. Family and friends of 18- year-old Daylenn Pua do all they can to stay optimistic at Kaneohe district park. But their focus is up in the Koolaus… And time’s working against them. Bad weather forced fire rescue crews to cut short their search by air Saturday and Sunday and this morning conditions were too dangerous so most of their efforts were on the ground with crews rappelling down the gullies. – 15-:25-15: 37 -“We have gone over an extensive area with air one with its search going over the area over the last two days, so now we are going into the high probable areas if he was in trouble,” The last cues of his whereabouts came four days ago. Pua posted four scenic shots to social media at around 11 Thursday morning. Cell phone records indicate the last activity on his phone about 3:30 in the afternoon. There’s been nothing since. – cruz 30:16-30:23 or last one 30;55 -No one knows for sure where Pua started his hike but two family friends began searching this trail head at Moanalua Valley. Firefighters say they ran into trouble and had to call 911. They had to be rescued at around 7pm at the summit last night. – Jenkins 12:25 -12:43 -“They didn’t bring anything new to the search, other then they didn’t see him in certain areas which helps contain the area of where we are looking to where the positive signs of were he definitely was,” HFD hasn’t tapped any civilian search teams, they say it’s unsafe and are discouraging anyone else from going into the area at this time. – 15:06-15:12 -“We don’t want anyone going into this closed hike endangering themselves for this search,” The Big island teen had been visiting his grandmother here on Oahu and was to have returned to the neighbor islands Saturday. Instead his family flew here hoping for the best outcome, but knowing as days pass the likelihood of that happening are slipping away. HFD’s helicopter did eventually join the search by air this afternoon. Officials are re- assess how late to search. They do want to get crews out of the Koolaus before nightfall. back to you.

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