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Seafood Stew,cockle rice,Raw Fish rice / family eating show MUKBANG / 해물탕,꼬막 비빔밥 / 가족 먹방

hi, we are fantastic today, the food we will eat is seafood stew cockles with rice large-eyed herring , raw fish rice Seafood and Green Onion Pancake This is a non-spicy shellfish bibimbap for children. from now on From now on I will pour broth into seafood. let’s go delicious broth We will try different foods first while seafood is boiling. bon apetit thank you for the food of today i will eat first In fact, before I started shooting, I let my kids taste a bite. They were very tasty, but they were waiting. I did not know they would rush to me like this hurry up I almost went crazy waiting. Calm down. Calm down The rice is a lot, feel so good caml down , i will give you a lot dad, Eat together with me ok, you eat first It is strange. It is not strange. it is delicious meat it is not meat, it is clam it is large-eyed herring 100 x delicious. 1000 x delicious. Just give me a spicy thing, too. it is cockles with spicy seasoning rice my food is cockles with spicy seasoning rice It is for children. this is for adult If I make a rice ball with these, it will be really good. are you agree? mom right I will eat how it is for child. Can i just one bite? it so delicious, right? good~ You can eat my food. but this is for children, that is for you If I eat all this, you have to give it back. who do you want to eat Seafood and Green Onion Pancake ?? i want to eat a little I will try it first. go little thing is mine wow is it so delicious? Her eyes were enlarged. You must chew your food in your mouth well octopus is so good This is getting very tasty and ripe. and squid, too taste is so good, i am so happy Give me a meal for an adult. i want, too thank you~ i want this that is little sipy, this is not spicy squid~~~ i want squid too. pyori is very kind i will give you one more wow, so delicious I’ll eat seaweed soup. Do you think the food is good for children? it is good The food is not ripe yet, but the soup is already delicious. Seaweed seems to be ripe now. Let’s eat broth. taste is crazy why? try it it is real pyori, sarang becomes very excited, you try too it is little hot, be careful wow, so delicious it is really delicious what is the best food? bibimbap for children Let’s split it into half, what is this? it is squid here is your favorite mushroom squid is really delicious don’t eat my mushroom squid is good? i will try where is my squid how is it? this is not squid maybe it is cuttlefish it is very soft i will try crab’s leg it melted in my mouth. It’s like a high-end steak. amazing do you want crab? i like it so much wait a moment i ate clam very clean mushroom is just out of this world do you want more? very tasty? she love Enoki mushroom is the name of this Enoki??? is it cute? i love cockles is it cockles right?? yes, right who do you want a scollop ?? I first saw it. What kind of shell is it? it is a scallop i do not like this Try this first, if it is not tasty, give it back to me. Don’t be surprised so good… I thought you’d change your mind. next, this is for pyori i want one more scallop where is it? here is it She is suddenly in love with scallop big one is yours mom, help me i want especially Adductor muscle of shellfish is it delicious? i am fan of clam i ate so clean very good Watch out for shells, It’s pretty sharp. who do you want mini octopus me!! pyori want squid more i want squid, too i will give you sister gave baby a squid. dad, let’s collet this shell please, more clam i will find it, wait a moment pyori. i want more clam so clean be careful look at this. Crab took me in a pair of chopsticks you got out of crab fishing. i want to eat crab, too try fishing try this this is easier, try this i will try bigger it looks like shark crab shell looks like shark’s teeth taste is good? i want more crab~ it is crab war i love crab Please enjoy the abalone which is good for your health. Its taste is similar to squid. A little different. very good!! it is for you, yovely one more? i love it Bite your mouth and you will get crab meat I am afraid to put it in my teeth. i will help you crab, crab , crab i want more crab!!! it is mine!! me too Whose is this? mine, mine Let’s be determined through rock scissors paper. i win I want to eat with sister. good! I ate so well let’s say good bye i am sorry, i am full i am sorry, i am full, too we had a very joyful meal we will come back next time see you next time, bye bye

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  1. Missing you so much u made new chenal love you so much and like how you all eat together with lots of love sarang back as much lovely as she in starting piyori in innocent and sweet

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