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Sea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Liner Review & Demonstration | Warm Sleeping Bag Liner

– Hi Tentwood viewers, this is Deon from the Ferntree Gully store. Now tonight, I’m gonna be doing something I’ve never done before. I’m gonna be testing out the thermolite reactor
extreme sleeping bag liner from Sea To Summit. Now these guys, this
must increase the warmth and comfort in your sleeping bag. And I want to see just by how much. And tonight’s a great night to test it because it’s gonna get down
to negative one degrees. That’s right, in Ferny
Creek, Victoria tonight. it is forecast to hit
negative one degrees Celsius. And instead of sleeping
in my bed, in my house I’ve pitched a tent on the front lawn, and that’s where I’ll be sleeping. I’m gonna sleep in the Oztrail
Alpine View sleeping bag, which is a pretty warm sleeping bag, but not as warm as my
other two I have here. Because I really wanna see if I can be comfortable
in that sleeping bag with the sleeping bag liner
in negative one degree cold. So… let’s see how it goes. Okay, so tonight, on my front lawn, in minus one degrees, we’re sleeping in a Coleman Instant Up four Gold Series tent, on a Oztent King Goanna stretcher, with a Zempire Monstamat, and Oztrail Alpine View sleeping bag, the Sea to Summit
thermolite sleeping liner, with a Sea to Summit pillow. Okay so, I’m in the sleeping bag liner, in the sleeping bag all zipped up. My body is feeling pretty
warm at the moment. My feet are a little bit cold. I’m wearing socks at the moment,
but I might take them off. I’m wearing shorts and
a t-shirt, and a beanie. My arms are outside the sleeping bag and they’re pretty freezing
at the moment actually. So, I’m gonna tuck myself in and we’ll see how we go. Good morning, it’s just
after seven o’clock. I’ve been woken up by the
kookaburras, which is a good thing because I do have to get ready for work. And the sleeping bag liner was lot warmer than I thought it was going to be. I slept really well, only woke up once throughout the night and that was because I had a cold face. I was able to alleviate that by tucking my face in underneath
the sleeping bag liner, so I stretched it over my face. That made it a lot more comfortable and I was able to stop breathing cold air. Now, that’s probably a good thing kookaburras woke me up, otherwise I’d still be asleep right now. And I’ve got to get ready for work. So, I’m gonna jump
inside and have a shower, and I’ll speak to you after that. Well that was a great test last night. And I’m certainly glad that I did it. Especially on such a cold night. Now it could have been a lot
colder to be honest with you. And this sleeping bag liner would still have kept me really warm. Now, the only part of
my body which struggled a bit was my face. But like I said before, I was able to tuck that in underneath the sleeping bag liner. Which also stopped me
breathing in the cold air. Now, this material is super soft, really comfortable on bare skin. It is machine washable, and it comes in this convenient stuff sack as well. So, I would highly recommend
this sleeping bag liner. The Sea To Summit
thermolite reactor extreme. And I will see you at Tentworld.

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