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SCP-1819 Darkness is Only Skin Deep | object class euclid | contagion / light / mind affecting scp

Item #: SCP-1819 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Procedures
should be adapted to the age and condition of each instance of SCP-1819-X. The surface
of the skin must be thoroughly and constantly exposed to 500 lux of visible light (this
can be reduced to 100 lux during sleep periods). Typical containment units are designed like
tanning booths or beds, but equipped with lamps producing visible light. The following
precautions must be implemented until the contagious nature of SCP-1819 is fully understood: Instances of SCP-1819-X must be contained
and studied under level 3 biosafety conditions. Access to documents produced by instances
of SCP-1819-X (such as writings, drawings and audiovisual recordings) requires clearance
level 4 or approval from Dr. Ripoli. Personnel assigned to instances of SCP-1819-X
cannot be re-assigned to other projects involving children and should avoid interactions with
children from the general population. Description: SCP-1819 refers to a medical
condition that develops in human children between 4 and 13 years of age. Affected individuals
are characterized by abnormal cutaneous sensitivity to the absence of visible light. Sporadic
cases appear in individuals designated SCP-1819-X (where X is a number). Initial symptoms typically
manifest during periods of more than 4 hours spent in darkness (hereby defined as less
than 0.1 lux, but this threshold varies between cases). Symptoms include pain, itching, edema,
blistering and peeling of skin, and are usually diagnosed as sunburn. The severity of these
symptoms increases gradually with longer or repeated periods spent in darkness. Instances
of SCP-1819-X also have an extremely high incidence of cutaneous neoplasias and usually
die of malignant melanoma before puberty. Genome sequencing revealed a novel type of
retroviral elements present only in affected skin tissues. These sequences contain a single
functional gene that encodes an enzyme, referred to as SCP-1819-E. This enzyme was shown to
catalyse the formation of pyrimidine dimers, a genotoxic modification of DNA normally induced
by ultra-violet radiations. Visible light inhibits the activity of SCP-1819-E by an
unknown mechanism. The retroviral sequences do not encode other functional proteins and
the subjects do not produce detectable viral particles. Instances of SCP-1819-X manifest a strong
fear of the dark (nyctophobia) for years before the onset of SCP-1819. They are also convinced
of the existence of a ”boogeyman” which they invariably describe as a black figure
with a single ”bright” or ”burning” eye. It is unclear at present whether this persona
is a real entity or a mental component of the disease. Instances of SCP-1819-X are contagious to
other children. The biological basis for this contagion is unknown, but it requires SCP-1819-X
to discuss their nyctophobia with the subject. Physical proximity and direct communication
are usually necessary, but contagion was also observed to occur by written documents and
drawings. Current data suggests that SCP-1819 has a memetic component, but it is not yet
possible to exclude the existence of an undetected airborne vector. SCP-1819 is not contagious
to adults. However, instances of SCP-1819-X who survive past puberty remain completely
affected and are still contagious to children. Addendum 1819-A1: Excerpt from interviews
of SCP-1819-X instances. SCP-1819-3:
– Mr. Spiky was always mean, telling me about the monsters in the dark until I cry. My mom
said there’s nothing dangerous in the dark, and I don’t have to be afraid. It’s funny,
Mrs. Jackson said sunlight can give you cancer and you have to be careful. How come grownups
are scared of the sun but not the dark? Mr. Spiky found this very interesting. SCP-1819-8:
– Dad always says I should grow up and stop being afraid of the dark. I try to explain
about Mr. Spooky but he doesn’t believe me. Mr. Spooky is feeling lonely because people
don’t play with him as much as they used to. But he told me I was a good boy and now he
had a gift for me, so I wouldn’t forget him ever. He said to share with my friends so
we could all play together. SCP-1819-21:
– It was burning, the dark was burning, I was crying and Mommy was screaming, and I
could hear Mr. Inky laughing. They keep me in the light now, but what happens when you
die? Mr. Inky says it’s all black. Forever.

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22 thoughts on “SCP-1819 Darkness is Only Skin Deep | object class euclid | contagion / light / mind affecting scp

  1. Excellent find Eastside Steve! 😀 This SCP puts an interesting spin on the memetic nature of some of objects. The idea that supernatural phenomena and paranormal creatures might be the "symptoms" of some yet misunderstood kingdom of viral life, or some genetic disease that certain people are predisposed to contracting. Ghosts are a real manifestation rather than some psycho-social quirk, but they aren't necessarily the souls of the dearly departed. They are a kind of metacreative symptom of a psychic illness, an illness that current cultural and scientific consensus is ill-prepared to explain, let alone cure.

  2. I love your videos how did you start getting views? I'm trying to make videos but I've only got one view

  3. I think this one is lacking

    Why are they constantly putting light over the children? What if its turned off?
    Either I missed something or its lacking

  4. so you could just modify the opposite using light inside body instead and have abnormality but can be calm down. idk how to fix this one it's too hard. sorry. my ability only work to fix something logical and not illogical .

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