SCP-1379 Stab your inner child | Safe class | Artistic / Mind-affecting scp

Item #: SCP-1379 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1379 is
to be kept in a dedicated Object Containment Locker at Site 19, off the floor and covered
by a sheet. Personnel should never make any remarks regarding
SCP-1379’s appearance, in order to avoid contamination. Personnel who find themselves
contaminated with SCP-1379’s influence are to report to their superiors for evaluation,
and reassigned to non-experimental work if deemed fit to continue their service to the
Foundation. Further action will be taken on a case-by-case basis. At this time, cross-testing is forbidden between
SCP-1379 and other SCP objects which contain childlike abnormal entities, such as SCP-097,
SCP-747, and/or SCP-899. Description: SCP-1379 is a canvas painting
of a clown with two children, held in a frame roughly 1.2mx1.5m in size. The object appears
to be wholly destructible, and shows some minor scuffing and wear on the edges of the
frame. Estimates put the date of creation somewhere in the mid to late 1980s. If any person or persons make disparaging
remarks regarding the content of the painting, they will feel a sharp, severe pain in the
centre of their chest within the following five to ten minutes, located roughly behind
the sternum. This pain will persist for roughly 20 minutes before suddenly ending; as of yet,
testing has not determined a biological process or pattern responsible for this pain. After
the cessation of pain, the person or persons who remarked on SCP-1379’s content will
be irreversibly mentally changed, depending on their biological age. Adult subjects (>~16-17 years) will become
unable to experience certain mental states, such as nostalgia and simpler forms of curiosity.
Imaginative ability is also dramatically cut, with more creatively inclined subjects losing
the will to create or perform as they did before exposure. Additionally, their sense
of humour will be dulled, though not completely removed; they simply will no longer find most
humourous situations as such. It should be noted that these individuals may find certain
forms of humour, such as specific kinds of sarcasm and more sophisticated jokes or puns,
entertaining if they did so before exposure. Adult subjects afflicted by SCP-1379 are capable
of living relatively normal lives post-exposure, and this effect diminishes the later in life
one is affected. Prepubescent subjects (

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