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Schesaplana-Vilan – 2 TAGE HIKE & FLY ABENTEUER

Very good morning everybody It’s 7:30am, we are here in Austria in the Brand-valley just above Brand. Today we want to hike up to Mt.Panüeler Chopf and from there to Mt.Schesaplana. My friend will run back here again and I’ll go by Glider torwards Seewis, were I’ll sleep in a hut. The weather looks perfect, now we go back there, Panüeler Chopf first and then Schesaplana. Close to 2h, 2’000mAMSL below Panüeler Chopf. Now we enter the face. After 4.5h we arrived at 2’700mAMSL. Beautiful view over the glacier, Mt.Schesaplana in the back. We go there next, it’s beautiful here, but as you see, the glacier has seen better days! 7.5h into the hike, we went along the Schofköpfe, not the fastes route, but very nice. It was a bit technical, but the rough terrain is beautifull. It took us 8.5h, arrived here at Mt.Schesaplana, just below 3’000mAMSL. I spotted allready some takeoff spots down there. My goal is to fly down here torwards Seewis, to the hut, were I will stay over night. It is also windy up here but a bit weaker. I guess that’s due to the terrain wich is flater and wider. Thanks Peter, I wish you… Text me, when you’re safe back down, bye! Unbeliefable beautifull! Poor Peter has to walk down! Down here, below my foot, the hut were I’m going, down here my landing spot. Nicely in here, into the green, getting some speed, getting some energy for a nice flare, as you can see. That was an awesome flight, I had to takeoff a bit further down, it was a bit gusty and I didn’t want to get thrown over the ridge. I got out well a bit further down. The landing was a bit tricky since I had no clue of the wind direction. Now I chill and maybe fly again tomorrow. How cool is that, that’s my parents hut, were I’ll lodge tonigt. Good morning! It’s 9 o’clock, I rested well. Now I hike Mt.Vilan. A bit more than 1’000m ascent, up there I’ll see what way I can fly down, in the Rhein-valley are some airfields, to wich I should not get too close, that is limiting my options, but I’ll find a route for sure. I arrived up at Vilan after 3h hiking. I start to feel my legs. 2’376 mAMSL SW-wind, so I can launch in the back, and fly out there. There is a big swarm flying ants up here, very anoing! I think I get ready. So, I landed in Balzers, on the point 2.5 km from the helicopter field, perfectly leagal. Sadly I did not get as far as I wanted, when I came arround the edge at Balzers I had a stady head-wind. It was a cool tour, but my legs had to work a lot. I just cought te train. I decided to head home with public transport. That was awesome, see you next time!

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