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Scavenger Hunt At University / That YouTub3 Family

(whimsical music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That Youtub3 Family! – Today we’re gonna go on a
scavenger hunt at a college. – Oh yes. – So we have two teams: Mom, me, and Ty, and Jordan, Dad, and Jake.
– The winners! – And we have a list of
things that we have to find and take pictures of and will also record for you guys to see. The winner that gets the most on the list, or gets all of them, wins the challenge. – But it is timed, so we only have 20 minutes
to find all the items. – That is very fast, we’re
gonna have to be speedy. – Synchronize your clocks. – You ready? Three, two, one, go! – [Mom] Go! – [Jordan] Let’s go,
come on guys, let’s go! – [Mom] Wait, why are we going
the same direction as them? There’s an elevator if we can get in at, We need an elevator
– The 10th step. – [Mom] Go stand on the 10th. Ty, stand up on the 10th step. – One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. – [Mom] Good job, 10th step done. – [Audrey] Okay I have to take a picture. – [Dad] Okay, let’s go this
way, let’s go, downstairs. I saw some things downstairs. – [Jordan] First thing, we
can get gum on a sidewalk. We’re on the birds-eye view right here. Do you see any gum? I don’t see any. – [Dad] All right, let’s go down this way. – [Jake] If it’s been squashed
does it still count, right? – [Dad] Is there a couch on the list? – Let’s see. – [Dad] Here let’s look
at the list real fast. Show everybody your list. – [Jordan] Couch! Right there, yeah. – [Dad] Okay, so there’s
a couch right there. Is there a student sleeping? – [Jordan] We just have a student – [Dad] Okay, check it
off, check off student – [Jordan] Student’s done. – [Dad] Check off couch. – [Jordan] And couch, see? – [Dad] Okay what else is on the list so we can be looking for ’em? Picture standing on the 10th stair. Come up ten stairs, Jake. Go start at the bottom and come up ten. Hurry. Cafeteria’s right there. Go– three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten. Okay, you’re on the tenth stair. There you go, good job. Okay, let’s go. – [Mom] There’s an elevator, Ty. See if we can go in
it, go push the button. – TV, couch, there’s a couch! – [Mom] Is there TVs? There’s
a TV right there, guys, look. – [Audrey] And there’s a couch. – [Mom] Couch. – [Audrey] Okay, we got that. – [Mom] And right up here
is a TV in the corner. So we got TV. Sports equipment, is this count as sports? – [Audrey] I don’t think so. – [Mom] Yeah, they’re
playing, look, it’s sports! We got sports equipment, that counts. Sports, check. It is, It is sports. – Okay, if you say so. – [Mom] They’re playing
ping-pong, that’s a sport. – Oh, I thought you were
talking about these. – [Mom] Well, that’s a
sport, this is a sport. And we got the TV, did
you see the TV up there? – [Audrey] Got a student. – [Mom] Where? – [Audrey] There’s someone sleeping. – [Mom] Guys, right in
there is someone sleeping! – [Audrey] Mom, we’re
crossing so much off. – [Mom] Okay so we gotta say… – Okay, don’t wake the
person up, he’s sleeping. – [Mom] Yes, right behind
Audrey in the other room. – There’s also a lot of students here, so I’m gonna cross that off the list too. We’re just like right in the
middle of everyone working. – [Mom] Okay, but I think
we can go in the elevator. Let’s go in the elevator. – Okay, where is it? – [Mom] Right here. – Oh, right there. – [Dad] We got a cafeteria. – [Jordan] We need to
find a vending machine. Dad we need to go to the cafeteria. – We got a cafeteria that we need to get. Okay, so this cafeteria,
I used to eat here. Or, I think so. When I
went to a school here. All right, we’re gonna
go through the window. Here we go, look at all
these couches that we found. It’s like a furniture store. – [Jordan] And there’s
a lot of students here so that one’s checked off. – [Dad] There is the cafeteria. – [Mom] Is there computers?
We need a computer. – [Audrey] Right there, the
computers are over there. – [Mom] I’ll run and take a pic. Okay, there are computers in there so that counts as ours as well. We’re getting them all
checked off in one building. – [Dad] Bicycles, you know where they are? – Bicycles, yeah, let’s go. – [Dad] Okay, let’s go. – Come guys, we gotta run. – [Dad] Come on, Jake. This way. No, it’s this way. – Oh, I don’t know where they’re at. – [Dad] Don’t you remember
how we walked in the building? – No. – [Mom] Push down. – Two? – [Mom] Yeah, we got
inside of an elevator. – Inside of an elevator, check. All right so, this is our first building so I’ll make a little tally next to it. – [Mom] Okay, let’s go. – [Audrey] Bathrooms! – [Mom] Bathroom! – [Jordan] What’d you find? – [Dad] We found the gum. – [Jordan] Gum! – [Dad] The gum is right there. – [Jordan] Ew, so we can cross off gum. – Okay, gum on the sidewalk, check. – [Jordan] Look at those
bicycles we can cross that off. – [Dad] There it is, I found it. – [Jordan] You got it? – [Dad] It’s right here. – [Jordan] Whoa. Geocache! – Here’s our geocache! Ooh, there’s treasures! All right, and there’s the
treasures inside the geocache. I’m gonna put it back,
we didn’t bring anything. – I’ll put it back. – [Jordan] Yeah, we didn’t
bring anything to exchange. So we’re putting it back. Cross that off the list! – Okay so I just found some
toilet paper, in the bathroom. That counts. – Wow, that’s an
accomplishment right there. – [Mom] So that’s good.
Okay, what’s our next. Where do we need to go? – An art piece, which I
feel like could be anywhere. – [Mom] There is art pieces
down that way I think. Or out here. Let’s go this way. All right, cafeteria right there, check. Got that done. – We need to find an apple. – [Mom] An apple? Let’s go in and see if there’s an apple. Apples, check. Good job. – We still have to find a lot of things. Mascot, there was a mascot. – [Mom] A mascot here, where? – Over there. – [Mom] Okay. – Here’s the mascot, check. – [Jordan] Okay guys,
we found this building. We’re gonna go inside and, – It says it’s the math building,
animal science building. – [Jordan] Yeah, we’re gonna see if we can find any more of the items. Let’s see. Is this an art piece, is that on our list? – This is an art piece, yep. – [Jordan] Okay, right there, check. Okay what else? – [Dad] Guess they just
use dry erase markers. – Whoa, look at that. We’re actually in the classroom, guys. We are in a classroom
right now, this is crazy. We found, – A dry erase marker! – Check! – Let’s get out of here. – Ah, do we need a eraser?
– Computer. We need a computer. – Oh yeah, computer right here. Just gonna do my work on
my ginormous computer. That is cool. – No business books in here. – Oh it’s got like a drawing pen too. Okay yeah, we don’t
have any business books. So we can’t cross that off, but we got quite a few different items. All right, let’s keep looking! – [Jake] That’s a book. – [Dad] Except we need a specific book. I need my glasses– TV! – [Jordan] You got TV? – Yeah there’s a TV– – [Jordan] Then cross that off right there – there and there. Gotta find an elevator to get inside of. – [Jordan] Yes. – We found the nurse room. – [Mom] Yes! – We literally just said, “We
need to find a nurse’s office” and we were standing right next to it. – [Mom] Yes, we got the nurse’s office. – So.
– Awesome! – I feel like we’re
doing really good so far. – [Mom] I think we’re
probably doing better– – We haven’t even left the building! – [Mom] We’re probably doing
better than the other team. – Yeah. – We’ve got ten minutes, we’ve got to run. – [Jordan] We are halfway
through our time already. And don’t we need to go all
the way down to that building? – Microscope, what building
would have a microscope? – [Jake] The science building. – Not that one, geology building. Let’s go to the geology
building, let’s go! – [Jordan] Geology building, run! – Okay, we’re in the geology building. – [Jordan] Hopefully we find a microscope! – [Dad] Go, go, go! Look for a elevator. – [Jordan] Elevator, let’s go! – Gotta get it on the inside – Okay, we’re getting inside the elevator, so that we can cross this one off. We’re inside guys. – Okay, so we are inside the elevator. Okay look for a pack
of gum, toilet paper– so let’s find a bathroom
and go do the toilet paper. – Okay, yes. – Business book, an apple, a microscope, somebody sleeping, a skateboard– – Don’t forget about the ice cream. A picture of us with ice cream, because ice cream sounds– – It’s all the way across campus. – [Mom] So this is an
art piece, that counts. – [Audrey] Yeah, that’s what it is. – There’s a band! – [Ty] There is! – [Mom] Okay, inside here is a guitar. Now I can see it. Okay, so that’s our other instrument. Down there is another art piece. – [Audrey] So do we need it anymore? – [Mom] We don’t need it, but check. We got that. – Guys, we need a microscope, business book, a bicycle, and a skateboard – [Mom] A bicycle and a– Bicycle! There’s a bicycle, he just went by. – [Audrey] Did you get it? – [Mom] Yeah. – Okay, Ty, check it off. – [Mom] Literally they just went by– – We need bicycle, zoom. – [Mom] I know. Ty, say those lists again
and they’ll go right by us. And there’s bicycles out here. – Oh, wow. Does this count? I mean, it’s a piano. – [Ty] Yes, that does. – Dad would pull a move like that. – [Mom] That’s true, it’s
not a real pi– I mean– – It’s a piano – [Mom] It’s a picture of a piano. – [Ty] It’s a piano. – [Mom] I say at least
a half a point, right? – Okay, check it off, Ty. – Okay, we found a little cafe here and there’s an apple on
the counter, so come… Prove it. – [Jordan] Let’s prove
that the apple is there. – Let’s see if they have ice cream. – [Jordan] Ice cream? Ooh, yeah. They might have ice cream here. – [Dad] There’s the apple. – [Jordan] Apple, right there, check. – I don’t think they sell ice cream. – [Jordan] No ice cream? – We’ll ask. You guys don’t happen to
have ice cream here, do ya? – [Cashier] Ice cream? – Yeah. – [Cashier] No, we don’t. – No, okay. Here’s the apple. – [Jordan] Apples, check. Pencil! – [Dad] So here’s a pencil. – [Jake] New check. – [Dad] Nice, awesome, thank you. – That was so awesome. We asked the cashier if they had a pencil, and they showed us their pencil. So we got that crossed off the list. – Kay, so we’ve been in
the ag. science building, the geology building, the math building, and the student center. So we’ve been in four buildings. – Yep. – [Mom] Okay, so we found a
store and we have to buy gum. – [Audrey] And ice cream. – [Mom] And ice cream. So let’s see if we can
buy ice cream and gum. – [Ty] There’s a bunch. – What kind should we get?
– I know! – [Mom] Any kinda gum you want. – I think I know what one I want. – What would you like, Ty? – [Mom] Pick your gum. We gotta hurry, we’re on our hunt. – Okay, this one. – Wait, wait, no, no,
no, no, I hate that one. – [Mom] Good, do you think they have any frozen ice cream somewhere? Like in a freezer? – [Audrey] No. – [Mom] Ty, you pick out one
and Audrey will pick out a gum. – Hurry. – [Mom] Okay, let’s go see. – Okay, let’s go. I don’t think they would have it. – [Mom] No other ice cream? – I think you have to buy the ones that– We got our gum. – [Mom] You got gum, Ty? – Okay, what’s next on the list. – Okay, there’s a skateboard,
business book, and microscope. – A business book? – [Mom] A business book and a microscope. – That is very specific. – [Mom] I don’t know if we’ll find those. – I have a business book at home. – [Ty] Guys over here! – [Mom] Do we wanna go back
out and show the bicycles just to verify that we got ’em? – Sure, yeah. – What about that? – [Mom] In Admissions? Does this count? – [Ty] Yes, I was pointing at that! – Is there a business book?
– I was pointing at that! – [Mom] Is there a business on there? There’s surgeons– – It looks like all doctor stuff. – [Mom] History. – Yeah it’s all doctor. – Rats, it’s medical. – [Ty] Wait, that’s a business. – [Mom] Those are medical. – It’s still books. – [Mom] It has to be
business, not medical. – No, we need a book. – [Mom] Oh, we need a book. – So that counts. – [Mom] Graduation cap! – [Audrey] I mean, where
else are you gonna find it? – [Mom] I say that counts. And honestly, there’s
football in case that other sports equipment doesn’t count. I don’t know, that should count. And there’s a microscope! (laughs) – [Audrey] Are you serious, wait. – [Mom] There’s a microscope. I don’t know, do these count? – Yes. – [Mom] Dad would totally let it count. – Yes, he would let it count. – Where are we gonna go next guys? – We gotta find somebody sleeping. Let’s go to the library real fast. – Yeah, library. Maybe somebody is
sleeping there, let’s go. – [Dad] We gotta run. – [Jake] Run! – Run! Let’s go guys, it’s a race. Who’s gonna get there first, me. Let’s go. Look guys, this art structure
kinda looks like french fries. – [Dad] I’m hungry now. – [Jordan] Yeah this is making me hungry. We should definitely go get ice cream at the end of this challenge. – Yeah. – We need to find gum on sidewalk. – [Mom] Gum, let’s go out by the bikes. All the black spot is gum. – [Audrey] Okay well, that counts. – [Mom] It’s gross. – [Ty] It counts. – [Mom] Okay, there’s the bikes. Just to verify that we got bikes. Even though we saw someone riding a bike. – [Ty] Is there a skateboard? – [Mom] I don’t see a skateboard. – Guys, we’re at the library
so we have to be really quiet. But we found a psychology book. – [Dad] This is our business book. – So we can check that off the list. – [Dad] Alright. – Look, all these books make a name. – [Dad] Yep okay, let’s keep going. – [Jordan] All right. – [Dad] Gotta be quiet. – Maybe we could find the toilet paper in the bathrooms here. – [Dad] Look, how convenient. There’s a sign right there that says, restrooms. We should came here first. There’s an elevator, a
whole bunch of cool things. Okay, Jordan, you go grab some. We’ll wait out here. (whimsical music) Alright. – Got the toilet paper. – [Dad] Okay, mark it off. – Ew. – [Dad] You didn’t get
used toilet paper did ya? – No, it’s not used. – [Dad] Okay. – There’s a geocache right
behind that pine tree, and we have to get to it. – [Mom] And there used
to be water in this, and it was a fountain. – But now there’s no fountain. – [Mom] Yeah, there’s no
fountain, so what’re you gonna do? Go through the top or? – Hold my stuff. – Can I, can I as well? – [Mom] Be careful not to… – Where are you Ty? – [Ty] Right here. – Oh. Okay, let’s find the geocache. It’s right there. Do you see it? It’s right there. Oh, yes, geocache check. – [Mom] Okay. – [Audrey] What’s inside? – I don’t know, let’s go back. – [Audrey] No you gotta
open it right here. – Skateboard! – [Audrey] Mom, a skateboard! – [Ty] Skateboard, skateboard! – [Mom] Yes, good job, Ty. – [Audrey] Got it, good job. – Okay, so I don’t know. There’s a pinecone in it. – [Audrey] Let’s see. – [Ty] You take it. – [Audrey] Oh, wow. There’s a weird little Christmas light. – [Ty] I’m going down. – [Audrey] Oh, it’s kinda wet. – [Ty] I’m getting out of here. – There’s not really
much cool things in here. Closing the jar. Okay let’s stick it back. We’ll put it right here. Oh, it’s sticky, ew! There’s stuff on here. Aw, that was gross. – [Jake] Skateboards. – [Dad] What was that guy on? – A skateboard. – [Dad] Okay, Jordan. – Okay, so we can cross that off. We’re heading back to
meet the other team now. We’ll see who won. – [Dad] You got the skateboard. – Yes. – [Dad] Sweet. – Okay guys, we’re walking
back and we found a microscope. Let’s show you. – [Dad] Alright. – [Jordan] Ta-da! – [Dad] There’s the microscope, woohoo. Awesome. – We’re almost there,
it’s time to head back. Let’s go, come on. Woo! – Ahem, ahem, late. – Docked five points. – [Dad] Five? – [Jordan] Uh-uh, not five. – [Dad] Oh man. We ran all over campus. – [Jordan] We were everywhere. – We ran to this one building, this one. – [Dad] What? – We stayed here. – [Dad] You guys had dinner, didn’t ya? – No, but we did get drinks. – [Dad] Ah I knew it. – That’s for you. – Okay, so– – [Dad] All right, let’s compare notes. – Okay, Jordan, how many did you guys get? – Our team got 20 points. – Oh. – So 20 different items. – Okay – [Dad] But we were docked
five, so we really got 15. – No, you weren’t docked. – We won’t get you docked
– Sweet. – We won’t dock you, especially
now that we know we won. – [Dad] What? – Guess what, we got 24 out of 29, Woo! – [Dad] Are you kidding me? – Yeah, we only missed five. – [Dad] Which ones did you miss? – Ice cream, couldn’t find that. – [Mom] That was hard. – Chalk or a dry erase marker. – [Mom] That was hard. – [Dad] You gotta go in a classroom. – Business book, that is so specific. – [Dad] Go to the library. – [Mom] We found medical books. – Yeah, and pencil, and the most buildings because we just stayed in this building. – Yeah we didn’t bother running. We went for goodies and treats. – Yeah we missed nine items, so. – Did you get gum? Did you buy anything? – No, we didn’t buy anything.
– Well I got treats, so. – [Dad] You guys got a microscope? – We did, we found a microscope. – [Ty] In the picture. – It was in a picture. – Well we talked to scientists – [Dad] We actually
walked up to a scientist that was looking in a microscope, and asked them if we could
take a picture of it. – Did you really? – Yeah – That’s awesome. – [Dad] So we got all
the ones that you missed, except for the ice cream. – Yep, the ice cream was super hard. – I think we should just
get ice cream for lunch. – Yeah, can we just go and– – [Dad] I say we go get some as our treat for making it through this. – Yeah!
– Awesome. – And the losing team has to pay. – [Dad] All right, Jordan, you’re buying. – What? – So that’s it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you did, give it a
like, subscribe, and share. And, – Hit the bell! – We’ll see you guys next time! – [All] Bye!

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