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Scary Lanikai Pillboxes Hike / That YouTub3 Family

(“William Tell Overture”) – Hi guys, welcome back to– – That YouTub3 Family.
– That YouTub3 Family. – Today we’re going to be hiking up the World War Two pillbox
trail here in Hawaii. – Yeah, so this trail’s not too
far from where we’re staying and everybody says it’s awesome views, but the problem is that’s
it a little bit steep. – And slippery. – And there’s some steep
drop offs and Mom and Jordan don’t like that and because it’s raining as you probably couldn’t tell, nobody else wanted to come
so Audrey and I have decided we’ll be the brave
ones, or the crazy ones. One of the two, or maybe even both. – Yep. – So we thought this was going to be cool until we saw the trail ahead. This is how it begins, so
Audrey’s going to show you how to start this trail. – Oh I am? – Yeah because you’ve got
to show me how to do it. – Oh no.
– Aliright! – This is how it starts and look, just so I can try to do it, it’s really, really steep, alright. – It’s muddy, if I fall I’m
going to be all covered in mud. I like these pants. (laughter) – [Dad] And we’re filming with the GoPro because the other camera
would probably get ruined. So, here we go. (“William Tell Overture”) – Alright, how am I going to do that? – You gotta put down the GoPro. – [Dad] Here it is, ready? – [Audrey] No, no, no, don’t– – [Dad] You’ll get it, ready? – [Audrey] Is it recording still? – Yep.
– Oh wow, okay. Oh man, oh no. Everything is so gross. Oh, there’s another rope. – [Dad] Can you do it one-handed? (laughter) – This is going to be
and adventure-adventure! My mascara’s probably dripping everywhere. – [Dad] No, not yet. – Really? – [Dad] It’s about to though. – We made it, just kidding, actually we need to go up there still. – [Dad] We’ve still got to go way up there on the top of that mountain
there’s a little pillbox. That’s our destination. But we made it to a lookout
which is kind of cool. – That’s where we live. – [Dad] We live I think in
that house right over there. – And we walked all the way
from there to get to here. – [Dad] Yeah, there’s no parking. But there’s the ocean if you could see it. If the rainclouds weren’t on top of us. – But on our way up, we should
have probably turned back, we were walking up and this
guy’s like, “Don’t do it!” Across the fence and then we walked up and these boys were coming
down and they were like, “I wouldn’t go up there
I slipped five times.” And he had a cut all the way down his leg. – [Dad] Yeah it didn’t look good. – So hopefully he didn’t
make it up too far, hopefully he just got hurt down below and he’s just wimpy and we
can just make it past him. – [Dad] We couldn’t record
it because it was too steep but let’s try to show
you what we just came up because we’ve got to go up more. That’s the trail we came up and we’ve got to go up a trail over here. – [Audrey] You guys won’t
even see the hardness though. – [Dad] This is like really slippery clay. – [Audrey] Yeah, we’re
going to be walking on mud. – [Dad] Yeah we’ve got to go up that, so we’re going to put the camera away, go up to another lookout
point and then come back on. Alright. – [Audrey] I’m like all
wet here but not wet here. Because I’m hunched over. – [Dad] Yeah it’s because
we’re climbing up. It’s kind of steep, look
at the running water, this is what it’s like the whole trail. – [Audrey] Look behind us. – [Dad] It’s crazy, let me
try and turn around slow, oh and those people right
there, they’ve got a baby that they’re holding
right in front of them and a little girl and
he’s wearing flip-flops. No way would I wear
flip-flops on this trail, nor would I take a little baby. This is kind of scary, I
don’t think Jake and Ty could have done it, I think Mom and Jordan would be okay if it was dry. Actually I think they’d
all be okay if it was dry but because it’s wet it is
super slippery and scary. But I’ve got ‘The Machine’ Audrey with me so we’re making it happen. – [Audrey] Machine! – [Dad] Audrey The Machine. Alright let’s go Machine. – Call me Machine from now on. – [Dad] (laughs) Oh my goodness. This is crazy, it’s so wet. Hey, it’s kind of stopped raining. – It’s dripping. – [Dad] Oh look at this,
hey there’s our destination, the pillbox right up there. – Yeah that’s actually not too far away. But going down’s going
to be the hardest part. – [Dad] Yeah because it’s
slippery and you’re going down. – Wee, we should just slide
down like penguins, wee! – [Dad] (laughs) I’ll let you. Alright, we’ve found another little river. This is crazy. – At least it’s not cold rain. – [Dad] Yeah at least it’s warm. – It’s just like a warm shower with mud. – [Dad] (laughs) Alright,
are you ready to do this? – Yeah. – [Dad] Look at these people coming down. Alright, that tells me that
they were able to make it up. I don’t know if it was raining but let’s keep going. We can do it, let’s go. – Hopefully you guys can
see us through the rain. It’s actually not raining too bad, it’s still raining a little bit. – [Dad] It’s still raining. There’s the pillbox right
there above Audrey’s head. Let me show the view
here though, real fast. This is gorgeous. And I don’t think we’ve
shown you this back side. I have no idea what city this is. – [Audrey] Oahu. – [Dad] Yeah we’re on the island of Oahu but I don’t know what we’re looking at. I can’t pronounce half the words anyway and if I tried it wouldn’t sound right. – Lanikai. – [Dad] I don’t know. – It starts with an L and it’s the only in Oahu
that starts with an L. – [Dad] There you go.
– So research it. – [Dad] Okay, onward
and upward, here we go. – By the way this is okay now. (groans) – That was steep and slippery. Look at all that down there,
that’s how far we’ve come. (cheers) What do you think, Audrey? – [Audrey] This was an adventure. – [Dad] Look, it’s
starting to get bright now, you can see more of the city, we can see the sky. Out there you can see the water now but before you couldn’t see the water. – [Audrey] Yeah and look, we
only have that much to go. I hope. – [Dad] I think it’s up over that ridge there’s another ridge that goes along so– – [Audrey] There’s a bee, I hate bees. – Oh, Audrey just got
side-swiped by a bee. Probably wasn’t a bee, it
was probably a raindrop but that’s okay, alright
onward, let’s make it happen. Okay Audrey, where are we? – A couple of feet, I think it’s feet, I don’t know, away. – [Dad] More than a
couple but we’re there! We made it! – Let’s go, come on. – [Dad] Let’s do this. Look at how steep that is. I don’t know if Mom would have made it. Mom’s afraid of heights and
she does not like ledges and drop-offs and cliffs. So she’s gonna be watching this video as well as along the side of you guys because this is something
she would never do. Hopefully this week Audrey
and I can paddle out to that island over there. Because there’s seals and
other animal life out there. – Comment down below if
you want to see that. I want to see that. And we can’t go to that
one because that one– – [Dad] Yeah the one on
the right is a preserve, you can’t go on that one. But the one on the left
has got a little beach and our house is down there somewhere and we have a sea canoe or
sea kayak for two people, I think we can go out there. – This will be the Audrey
and Dad adventure week. – [Dad] Yeah, maybe. It might be in the same video. So keep watching,
because you might see it. Okay, we made it to the
pillbox and this is the inside and you can’t get in unless
you crawl in through the top and we’re not going to do that. Well it looks like a lot
of artists have been here. (Audrey laughs) Somebody by the name of Sophie and somebody by the name of Bolz and Beast, or East, I can’t tell, East? And I can’t really see that
with the angle I’m standing but there’s that one. So these are the turrets
that protected the island during the war and they
could see all out there in the Pacific Ocean. They have got a 180 degree line of sight. Yeah, I don’t know if I’d
want to be sitting in here. – [Audrey] No. – [Dad] Crazy. Alright, there’s another one
that we’re going to go see if we can climb to. You want to go to the other one, Audrey? – Let’s go. – Alright let’s see if we
can get around this one and get to the other one. Here’s the other side of that pillbox. More artists, that’s a kind of a cool eye. – [Audrey] Hey, is there a
secret PO box in the pillbox? – [Dad] A PO box in the pillbox? – Yeah then you can
send us letters up here and we have to climb every
day to get your letters. – [Dad] I don’t think we would though. Hey, but just remember that we love you. Okay, we made it to the second pillbox and this one actually
comes right up to the top. – Yeah, that’s how you get in. – [Dad] Yeah, there’s the roof. Here’s the sights that they had. – [Audrey] Look and there’s the other one. – [Dad] Yeah, they could see each other. Look at that, look at that view. And they could see clear
over there to that shore. – [Audrey] So they got a really good view. – [Dad] Pretty crazy, a lot
more artistry over here. Nice, nobody signed it
with their name though. Unless that’s a name, I can’t see it. – [Audrey] I think it’s
a very complicated name. (Dad laughs) – [Dad] Alright, what do you think Audrey? – Well there’s another
trail that keeps going. – [Dad] Yeah, it probably goes
all the way along the ridge, all the way down but we’re
not going to take it. – You can see it goes all
the way over there too. – [Dad] Yeah. (wind blowing) Okay. – Okay! That was fun, let’s go back. – [Dad] Alright, low and slow. Going up’s one thing, going back down you use a totally different set of muscles so just be careful because it is slippery. (Dad cheers) Alright, I don’t know if you can see the rain coming off of my hat, sorry
I can’t look at the camera, but it’s picked up raining again and kind of blowing sideways a little bit. – Breaking news, breaking news. This is Audrey Williams with the weather. – It’s raining! – Right now there’s a big patch of rain and a steep drop-off. No sign of sun so stay indoors kids. – Yeah, don’t come out here in this rain. – Lot’s of wind too. – Alright, let’s go. Alright, it wasn’t really blowing too bad, until Audrey said it was blowing. – It’s really blowing. – So it’s coming in really crazy sideways. I’m looking out and the rain
is coming at my eyeballs, it’s not coming down. – Helping eyeballs alert. – And it’s kind of getting
cold now thanks to the wind so we just hope that you guys are all nice and warm and dry. – And we can make this video out to you. – And we get back so that
we can make this video. – If you see this video,
most likely we’re good. Otherwise a stranger
has uploaded on YouTube. – Yeah well hopefully it’s good. – Can you read it? – [Dad] Alright, update, we
just came off of the face there, the pillbox is up there so
we’re about a half way down. What does your shirt say, Audrey? – Adventure is out there. – [Dad] Adventure is out there? – Adventure is out there! – [Dad] Hopefully you can hear us. (cheers) The wind’s picked up but it has stopped
raining for the most part. It’s starting to get sunny so I’m hoping that when
we get to the muddy part it’s not a raging river. – Yeah hopefully we won’t be
sliding down like a penguin. – Yeah because if so we’re
going to be super muddy as we get home and we’d rather
be just wet and not muddy. – Yeah. – Alright, our trail goes
right up over that ridge and then down so are you ready? – Ready for a mud slide. – [Dad] No, no mud slides. Okay, so we’ve been
coming down this mud slide and I kid you not, it is muddy. Yeah look at Audrey’s shoes. That’s like nothing and we’ve
just been sliding down that. There are ropes along this
side that have been helping us, thank goodness but– – Look at my legs. – Those are from the ropes flipping mud. And this is where we’ve got to go still. We’ve got to go all the way
down this ravine and I see, that rope is broken! It’s just a teeny little
handhold, that’s all there is! (Audrey laughs) That is a pretty flower. – Are you kidding me? – Oh my goodness, I am stuck and my calf muscle’s
starting to tighten up. – Go forward, go the way that we came up. – It is super muddy. Oh, I see, I see a chain link fence. If I can get to that fence then maybe I can walk down the fence. I don’t think so, there’s
a whole bunch of bushes, but there’s trees over there. But I’ve got to get across this. – [Audrey] How do I get over it? – [Dad] And on camera it
probably looks pretty easy but this is slippery clay. How do you get over? – Yeah, look. – [Dad] See how I slipped down this? I would slip down this. Okay, well, I don’t want to catch you because that means I’m
probably going to fall. – Wee! – [Dad] Alright so turn
your body this way, you see this branch right here? You’re like six feet away from it. (Dad laughs) Take the hand, son, take the hand. – Yeah, I’ll take the branch. – [Dad] You’ll take the branch? Alright. – I’m going to go this way. – [Dad] I’m going to watch you. – Yeah, how am I going to go that way? – [Dad] I don’t know. See how her feet are sliding? There’s just no traction. Oh man, this is crazy. Alright, oh, she’s doing it. – This is so muddy. – [Dad] Oh look at that, we’ve got to go all the way over there and then we’ve got to go down. I think I’m going to go down this– – It’s sunny! – [Dad] The sun came out. – Some guy left his shoes
because he couldn’t, oh the guy earlier with the
baby that we were talking about? He left his flip-flops. – [Dad] Yeah, I don’t
know if you can see them, they’re right up there on the ground. There’s a pair of brown flip-flops. Right there.
– I spy. – [Dad] Okay Audrey, I’ve
got to put the GoPro away so I can get down. Signing off. Okay, so I remembered I had
the headgear for the GoPro, totally forgot about it before but we’re going to try it now, Audrey’s wearing it and she’s behind me so she’s going to go, somehow around me. – Hello. – Nice. Alright, so you’re going to
get an Audrey point of view coming down this last part. – [Audrey] This is my head that you’re, everywhere I look, you’re seeing too. – Yeah you’re point of view Audrey. (upbeat rock music) – [Audrey] There’s a slug? – See right there? Big old slug. – [Audrey] Wow. – There’s another one right here. He’s come to say, “Hello.” – [Audrey] I want to hold it, but I don’t. ♪ Banana slug ♪ ♪ Do do do do do ♪ ♪ Banana slug ♪ (Audrey laughs) – Watch out for the bird! Are you doing alright? Alright, we hope that you
enjoyed watching this video, if you did, please give
it a big thumbs-up. – Please give it a big thumbs-up. – We need it. It was crazy, it was fun, it was exciting, it was a cool, beautiful
experience even though it rained and blew us halfway off the mountain. – Yeah. – So remember to like,
subscribe and share and– – Hit the bell! – Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat rock music)

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