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Salewa Men’s Rapace GTX Boots

With a flexible, but supportive upper and
a multi fit foot bed, the Salewa men’s Rapace GTX delivers agile performance and sturdy,
lightweight comfort for light mountaineering, technical alpine climbs or multi day back
packing. Let’s take a closer look. Starting with the upper we have got a full
nubuck upper which is going to add a lot of durability and rigidity to the boot. We have
got a 360 degree rubber toe rand. So on steep technical climbs they are going to protect
from rocks or anything that might push or pinch or injure your foot. We do have a waterproof,
breathable membrane throughout the boot. So in the event that you are in some wet or snowy
conditions, the Gore-Tex in this boot is really going to help to keep your foot dry while
allowing plenty of breathability. We have Salewa’s three F system so that
provides an asymmetrical fit and that lets you really dial in the fit properly, so you
get a really comfortable and snug fit, but it doesn’t sacrifice your flexibility or your
movement. We also have this to the toe lacing system.
It is like a climbing style lacing system. So you can really cinch down the laces where
you need to and allow some extra room where you might need that as well. We also have Salewa’s Y frame wire in the
back here. So there is actually a metal wire that goes all the way around the heel of the
boot and connects down low. It is going to provide a really good, snug fit when you cinch
those laces down. It is going to lock the heel in place and allow for just a really
rigid, but still comfortable fit overall. So some really nice features in play on the
upper of this boot. We also have a nice plastic cup here on the
back, which is a really great crampon compatible system. So with that rubber toe rand and that
cup on the back, you can stick crampons on these boots. So moving down to the midsole, we have got
a mid stiff midsole. So there is two different stiffnesses in the midsole. One of them is
a little softer to provide really good cushoning to keep you comfortable. And the other one
is a lot stiffer to protect from those rocks and those sharp objects that might push up
underneath the foot. On the inside we have got Salewa’s multi
fit foot bed system. So I will take that out and show you what that looks like. It is a
really interesting design. You actually have two parts to the insole. So you have got your
heel portion and the rest of the foot bed portion. And these two will actually come
apart so you can separate them. If you have got a medium width foot or kind of a regular
width foot, you can just attach this with the extra heel cup Velcro attachments there.
And that will provide a good fit inside the shoe. If you tend to be a little bit more on the
narrow side, they also offer a kind of narrow attachment, so you can place the multi fit
foot bed in there and that will actually give you some extra hug on the sides here, provide
a nice fit for a narrow footed person. And those slide right back down into the boot
and provide some really good cushioning there. So really nice feature with that multi fit
insole. Moving down to the outsole we have got a Vibram
outsole. It is their Mulaz outsole. It is a really stiff, really rugged, almost climbing
or technical alpine outsole. It has got nice lugs. They are not super deep or super grippy,
but they do hold up well in harsh conditions. There is also a really nice climbing zone
in the front here, so when you are on those technical alpine climbs, potentially a via
ferrata route or something of that nature, you are going to have a really good climbing
zone in the front to hold on to those small edges or those little foot holds that you
would definitely want to keep a grip on. So good outsole there, durable and rugged. And there you have it. It is the Salewa men’s
Rapace GTX, great boot for light mountaineering, technical alpine climbs or multi day backpacking.

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1 thought on “Salewa Men’s Rapace GTX Boots

  1. Only good features? I possessed the previous model and I bought the model reviewed in this video. The previous model was excellent, this is just a good boot.It does not have the same winding of the previous year. Salewa worsened a boot that was perfect. A real pity.

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