Sales Enablement Content Writer Alan Sharpe

Sales reps who engage prospects with educational,
relevant content throughout the buyer journey are twice as likely to hit quota. The trouble is, they lack the time and expertise
to create this content. So, they hire me. I’m Alan Sharpe, sales enablement content
writer. I write sales enablement content that educates,
differentiates and adds value throughout your pipeline. And adding value is the name of the game. According to Forbes, fifty-eight percent of
pipelines stall because sales reps don’t add value. I offer three services. Number one, lead nurture campaigns. I write email follow-up campaigns that B2B
software sales teams use to nurture leads until they’re ready for a sales conversation. Number two, sales enablement content. I write buyer-facing and internal-facing sales
enablement content that B2B software sales teams use to engage prospects and win deals. Number three, lead nurture audits. I help you boost the effectiveness of your
B2B lead-nurture campaigns by detailing what you need to start doing differently. Does your sales team need relevant, insightful,
lead-nurturing content that helps them hit quota sooner? Glad to hear it. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and get
in touch.

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