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Safety first: a guide for safe mountain hikes during the summer in Norway

Welcome to Norway and
our majestic mountains. Norway is a fantastic country to hike in,
with a great variety of trips. From easy walks
that just takes a few hours, to more demanding hikes
that can take weeks to complete. No matter your level of experience, there is always a hike
that will suit your sense of adventure. My name is Johannes,
and I work as a nature guide. I would love to show you
what our beautiful mountains have to offer. To ensure a unforgettable experience, there are a few important things
you need to know prior to your hike. The most comfortable and safe way
to hike in the mountains is to join a guided tour. That way you will be
experiencing the nature with experts – that know the mountains
like the inside of their pocket. The mountains are wild,
and require respect. Without the proper equipment
and preparation – it might be dangerous. Every year some tourists get lost
or injured in the mountains, but don’t worry, If you follow our advise,
you will be better prepared. First and foremost
it is very important – that you always check
the weather forecast before your hike. Remember that although
it might be sunny and warm at the start, at higher altitudes the temperature
and weather will probably be different. Also, conditions may change
during the day, so be prepared. Use sturdy hiking boots, wear wind and waterproof clothes, and bring enough food and water
for your whole hike. If you’re uncertain about what else to bring,
please check out our packing list video, where I explain what items to bring
and why you need them. Make sure you know about
the local conditions – and rules of the mountain
you will be hiking on. The weather forecast
might not always be accurate – in the Norwegian mountain climate, and other conditions,
like mud, ice and snow are also important to keep in mind. Make sure you ask locals about this, and please respect the locals advise. Never ignore warnings. Even though your hike
is supposed to last only day we advise you to plan at least
one extra day at your destination just in case the conditions
are not favourable on the first day. An extra set of warm clothes in your backpack
is good to have in case the weather changes
from clear skies and sun to rain and wind. Follow the marked trails
and always stay on the path especially in foggy weather
and bad visibility. Even though today’s technology
allows for cellphone coverage almost everywhere, it is not guaranteed that you can actually
use your phone in times of crisis. Don’t hesitate to contact
the local tourist office to find out more
about guided tours. We love our mountains
and we are sure you will love them too. So one simple rule: Leave no trace. We would like to keep our Norwegian mountains
as pristine as possible so therefor,
please take all your garbage with you. Have a safe hike!

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