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Safe Lifting of Heavy Objects – Ask Doctor Jo

Hmm…Huh, ooo, ahh (struggling to lift box).
Hey everybody, it’s Dr. Jo! Many people come in with back injuries because they lifted
something, and they didn’t do it correctly. So today I’m going to show you the correct
way technique for lifting heavy objects. Let’s get going. Lifting can really cause a lot
of problems in the back. I see so many times, people come in with back injuries because
they didn’t know how to lift something. A lot of people try to lift with their backs,
but you really want to lift with your legs. I know people heard that all the time, but
they don’t know exactly how to do it. Spread your feet out a little bit, a little past
shoulder width apart. That gives you a good stable base. Then kick your booty back, if
you’re squatting down, and your knees are going way in front of your toes, that’s just
as bad as lifting from your back. So stick your bottom back, grab what you got, and lift
with your legs. Going back down, and coming back up. So if I was going down this way,
my knees would get in the way anyways, but that hurts, so stick your bottom back, squat
down, and pick up. Another way you can do it, is to go from almost a lunge position.
So put one foot in front of the other, lunge down, and pick up this way. If you have a
strong leg versus a weak leg, do it this way. But still not lifting with your back, lifting
with your legs. Going down, going up. So that was the correct way to lift something heavy
without injuring your back. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.
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52 thoughts on “Safe Lifting of Heavy Objects – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. It won't if you do it right! Just make sure if you drag it, you are not twisting your back…then it will really hurt!

  2. Hey Richard Shears!  I tried to respond to your question, but you have a lock feature on your account.  I hope you see this!

  3. Hey Doctor, I work on a dock and lift MANY heavy boxes, and this vid really helped!! But i was wondering, how can I apply this to lifting heavy objects from waist height? 

  4. What happens when the box is 12 feet long and 100pounds and you need to turn around to get underneath it to walk out of a transport trailer and repeat that 450 times every day aND walk them all 200 or 300 feet to their destinations. 

  5. Thanks for this. Today I had to break down the seats in the auditorium. Which a requires you to lift and then drop. I was using my back and of course my dad lectured me, while my mom gave me pain medicine. Lol

  6. What about if you have a strong back? I have a strong back and I've never been in pain from lifting heavy objects with my back.

  7. Thanks. People always say lift with your legs but never really explained how and my knees kept getting in the way.
    Question. So I had a job a few months back that required lifting some heavy objects. Obviously I lifted incorrectly and now my lower back hurts occasionally. Will this pain go away? I am 22 years old, btw.

  8. Hi. What's the best way to lift stuff with s mild bulging disc on the left side? I know I shouldn't lift anything but I have tp for work. Please answer

  9. im a female cleaner at a hospital and empty 57 heavy grey bins full to the brim and empty them into a green large bin as im short I need to swing the bag slighty to get them into the bin the bags I use are 72litre bags and are so full Im starting to feel pain in my back

  10. TY Jo been doing that improper squating technique at work. But now I know to do it correctly. Thanx for teaching me to booty and knee ^^

  11. what i dont understand about lifting with my legs though for my job i lift people and the only way i can lift them is by bending over i try to lift with my legs but i still feel pain in my back

  12. Started a new job yesterday where I spent the entire day lifting heavy tent bags. I think I've injured my shoulder from lifting, hopefully by using this technique in the future I can avoid injury.

  13. I lift 1200 cases a night weighing about 30/50 pounds .. at work. will this help cause it kind look like a different way to lift with my back

  14. Cheers for this. Always was lifting with my knees surpassing my toes. No wonder knee's a lil painful now. Now I know I gotta lift with my booty! Haha

  15. I think my problem is the opposite of most people, where instead of going into flexion, I am going into overextension in the lumbar spine.How do I correct this without going into flexion?

  16. What if your not lifting the object from the ground? I do water at grocery store and I usually lift them from water stack which is like 3-4 feet high/above ground. Any advice?

    Thank You!

  17. hello, it is really very important what you present, knowing that lifting 1Kg affects 10 Kg on the back,
    is what you can post a video how to lift a weight in height (over a cupboard for example

  18. Thank you I appreciate this! Quick question, say you're making a stack of boxes about head height, when the stack gets too high, the point where my wrist needs to bend in order to keep a grip on either side of the box I feel a click and then alot of strain in my wrists. Am I holding it wrong? Thanks!

  19. Ohh damn should have watched this video beforeMy friend and I was lifting a really heavy metal bench then he jokes and lifted it up suddenly..I tried to prevent it from falling and grab it and I was in a bending position ..then I got a slipped disc 2 months between someone hit me in my lower back..that also contributed to it perhaps

  20. I have to lift up several huge umbrellas at work and I can't squat and lift because they're connected to a table and at least 7ft tall. what is another way i could lift the steel umbrella?

  21. Thank you for this, I lifted a lot of things today and I had pain on my back, so hopefully I'll try to lift with my knees.

  22. Not sure if this is still active or not, but my new job I have to unload a truck every day with 1200-2500 boxes on it. I have to move quickly. How do I avoid killing my back, but also moving quickly to pick up boxes varing in size and weight with also going up and down a lot?

  23. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I lift with my legs… but my fingers have been taking most of the damage. At work I gotta bag 30lbs dog food (cause its ripped) then put them in my cart. My tip of my fingers to my knuckles hurt so bad 🙁

  24. Buy a printable worksheet with the Safe Lifting Technique in this video here:
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