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S. Korea raises alert level on new coronavirus pneumonia as it spreads rapidly

now in China the number of confirmed
cases of a new current of virus that originated from dead country stands at
almost 500 with nine dead from the respiratory illness one case has been
confirmed in the United States while South Korea saw one confirmed case so
far we now turn to our who Johnny on the line for the latest gyeonggi-do fill us
in Daniel according to Chinese media reports a total of four hundred seventy
three cases of a new corona virus has been confirmed in China in the death
toll stands at nine as of 7:30 p.m. Beijing time today the patients are
spread across over a dozen provinces and regions in China while all nine deaths
have been reported in Hebei the capital of ohan province several new cases are
being found at different provinces at every hour so there is a possibility
that the numbers could dramatically rise by the end of today on Tuesday alone
China confirmed almost 150 new cases the virus has been confirmed in other
countries as well four cases were found in Thailand and one each in South Korea
Japan and Taiwan the US has also seen its first infection a man in Washington
State experienced symptoms after returning from a trip to a region near
Ohan and was hospitalized suspected cases are also popping up in the
Philippines Hong Kong and Australia so Johnny how was South Korea dealing with
the outbreak at four people were tested after they showed some symptoms that’s
right the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tested for
Koreans three are people who sit close to the one confirmed patient on the
plane from China to Korea and the other having been to Iran reported himself
they tested negative so so far there are no additional cases of ohan pneumonia in
Korea but there is a student in one of the Terlato provinces is currently in
quarantine after showing symptoms this students had traveled to Beijing and
ohan with 19 fellow students for a field trip after the virus broke out the
government on Tuesday raised its alert level for the virus from blue to yellow
and it’s also ramping up screening and quarantine efforts the concern is that
the virus could spread further as Chinese tourists flow into Korea
the Lunar New Year holiday president moon jae-in has ordered officials to
help contain the spread of the ohon coronavirus and look into how the
outbreak might affect the local economy

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3 thoughts on “S. Korea raises alert level on new coronavirus pneumonia as it spreads rapidly

  1. Thank you for the report, also you can prevent it increasing your immunity sistem, take C vitamin and B complex this will help your body and you can get it without prescription and doesn't have contraindications. For all of you Happy Soon New Year

  2. President Moon Jae-in's officials can be trusted to help contain the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. South Korea is a clean and beautiful looking country, and I hope their economy strengthens.

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