RVing to Alaska: Getting Back to the Pavement – Ahbau Lake to Burns Lake, BC πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Previously on Pau Hana Travels we run
into several roadblocks and break down 24 miles off pavement while trying to
get to another free campsite click the video link in the top right hand corner
if you missed this episode With our coolant issues behind us and the
Disco running like new again we headed back down the mountain to highway 97 the
ride down was smooth and uneventful and soon we found ourselves back on the
blacktop of the Cariboo Highway many have asked why we would risk taking our
RV back on that forest service road and I can only say adventure begins at the
end of the roads you know and sometimes that means hitting a patch of dirt or
two along the way as much as we wanted to stay in the
Quesnel area for the long May weekend celebrating Victoria Day we knew we
needed to find a different place to call home for the holiday weekend. 200 miles
away was the Village of Burns Lake that we found on our southbound journey coming
home from Alaska in 2017 so we set course back to somewhere familiar when taking the West access route from
the lower 48 you need to make a decision at Prince George if you’re taking the
Alcan or the Cassiar Highway we have already decided we’re taking the Cassiar
this trip north so once in Prince George and crossing the big bridge we
turned our wheels west onto Highway 16 or otherwise known as a Yellowhead
Highway from Prince George to Prince Rupert this
is a two-lane highway with three lane passing stretches it is fairly straight
with no high summits and follows several river valleys paralleling the Canadian
National Railway route and many of the towns on this route are here today
because of the railroad as we near the town of Fraser Lake we
begin to enter the Lakes District of northern British Columbia this region
embraces over 300 wilderness fishing lakes and 3,000 miles of pristine lake
shoreline the vast water world of the Lakes District extends from the Stikine
Mountains in the West to the Omineca mountain range in the East. The heart of the lakes
district is Burns Lake a vibrant modern community on the Yellowhead Highway that
has retained its pioneer spirit and small-town charm forestry is the town’s
main industry followed by ranching and tourism with almost 20 lakes in the
immediate vicinity of Burns Lake this freshwater fishing paradise is a place
for sports fishing for cutthroat and rainbow trout char kokanee lin cod and
salmon the Village of Burns Lake Campground is
a free campground ran by the local Rotary Club you can stay here up to
three days for free to learn more about this free campground click the link in
the top right hand corner to watch our video from 2017 when we first found this
campsite gem. the following day the rain stayed at bay
and we all decided to get out and take a hike we had read on the BC sites and
trails website about a hike nearby called the Eagle Creek Opal Beds Trail
the review said its main attraction is the network of trails that lead to the
agate and opal beds of the area on a 1.8 kilometer loop
with many viewpoints of the valley moose poo well we’re on a hike and we’re just
outside Burns Lake and we are trying to find the opal beds on the opal bed and
the agate trail and that’s what we’re on and it’s pretty cool the waterfall
right we’re right on the edge of a clear cut
and we’re working our way we’re here with mom and dad and we got a break in
the weather so we figured go for a hike I don’t know why that’d be a great place
to put a geocache and RIght in there Theres a puka in that tree well the trail goes that way
and up around the hill we just came across some other folks
that came back from the supposed waterfall well they didn’t make it that
far they said that there’s so much deadfall across the trail that’s almost
it is impassable they’ve turned around there is stream down there somewhere I
can see it, barely hear it but we’re not going to do it
I think it’s time to turn around Stacey, what do you think it was one heck of
a hike and I’m gonna remember to set my GPS right now so we can see at least
our back out lout yeah yeah so I went just a little bit further up and I do
see a trail in there it does continue down the hillside or across the hillside
but I think the ladies are done what you think of the hike Stacey? It was
strenuous just like the review said but what she missed Dad? She missed a beautiful creek with several cascading waterfalls yeah was the creek like this long no it was
beautiful. Well I am sure you got it on video this is our first hike of the year and my
ankles are a little weak and I know my bounds I can definitely see you wore the
wrong wrong shoes yes boots next time not holy tennis yeah
well they’re not holy cuz they’re worn they’re just yeah my feet are soaked.
all right so we’re heading down now yeah I think this was a great hike first hike
of our trip to Alaska… Burns Lake British Columbia. Right over there is the village of Burns Lake and thats where we are parked. we’re back at the truck now we took the
easy way back I guess the the logging roads kind of took us right back to the
truck versus the trail through the forest
it was three-quarters of a mile from where we stopped till we got back that’s
an easy hike so a mile and a half hike anti-climatic we saw a little stream no
big waterfall from what we understand no dramatic views of Burns Lake from already understand
that windfall the trees have fallen quite a bit over the trail so made it
much more difficult to past than what the reports have said. woah the cameras heavy. Its been a while no no wildlife just remnant some tracks
and Poo al moose poo no bear scat all right so you know what boggy bit muddy I
think we’re gonna probably scavenge some of this firewood around here and head back to camp
yeah that’s what it’s almost four Is it that late? Its 3:40 well dangit so it’s
happy hour almost t All right lets get back down off this mountain as always if you liked this video please
give us a thumbs up down below leave us a comment and subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t done so already we thank you for watching until next time
Pau Hana

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