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Rock Hawk Effigy & Trails

okay I’m here at the rock Hawk trails
hair in Eatonton Georgia supposed to meet another youtuber here named Kevin
his channel is Atypical Hiker now I’m gonna review this sign behind me
we’re going to do this 3.6 orange blaze and a possibility of doing the red blaze
so coming down here this is where I’m at now in this parking lot and as far as I
know we gonna go around this orange blaze and when we get here if we feel
like it will do this red please also a name come back to the parking lot get it
here and we’re getting ready to start to trail yep
but you might yeah what is moderate yeah wonderful no sun thank you Kevin says
this is the effigy this pile of rocks but from the ground he we’re gonna go up
this tower will go up this tower and supposedly it looks like a hawk right
from the top so let’s go on up and look at it let’s look at that hawk what where
where is the hawk I got to use some imagination oh oh now it’s making sense
this I see tail and head Kevin said people actually come here to
see this effigy okay I came I see is it’s 4 of these in this county okay I can kind of
see a hawk now Oh Kevin did tell me about this effigy he says that is it’s
about four of them one of 4 in this county that the Indians actually did it
and he said it’s on the four highest points in the county and we wondered how they knew how do they know with all the trees around how do they know what the
high points were and then he’s going to tell me this mural is fairly new this year
that’s Lake Oconee right if you look it goes through time from the Indians to
settlers, plantations, Sherman burning everything, industrial revolution to mordern times I see your house back there alright let’s see
let’s start this trail okay it’s a nice trails all right what are you going oh I
was gonna say oh yeah old people sit on those benches sit down Kevin well
alright we we’re gonna go this way on maker #2 stay on trail marker number two dollars
please you want to have a snack since you didn’t have breakfast the bridge all
right this is the bridge that Kevin promised me I thought we’d gonna have water but it’s
a dry bridge if there was water it would be coming from that way
where we sitting where’s my chair you promised
on their own they okay all right let’s have a breakfast then Kevin yeah this
is this I’m this is on my breakfast three egg whites six almonds 4
cashews two dates and no BS whatever that it yeah and you see this aqua
clip yeah see how thin it is at the bottom we can slip it between your belt
yeah I am I mentioned that on my one of my videos that Icebear gave actually
gave me that one and I just mentioned aquaclip and next thing I know I get an
email from Brian the owner of that company that makes those aquaclips and
he sent me a dozen though can you believe that just so in the last video I
did mention this but here’s one for you oh yeah I gave Mike a
few oh yeah I figured you like neon green I’m sitting on this bridge with Kevin have a
little breakfast hey you dying your hair no I never dyed it what and my wife did it she come by how she
dyed her hand she had a little bit left and she asked me if I wanted to put it
in my hair so okay but she didn’t have enough to do all of it only the top oh
just so about distinguish white look I don’t know I think I’m gonna shave this part I
would complete I’m just gonna shave this part out right here anyway that’s all
right looks like a old man to dyed his hair who tries a quick clip on this no it’s
to that bottles too thick I think well well the clipped on there well there go
in your pants or the go between your belt yeah okay
very good hey oh hey there we go oh Brian it works
with Fiji that’s a one liter you can get Kevins addressed to all right
made it to number five on the orange blaze now Kevin is taking me down to the
red blaze that means danger we’re gonna find out there’s the there’s the red
diamond on top of this blaze okay let’s go yeah the lake is right there
but why I turned this on was the videotape this tree this is weird cedar
well I don’t know what it is look like it’s all twisted up I don’t think so
stone cold dead oh sure what is that oh I see yet unbelievable what’s the same eastern red cedar
juniper virginiana you know this tree don’t stand a chance
pine beetles eating it up plus the vine is choking it to death
that pine trees don’t stand a chance does it we’re just now finishing the
four point six miles fairly moderate hike and I it was just like any
other trail that you’ve been on we stopped a few times I had a little video
we had some fun with Kevin but this trail has some interesting things about
especially at the tower weather effigy of the hawk was all kind of things in
that little room you could spend the day trying to figure out what they said and
the history of this area all right Kevin give me give me all right
good hike thank you and that’s it

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2 thoughts on “Rock Hawk Effigy & Trails

  1. Big Like! Ok, I kinda see it…just squint🀣 Nice mural. I like those bars too. I like the new look! Glad you guys got to do an outing. That’s a twisted tree, tbs! Thnx for the share, John! ATB, Lisa&Rick

  2. Awesome video we enjoyed πŸ‘€ my friend 😊
    Keep them coming..
    Loads of πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’šβ™₯️ & πŸ‘35 &πŸ”” new friends here from πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ let's grow together

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