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Robie Point Hike

ok so I haven’t done a vlog for a while we’re gonna go on a hike in the canyon to kind of celebrate that I can walk without creating that is getting better and thanks to American River rehabilitation physical therapy in Auburn cemetery thank you Brian we’re gonna go up the hill here and we are going to hike around roby point come join us in America because it’s the end of row be dry and this is roby point here sticks out into the river the river goes around it we’re going to go to the left here we’re not going to come back up we’re just gonna go on over to the high school pacifies go over the staging area point Murphy’s cake which is on highway 49 we’re not going to go all the way over there speaking the child to the staging area takes us down to the mountain Corey’s railroad bed of course the mountain Corey’s railroad bridge it’s located i don’t know if we’ll be able to see it it’s further up and we’re still on the south side of the confluence but it’s just up just before the middle fork and the North Fork meet just just over that little bend in the river take you down to the mountain Corey’s railroad trail old railroad bed of the old railroad used to go up to the quarry but we’re gonna do this is the site of the proposed oven damn you have the road over on the cool side you have the hall over on the other inside the dam construction was stopped in the late seventies and course today you have debate on both sides people want to definitely keep this canyon for recreation and for wildlife others would like to have the damn put and for a water reservoir water needs of California but also for energy generation the debate goes hey just after coming around the point you can go back up to where we originally got on the trail this trailing 40 point instead are going to stay on what’s called the western states trail even though the race actually gets off a role point though the horses come this way on the OS name is there a stethoscope hundred mile race on horse that it goes this way to the staging area this is a memorial to Hamilton ball classmates or as teammates called an hambone schoolmates was a runner at placer high school died in 2003 wild student he’s honored here with this bench and the rock wall the walk and somebody from I guess from cross country team honored him by putting their metal on from the lagoon Valley classic this year the view from here is of the due to the reason for putting memorial to Hamilton here is because these trails are where the cross country team strength classes cross-country that’s how we know the trails a lot of them are used by both horse and bicycle riders and great great trail system here in the kidney horses this is where the horses come up the end of the telescope up just before getting to the fairgrounds and we are going this way we’re going to go over the bridge over the canal and then we’re going to walk back to the high school okay thanks for joining us that’s the end of the hike and the kids are getting out of polo practice and they’re excited to be in the blog and coach Coach chamber was with them so thanks again for joining us so just line it just it’s not what they got a gyroscope or something real yeah taking 3-axis gimbal wow so that’s you’re gonna you’re gonna get where you can take like full-on like movie quality its present it kind of spins a little bit so it’s got is if this know i know but is it got these little these little weight balanced it that’s pretty cool yourself get I I’ll have one of them haha this and you get one of these for my GoPro

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