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Road Trip in Hawaï – 2 – Big Island (South West to East) (English Subtitles)

In live from Kealakekula…something special beach… and it’s really sunny Let’s go for a family portrait Seb : Take a picture with that Julia : Do the same fame
Christelle : Yes, do the same face ! Seb : and show us your naked buttocks Julia : Seb, I show you, move ! Seb : rises in justine Justine : No I can’t, we can’t climb Let’s go for a beautyful beach…again Seb : Go justine, JUMPS ! Let’s go for hiking. Big preparation, Julia is ready for go hiking. Buuuut, we see her underwear, we see everything, perfect ! Julia : You will see, in 4 hours it will be not “youhou” Justine : We say everytime “youhou” you will see
Christinne : Yes everytime ! Justine : If we stop like that every 2 min, it’s shit…we will be never finish at time. Seb : Oh fuck !! beautiful ! We can see perfectly the white volcano smoke. Christelle and justine : Yes it’s close, the trail is close, too dangerous. Seb : How can we say : we are in the middle of nowhere Oh they are a cavern, I don’t know what it is. Hey tony, Mister “Rock” is came here In any country, they are evrytime one guy for play with rock, it’s crazy. Always ! christelle : is wet ! christelle : My gps is totally blocked christelle : I dunno if we can go by car, I don’t think, we must check that with the map End of the hiking…. the victory line !!! It’s not tiring to do hiking… It’s like museum, no one speak christelle : it will be good, with more smoke. Seb : I think the day is off for us.

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1 thought on “Road Trip in Hawaï – 2 – Big Island (South West to East) (English Subtitles)

  1. "Allez encore une petite plage ! ", le mec trop blazé !

    Julia c'est toi la plus sexy 😀

    Ah oui sinon ils sont sympa les terrils ahah !

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